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  1. Yes, and it has its appeal. So do more Mexican places. I think I'm best starting off in Ajijic so I have easy access to all the gringo resources and services. After my trial run, 3-6 months, I'll know whether being close to a large population of expats is important to me, whether the noise is too much for me, etc. Then, I can target my long term residence accordingly. I'm grateful for all opinions stayed here.
  2. Yes. I'm looking for the 3-6 month rental to start while I figure out which town/area is right for me. It seemed a good idea to start in Ajijic and then branch out from there. Thanks so much. I'll take you up on your dm offer.
  3. That's why I'm asking here!🙂 I'm glad I did. It's shaping my plan already. Thank you. If all goes well I'll transition to a 12 month lease or purchasing a home.
  4. I have Googled and I see about 5 listings per site. Some have more but they are showing properties that have already been rented. I have not found one home that I would want to rent and I don't think I'm being picky. The offerings seem so limited it makes me think I'm missing something. I did not see the "expiring' listings on Access Lake Chapala. Thank you for pointing me to that.
  5. I'm nervous going with no housing plan. I guess I'll book two weeks at an AirBnB and hope it works out. Any suggestions for the best resources for finding a rental when I get there? Thank you.
  6. Thank you so much. That's what I was thinking, but I didn't know how much choice I would have or if houses would be available right away. I'll need a furnished place so that will reduce my options, I assume.
  7. Thank you, Kim. That's probably too soon for my need. I didn't receive your pm.
  8. I will be moving to Lakeside this summer. I am seeking a small house or casita. * 1-3 bedrooms * Monthly rent $1,000 to $1800 * Lots of natural light * Term: 3-6 months, maybe longer. I'm looking for a nice place to live while I figure out where I want to live lakeside. * Ajijic preferred, walkable to at least some needs. Open to other town, if house is walkable to some needs (food shop, restaurants) * Laundry * Hoping for a pet friendly home as I would like to get a dog. I will not arrive with any pets. Thank You!
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