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  1. You don't. Unless something has changed for the past couple of years you have to go to Guadalajara.
  2. For me SHAW always goes out when it rains hard. Last evening it just blinked a few times. The thunder sounded nice.
  3. Mainecoons, how do I contact you? Floradude
  4. I have two unopened bottles (30 tablets) of generic Lipitor (Atorvastina) 10 mg that I would give free to anyone who takes this dosage of Lipitor. They were purchased at Costco and have an Expiration Date of February 2018. Leave me a message with your email and we can work out deliver. I live in upper Ajijic.
  5. Orchids are protected under an International CITES treaty This protects wild orchids from being collected, sold, or transported. However, if you have a certificate proving your orchids were not wild grown but were hybridized and grown domestically they should be OK providing there is no potting mix attached to the plant. Of course as we know anything goes at the border and it depends luck and the moon cycles.
  6. Seattle's October was the wettest on record, or so I read. I lived in Seattle 60 years for whatever that is worth.
  7. As for the testing place....they may open at 10 am but the man who performs the test comes from Guadalajara. I would suggest you not get there before 10:30 am The voice of experience.
  8. If altitude is problem for you, and while we are not as high as SMA, we are at around 5,200 feet in altitude. You might want to consider this in your formula.
  9. Some of you are confusing the rate of the Peso to the Dollar. When there are more pesos given for each 1 USD this means the Peso is FALLING IN VALUE.
  10. In addition to water and electricity be sure to check on satellite and internet reception before you buy.
  11. Do you really believe Trump wants to invest here and in that location....
  12. If you have a bank in Mexico you have your social security deposited directly into the account and the full exchange rate.
  13. I have lived here 13+ years and have never seen a temperature at my house in upper Ajijic close to 4C.
  14. Several years ago my physician in Ajijic told me there are no Podiatrists in Mexico. Podiatry is a separate school of medicine....a stand alone. So, the best you can do in Mexico to get a true "foot doctor" is an MD who has an interest, specializes, in feet.
  15. I am picking friends up Thursday afternoon. Does anyone know if the parking garage is open?
  16. I sent Tim an email a few weeks ago and did not hear back.
  17. The first question you should ask is which hospital your physician prefers for you and your condition.
  18. Sorry, my mistake. No, I should have said meters. Being Mexico of course the size of the air conditioning unit required is based on the square meters of the room.
  19. I just completed a comparison between Electroventa and Tio Sams on Tuesday. The cost for a 1.5 T (20 square feet room) cooling only Whirlpool was $6926 at Tio Sams and $7300 at Electroventa. Both places would have to order the unit. Electroventa also carries Mirage but it is mnf. in China and for me that is a no go. Installation was also cheaper at Tio Sams. The man is scheduled from Guadalajara.
  20. The last thing we heard on Ocotlan here was that as of 2016 they were not processing people from Chapala. If this is still true you need to go to GDL. The place is just off of Lazaro Cardenas has been discussed a lot.
  21. Taxi from the airport home last Monday night was $420
  22. Yes, I have direct deposit into my Banamex account. In fact my January deposit arrived yesterday at 2 pm., and it came in at 17.22 pesos/$1 USD.
  23. Does any lab give a senior DIF discount?
  24. Never heard of an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) who gave free eye exams (Mexico or US). Perhaps you are thinking of an Optometrist?
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