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  1. You can buy goldfish and KOI from the LCS ponds.  They will give you the net you bring the fish container.  

    At least I know this happened once before.  You can ask in the office if you are interested.

    In Seattle I had a fish pond with both koi and gold fish and lilies.  The Koi loved the roots of the lirio that I paid for every spring.  Great place for the fish to spawn.  KOI are vegetarians, or so I was told, and mine could be seen eating the agae on the side of the ponds.  They did not harm the floating plants. They did dig in the water lily pots but were not a problem compared to the raccoons.    I would try the lirio again and give it a good washing first. 

  2. The problem is when the calcium deposits become dislodged from the natural place.  As they float around you experience dizziness when turning in bed, for example.    It happens with a blow to the head for just often in old age.  This is a benign condition and I found that none of the exercises helped me.  You adapt to this over time as it comes and goes.  A few years ago this was very disturbing when I was in bed; now, as it comes and goes, it is just something I live with.

    As for the loss of hearing, etc.; that is something else.


  3. I have two unopened bottles (30 tablets) of generic Lipitor (Atorvastina)  10 mg that I would give free to anyone who takes this dosage of Lipitor.

    They were purchased at Costco and have an Expiration Date of February 2018.

    Leave me a message with your email and we can work out deliver.  I live in upper Ajijic.


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  4. I just completed a comparison between Electroventa and Tio Sams on Tuesday.

    The cost for a 1.5 T (20 square feet room)  cooling only Whirlpool  was  $6926 at Tio Sams  and $7300 at Electroventa. Both places would have to order the unit.  Electroventa also carries Mirage but it is mnf. in China and for me that is a no go.

    Installation was also cheaper at Tio Sams.   The man is scheduled from Guadalajara.  


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