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  1. yes - eliquist is WAY cheaper here than in the states - think it was something like 810 for 90 pills - if i had to pay that, i would have died sooner of shock if i had to pay the bill - pharmstore was 139 withno postage to the states for the same 90 day amount - it was a generic as i said but my cardio said it was the same thing and i am still here so guess it was - d
  2. i am going to call the office today and rearrange the july 12 appt for this week i still cant figure out why it is taking three visits and nto the normal two - d
  3. No I don't want to return to her but it is a sticky wicket as they say - she was assigned tome and i have never seen anyone else there on the times went. I am not sure that Barragna would take over at this point - she is a staff person and so far hasnt killed me. The other problem s that she is not really fluent in english and i am totally without spanish so communication is hard. I am going to pretty much tell her in some language she can undestand that this experience has been horrible and it better be fixed with no further charge. I have a feeling she is a new hire and given new patients and perhaps she is the crown lady - who knows - anything else in my teeth will go to barragan - d
  4. icalled wells this am - oo1 880 plus number and got through - of course that was the easy part - the hard part is the security code they now want to get on line and i can't get it due to no us phone number anymore and they won't use mexican - after 15 minutes on an 800 call, noone had a clue as to what to do - so good luck.
  5. i take eloquist - the world's most expensive blood thinner in the U>S> since the generic is not allowed. However I began to use PharmStore in winnipeg to order the generic which came from Mauritania I believe - Luckily I came to Mexico with a 6 month supply - ihave to take 5 mm a day forever- and called PharmStore when i arrived her to see if they could send the med here. they cannot send to mexico it turns out. So because I know a lot of canadians who go back and forth i thought Pharmstore could send my order to a canadian who could get it across the border in a suitcase. but they can only send meds to the us not canada -so then i tried ishop and they told me the costs of getting meds in through loredo were very high - especially for mine - since the charge is a certain percentage of the order and then it might not get through. Luckily it turns out Eloquist which still not a generic in Mexico is significantly cheaper than the u.s. so it will cost me about 300 more a year to just buy it here. One more of the fascinating things that one has to learn when moving here. Every day is an adventure. s
  6. It was because of the recommendations for Dr. Barragan on this site that when a crown fell off my molar a week or two after i got here.that I made an appt at his office. I got Dr. Sonia who excavated all of the decay etc under the crown and put in some sort of filling which she said would last except due to a split in the tooth - which she showed me with a hand mirror- i would need a crown which I agreed to have. The cost for it was 9000 pesos - about double what a neighbor had just paid for his but to save a tooth, i spend what is necessary. . I went back the second time and she removed the first packing - spent an hour and a half or so drilling the tooth - packed it with a temporary crown after she had taken a mold for a permanent one to send off to the lab. Two weeks later I returned thinking that what she was doing was putting in the permanent crown. However, at the end of the visit she told me thait was another temporary one and I would have to come back in three weeks for the permanent one - - but in the meantime she had found two cavities (800 pesos each to be filled--again showing me something with the hand mirror that i guess was a cavity) ) and I also needed a cleaning so she wanted me back for those things in two days. I told her no - that Ihad an appt to have a deep cleaning in August with another doctor in the practice and had had my teeth cleaned two days before I left for Mexico on May 1.i spent hours in the perdiodontist office before i left - and no mention of cavities- Anyway I now have some sort of of crown that is not setting correctly -and seems to be losing bits and pieces of whatever it is made of. I will go back since they have my 9000 pesos and hope at some point I get a well fitting permanent crown. -I I appreciate that people have different experiences - but mine have not encouraged me to continue with that practice. Perhaps if I had gotten Dr. Barragan himself, things would have been different.
  7. I was here in January and loved it - and yes I knew May was the hottest month and came anyway - Given that the topic was when the rainy season would begin, I just posted what I thought was a humerous wish that it would start soon - maybe it is too early in the a.m. for a bit of humor - I have survived a whole raft of climates - am sure I will this one as well.
  8. this was NOT a complaint -just reality - of course I know this is Paradise but surely even paradise has it's moments - I trust we can handle a bit of reality here without the insult.
  9. yes I know - I was here in January for three weeks from dark, cold, rainy Portland and thought i had died and gone to heaven - this is just a reminder that there is a HELL - everywhere it seems - even on a goat path - who knew-
  10. I hope the rains hurry since it is now HOT AND HUMID and Ihave a long walk up the goat path to gete to my abode and it is bad enough in the heat but add HUMDITY? Even the goats are panting, the roosters stop crowing.and the dogs just lay there as I walk by. . Plus, where are the taxis when you need one?
  11. will do - a nd thanks - dr haro is great but a bit too high priced for me = anyway it is a molar in the back of my mouth that only i can see so it isn't worth 550. one woman in his office was getting every tooth capped etc - i heard the receptionist say $4500 usa - almost collapsed - that's when I thought that i had best ask the price - something that is a very good thing to do here I am discovering.
  12. i need a crown and was told dr haro charges 550 american - is that the usual price for a crown here in LC - I just arrive and of course first thing I broke a tooth.
  13. yes -i rather agree - why would anyone move back to a 5,000 a week nursing home in the states (and those are are substantial figures - ihave checked alot of them) from a "truly wonderful nursing home ' : here - not everyone is a candidate for hospital care after all - plus I have the name of a good vet should I need it -
  14. Will stop muddying the water - but i am from portland where after two months of rain, mud is all we know. of course one doesn't have to read OR respond to anything here if one chooses not to - there are lots of other things to do and read
  15. what about cigna international insurance - does anyone know about this - age requirements - preconditions etc - rates for just major medical coverage - i hate insurance companies and was hoping mexico was free of them - i looked at that 5000 a night hospital - it is affiliated with mayo evidently - perhaps it is one of those boutique hospitals but I can't believe everyone going there as to pay 5000 a night - could that be right?
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