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  1. You are fortunate that we can now renew our license here in Chapala.  I have gone to Guad. for my past two renewals.

    I always go to the Recaudadora and pay before I go for my license. You can do this several days in advance.  It is still good. You get a significant discount if you have your senior citizen card.  Make two copies (FRONT AND BACK) of your current license and your senior card.

    You will need a copy of your immigration card and original, copy and original of passport, proof of address (all pages).  Be sure to copy only in black and white and both sides.


  2. I have been in my home in upper Ajijic for 17 years.  I have a cistern (10,000Liters). Over the years, particularly the last five or so the water supply and quality have become a problem.  About one year ago SIMAPA changed the well to my area.  The water now has a very, very bad smell and is dirty.  Prior to this I used  use the water from the tap (I have a good purification system).  I changed one of my filters to a 10 micron charcoal filter and this helped with some of the smell. Now, I would not think of using the water for drinking, etc.  The problem with the water supply to our houses is mainly:  1.  SIMAPA is not able to keep their equipment (pumps) working (age?), and a  huge increase in developments/customers?).  When one or more pumps are not working they have to shut off the water to areas so no water is coming from the city into my cistern.  Also, 2.  The pipes from the street to our cisterns can become corroded (plugged).  Think of our arteries as we get older.  This results in the flow of water into the cistern diminished, and with water not always coming I can run out of water.  When this happens the city is supposed to supply us with a free truck of water but the demand frequently does not permit this.  So far, this spring I have called for a private water truck three times to deliver water to my cistern.

    Yes, water is problem, but it is not so much the supply but in the delivery.  In time the underground water will be used up and then there will be a real problem.



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  3. I was told on this board that Chino and family had fled this area.

    Cedros, do you have information on why he fled?  I hope the family is ok.

    He has painted the outside of my house, the entire inside, redid some of the outer walls and painted them.  He has also done the roof several times.  Over the years I became close to Chino and his sons.  The last time he did my roof was in February 2019.  I have recommended him to several friends and they have always been very happy with his work.  

  4. For months I have been looking for ordinary sponges but cannot find any at my usual haunts...Walmart, Superlake, or El Torrito.  If anybody knows a place at Lakeside that carries them I will be forever your friend .  I may even let you in front of me in line for our second vaccine dose


  5. The information below was sent to me by a friend last night through WhatsApp.  It was in Spanish.  What follows is the Google translation.

    Sofia Medeles - One month after the application in Chapala of the first dose of the Sinovac vaccine against Covid-19, for adults over 60 years of age, the date for the next application has not yet been determined, according to the director of the Health Region. IV Cienega-La Barca, Ramiro Gil Perez.
    Ramiro Gil pointed out that there is no date due to the poor organization of the National Vaccination Plan, since the doses that are arriving in the Sanitary Region are sent to the municipalities that remain to be covered but, as it progresses, he believes that the week next they already have news about how they will proceed.
    The servants of the nation, in many cases, made the mistake of marking 21 days in the vouchers of the elderly for the next vaccination, without really knowing when the next one will be, affirmed Ramiro Gil; However, he assured that the second dose can be applied between the following 21 to 42 days, although -as time goes by- the effectiveness decreases in its percentage of protection against the disease.
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  6. This is the week I was told we would receive our second vaccination in Ajijic.  I was also told that we would be called. 

    So far, the silence is deafening. Anyone with information pertaining to the second vaccination in Ajijic please let us know.  PLEASE, keep your posts to the specific topic.  We do not need to hear what is happening in the U.S., Puerto Vallarta, or Guadalajara.  

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