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  1. Thanks. I’m staying the night in Tepic so unfortunately I can’t make use of the macrolibramiento around Tepic. Possibly on the way back I’ll change my itinerary based on what I learn going up.
  2. Thanks. I'll plan on that then. Appreciate the response!
  3. I’ve got a trip coming up from Morelia to Tucson. I’ve gotten advice it might be good to use the Macrolibramiento to bypass Guadalajara. Waze sometimes has me going through Guadalajara and other times around. Google Maps and Apple Maps always goes through. Does it depend on the day and/or time of day? I’d likely be coming through around 2:00pm on Thursday. It appears the Macrolibramiento route is about 35 km longer and the tolls are higher, too. Not sure how much more on the tolls but maybe another 200+ pesos.
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