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  1. Hospital San Antonio is the worst ever hospital I came across till now. I doubt if the doctors there have genuine or fake degrees. My brother in law was admitted cause he had a stone pain. I literally heard the senior doctor asking the junior doctor who was examining my brother " will you pass and clear your exams this time in Spanish". I speak enough Spanish because I am married to a Mexican. Then they thought I was a dumb Gringo so they tried to charge our family for services and exams that they never did. Fortunately my wife resolved this in Spanish. I was dumbstruck by this. The moment they realize the person is insured they'll make a huge bill and will charge you like anything. No professionalism at all. Cleaners smoking in patient's washroom. Lazy and slow. Doctors literally don't have any knowledge playing with people's life . I would never suggest this hospital to anyone.
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