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  1. thanks again Rick - as I said, this whole crown cad thing was not known to me or else I would used that instead of the mold business - evdiently cad also does bridges if I understand your email correctly = I am looking into jjust a one tooth one - where did you go for that do you remember hos much Dr. consuela charges for a cleaning - I got Dr. Edgar who is a perio I from GDL - may be why I am paying top dollar ---- live and learn and i am learning something new every day - exhausting to be frank. -
  2. because ididn't want to besmirch the names of the dentist i went to with my own misgivings, , I will say I did go to Dr. B but never got him - or met him = personallyl nor did I know I could have asked for him. I figured a patient was just sent to whomever in the office did the required work. One of his dentists worked onthe crown and another on the deep cleaning. As I said, after three visits, the crown is fine but did I really need three visits at the cost I quoted - 550 dollars. I haven't had a crown in years so ha ve no idea howlong it takes or how much it should cost. The fillings were also done well but took a lot of drilling and only one was done per day. - again, I haven't had a cavity in years so same situation - I have had deep cleanings twice a year for years since I do have a lot of bone loss followed by two regular cleanings but I have never been asked to come back for another one in two months. I appreciate the responses = the folks on this site are a patient and valuable resource for those of us who are new and trying to find our way around. thanks-
  3. okay rick since you are a coloradon and i am a long time denver person - grandson just greaduated from csu - and kids are in denver - would you continue to go to one of them and pay the amount asked --just askin d
  4. the reason for my query was simply to find out if I am over reacting because i don't know the lake chapala reasonable charges or if I am indeed being overcharged - once I figure it out, i will move on for sure - d
  5. not only did the crown cost 550 BUT i had to go back three times - two temporaries were put in which caused me a lot of discomfort because they didn't fit correctly - - thank god when the regular crown finally got in, it fit perfectly but those first two were miserable - - granted i didn't pay for all those visits but it was a huge waste of time and I knew of noone else who had more than two visits - after my deep cleaning today, he wants me back in two months,for another one I guess- he was not totally fluent in english and i am not at all conversant with dental needs in spanish. In portland I only went for a deep cleaning twice a year and twice for a simple cleaning - for some reason i think i am being "taken for a ride" by this "top notch" dental office - hence my query.
  6. I have one of the top recommended dentists here and am wondering what a reasonable cost is for the following treatments (and excuse the amounts listed in dollars ) - i have had two fillings - 45 dollars each - a crown - 550 - and a deep cleaning 80 - I am very satisfied with the work and know that it would have been far more expensive for any of that work to have been done in the states. I don't want a comparison of the costs between there and here - just what is considered a reasonable charge for good work done in this area.
  7. need a recommendation for good optomatrist for eye exam or opthamolgist who does them.
  8. yes i think that is the case - i know vanguard wont even manage a clients money if they live outside the counry so am using my daughters us address and could use her phone number as well i suppose but it would be much better if i didn't have to bother her with my stuff - - i have to be careful i get the right information - evidently with vanguard I can drop the security code altogether - just discovered that and may go that route -
  9. i need information about a trac or walmart cheap phone bought in the us, given a us number and sent to me here in mexico. My problem - I did not think I needed a us number when moving here but found out I do in order to get the security code to get to my bank and vanguard accounts. I can reach them by calling their 800 jnumbers using my telcel mobile but doing that uses up a lot of data time. So a friend in CA offered to get me a cheap phone in walmart - with a us number - and fedex it to me here. the phone would not have any kind of verison etc plan - just a monthly payment - sorft of like all those phones in movies that gangsters us and throw away - I admit to my ignorance - so please no comments about how STUPID I am - the question is - will this work if it is purchased int he states by someone other than me - - has a us number and sent here - can I then easily use it to get the securtiy codes I need t get into my accounts? Somehow i think there may be a hangup if I didn't buy it in the us and bring it here with me - or else it might be simple - but nothing really is simple anymore at least for me - thanks for information.
  10. for all of you who think I am insulting the culture and do not want to learn spanish - be calm - It was a little joke told me by a Miami resident I met here --I didn't take it as an insult coming from her and never thought it would be considered one on this weboard. and I am studying spanish as we speak. There - am I allowed to post again - hope this doesn't get like twitter .
  11. oh dear i suppose if you knew me personally and didn't make assumptions you would know that - i certainly meant no isult to either the people or the culture - am not sure how you got that but guess this is the world we live in these days - in my day that would have been taken as a joke - but even dave chappelle has trouble these days .
  12. thanks for the excellent advise which i will take of course - the phone would also save me a ton of frustration but what i WMNOB - that i haven't heard before - d
  13. i am using my daughters address in denver - schwab does have an international division i believe whch i will have to check out - the money thing has been the most complicated =and the biggest mistake was not to keep my us number - i think there is way to get one but i haven't figure that out yet - because the security everywhere no needs to send you a code to your phone or test and i can't do either it becomes a question of calling the 800 number which presents another whole boatload of problems - should have moved to miami - but i will would have had to learn spanish!!!!!!!
  14. I have the beneficiaries all named and settled - my problem is getting cash out of my account while living here in mexico should, i god forbid ,have a stroke and not be able to get to the atm myself . i have gotten all kinds of advice - one being that i sign up now with a nursing home/assisted living place and give them the POA now so that should I end up there, they could get paid - that seems a bit bizzare to me - - i hate to always think about the worse possibilities but in my situation i have to be prepared and that is what i have to do - as I said i have all the beneficiaries listed and if I should go quickly to wherever it is we go, i am covered with a simple death certificate going to scwab, vanguard and my annuity - - it is the" lingering" that is a problem. When I was in the states, I had a good friend as the power of attorney who could handle this -she is not able to be the POA here in Mexico -
  15. thanks - am going to do that- will get the notario who handled my immigration finale -
  16. thanks for replying. However, have only been here for three months and as yet have not found a trusted freind - one has to have a lot of trust before giving access to your debit card. I will try the notary route since i have to make sure this is taken care of sooner rather than later and a US friend is also not a possibility for the reason you stated. I am sure I can't be the only one in LC with a similar problem so there must be a way.
  17. ISince I moved here on May 1 as a single woman, I havemade all of the necessary arrangments r creamtion etc but I stil do need someone who has power of attorney to access my money in my schwab account should I become incapacitated and am unable to do so. I have no family or friends here to list as POA and am wondering who does that - a notary -lawyer, etc. My POA in CA has no authority here in Mexico as I undestand it . Appreciate guidance on this last link . Thanks. dorothy slater
  18. yes - eliquist is WAY cheaper here than in the states - think it was something like 810 for 90 pills - if i had to pay that, i would have died sooner of shock if i had to pay the bill - pharmstore was 139 withno postage to the states for the same 90 day amount - it was a generic as i said but my cardio said it was the same thing and i am still here so guess it was - d
  19. i am going to call the office today and rearrange the july 12 appt for this week i still cant figure out why it is taking three visits and nto the normal two - d
  20. No I don't want to return to her but it is a sticky wicket as they say - she was assigned tome and i have never seen anyone else there on the times went. I am not sure that Barragna would take over at this point - she is a staff person and so far hasnt killed me. The other problem s that she is not really fluent in english and i am totally without spanish so communication is hard. I am going to pretty much tell her in some language she can undestand that this experience has been horrible and it better be fixed with no further charge. I have a feeling she is a new hire and given new patients and perhaps she is the crown lady - who knows - anything else in my teeth will go to barragan - d
  21. icalled wells this am - oo1 880 plus number and got through - of course that was the easy part - the hard part is the security code they now want to get on line and i can't get it due to no us phone number anymore and they won't use mexican - after 15 minutes on an 800 call, noone had a clue as to what to do - so good luck.
  22. i take eloquist - the world's most expensive blood thinner in the U>S> since the generic is not allowed. However I began to use PharmStore in winnipeg to order the generic which came from Mauritania I believe - Luckily I came to Mexico with a 6 month supply - ihave to take 5 mm a day forever- and called PharmStore when i arrived her to see if they could send the med here. they cannot send to mexico it turns out. So because I know a lot of canadians who go back and forth i thought Pharmstore could send my order to a canadian who could get it across the border in a suitcase. but they can only send meds to the us not canada -so then i tried ishop and they told me the costs of getting meds in through loredo were very high - especially for mine - since the charge is a certain percentage of the order and then it might not get through. Luckily it turns out Eloquist which still not a generic in Mexico is significantly cheaper than the u.s. so it will cost me about 300 more a year to just buy it here. One more of the fascinating things that one has to learn when moving here. Every day is an adventure. s
  23. It was because of the recommendations for Dr. Barragan on this site that when a crown fell off my molar a week or two after i got here.that I made an appt at his office. I got Dr. Sonia who excavated all of the decay etc under the crown and put in some sort of filling which she said would last except due to a split in the tooth - which she showed me with a hand mirror- i would need a crown which I agreed to have. The cost for it was 9000 pesos - about double what a neighbor had just paid for his but to save a tooth, i spend what is necessary. . I went back the second time and she removed the first packing - spent an hour and a half or so drilling the tooth - packed it with a temporary crown after she had taken a mold for a permanent one to send off to the lab. Two weeks later I returned thinking that what she was doing was putting in the permanent crown. However, at the end of the visit she told me thait was another temporary one and I would have to come back in three weeks for the permanent one - - but in the meantime she had found two cavities (800 pesos each to be filled--again showing me something with the hand mirror that i guess was a cavity) ) and I also needed a cleaning so she wanted me back for those things in two days. I told her no - that Ihad an appt to have a deep cleaning in August with another doctor in the practice and had had my teeth cleaned two days before I left for Mexico on May 1.i spent hours in the perdiodontist office before i left - and no mention of cavities- Anyway I now have some sort of of crown that is not setting correctly -and seems to be losing bits and pieces of whatever it is made of. I will go back since they have my 9000 pesos and hope at some point I get a well fitting permanent crown. -I I appreciate that people have different experiences - but mine have not encouraged me to continue with that practice. Perhaps if I had gotten Dr. Barragan himself, things would have been different.
  24. I was here in January and loved it - and yes I knew May was the hottest month and came anyway - Given that the topic was when the rainy season would begin, I just posted what I thought was a humerous wish that it would start soon - maybe it is too early in the a.m. for a bit of humor - I have survived a whole raft of climates - am sure I will this one as well.
  25. this was NOT a complaint -just reality - of course I know this is Paradise but surely even paradise has it's moments - I trust we can handle a bit of reality here without the insult.
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