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  1. The main Telcel office will do this for you. They will install anything you want, pictures, contacts, etc. I have done it and I took a friend there and they helped her.
  2. I was told on this board that Chino and family had fled this area. Cedros, do you have information on why he fled? I hope the family is ok. He has painted the outside of my house, the entire inside, redid some of the outer walls and painted them. He has also done the roof several times. Over the years I became close to Chino and his sons. The last time he did my roof was in February 2019. I have recommended him to several friends and they have always been very happy with his work.
  3. Over the years I have used "El Chino" Ajijic y hijos. Ruben Chavarria 766 2377, 331 150 9031 Chino speaks English If you are looking for quality, and not cheap I recommend them.
  4. Cedros, where did you get your Sinovac second dose?
  5. I will give that a try. They are probably the big ones for use on cars, but I could probably cut them up.
  6. I do have an HDMI port on my Sony TV. I have Shaw so I get just about everything I want, but... So, can I get Firestick that will let me get Netflix, Disney, etc. ?
  7. I am ignorant about these things but I would like to get Netfix. To use a Fire Stick you have to have a Smart TV, verdad?
  8. For months I have been looking for ordinary sponges but cannot find any at my usual haunts...Walmart, Superlake, or El Torrito. If anybody knows a place at Lakeside that carries them I will be forever your friend . I may even let you in front of me in line for our second vaccine dose
  9. As a long term resident here I also have been interested in hearing about this hospital. Please share any info. you learn. For example, the SAT hospital does not take Mexican insurance, so my Metlife insurance which is good in any hospital in GDL, but not here.
  10. The real question is when will we get our second dose of Sinovac?
  11. the white water truck has a 10,000 Liter tank. Cost $1000 331 346 0831
  12. I drive it fairly often and figure on 1 hour and 15 minutes. If there is an accident on Lazaro Cardenas all bets are off. I usually leave around 8:30 AM
  13. The information below was sent to me by a friend last night through WhatsApp. It was in Spanish. What follows is the Google translation. Sofia Medeles - One month after the application in Chapala of the first dose of the Sinovac vaccine against Covid-19, for adults over 60 years of age, the date for the next application has not yet been determined, according to the director of the Health Region. IV Cienega-La Barca, Ramiro Gil Perez. Ramiro Gil pointed out that there is no date due to the poor organization of the National Vaccination Plan, since the doses that are arriving in the Sanitary Region are sent to the municipalities that remain to be covered but, as it progresses, he believes that the week next they already have news about how they will proceed. The servants of the nation, in many cases, made the mistake of marking 21 days in the vouchers of the elderly for the next vaccination, without really knowing when the next one will be, affirmed Ramiro Gil; However, he assured that the second dose can be applied between the following 21 to 42 days, although -as time goes by- the effectiveness decreases in its percentage of protection against the disease.
  14. This is the week I was told we would receive our second vaccination in Ajijic. I was also told that we would be called. So far, the silence is deafening. Anyone with information pertaining to the second vaccination in Ajijic please let us know. PLEASE, keep your posts to the specific topic. We do not need to hear what is happening in the U.S., Puerto Vallarta, or Guadalajara.
  15. So, is this link saying that we will not get our second Sinovac shot next week at Ajijic as we were told when we picked up our Combprobante de Vacunacion Contra La Covid-19?
  16. Check the various viveros.
  17. I will go a little further than AndyPanda and say I do not believe this will have any affect on those of us waiting for their second Sinovac vaccination.
  18. My tank is 500 Liters and yes it is never filled past 85%. I tell the Zeta guys just how many Liters I want delivered when they arrive.
  19. My experience with ceiling fans is they last for years. When they die I buy a new one and have any handyman install it.
  20. Luis, the Rainbird man...331 241 9773
  21. This morning, Wednesday, I picked up the receipt for my first vaccination of the Sinovac vaccine. That took only two hours. I asked when we would receive the second vaccine. She replied, the week after next and we would be called. How many times have we been told we would be called? How many times have we been called? The only way I get my information is on social media, or from a friend. Today, while on my early morning walk I bumped into a neighbor and she mentioned that she had picket up her receipt at the purple house yesterday. The end may be in sight...
  22. My last fill with Zeta Gas on Feb. 16th. was 11.6 /L.
  23. AndyPanda yes they do. A friend of mine had her Samsung phone repaired there. It took them a little while but they did it.
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