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  1. I have lived in my house for 17 years without insurance and have never regretted it.
  2. As of August 1st. cars who licenses end in the number 7 will be required to be tested. There are only three verification centers in operation and all are in Guadalajara. More are to be built. This information is from the PV Reporter
  3. They ran the cable into the house. It from the street to the property, along the top of the wall to the house, up on top of the house and down the other side into the wall at the location of my computer.
  4. There was a place on the carretera in Ajijic, very near to DHS that sold laces like you want. I bought some there a couple of years ago. The sad news is that the are cheap and not very strong.
  5. Good to know about both Mike and Luis. I have a desk top and if needed do either, or both make house calls.
  6. Conditions at 10:30am 6/28/21 Temperature 64.4°F Dew Point 59.5°F Humidity 84% Barometer 30.18in Rate 0.011in/hr Wind Direction ENE Heat Index 69.2 °F UV Index 0.9 Solar Radiation 84 Rainfall for Today 0.04 in Rainfall for 24 Hours 0.06 in Last Rainfall date 6/28/21 Total Rainfall since 1/1/2021 4.72 in
  7. All what rain? The rain I received in Upper Ajijic for the past 48 hours totaled less than 1/2 inch. Anyway, the rain we receive here does not have much influence on the lake level.
  8. 0.7 inches at my house in Upper Ajijic I vote that the rainy season started yesterday.
  9. The plant store next to the defunct 7-11 has plastic netting in a long roll that can be cut. I use this to cover my small fish pond at night.
  10. Thank you everyone. I have decided to try and put my test results out of my mind. I AM VACCINATED, THEREFORE I AM.
  11. Antibodies reported on IgM-/IgG-, IgM+/IgG-, IgM+/IgG+, IgM-/IgG+ That seems to cover it...
  12. Living in Ajijic I had my first dose of the Sinovac vaccine on day 1 at the malecon in Ajijic. I had my second dose, on day 1 in Chapala. Today I went to the hospital/clinic on the carretera in Ajijic to have the test to check on my antibody level. This requires a simple blood draw and you return a few hours later for the restult. Cost $800 My results were frankly devastating. I have no (zero) antibodies. Anticuerpos IgM Negativo Anticuerpos IgG Negativo Nota: Translated by Google This test is presumptive, not confirmatory, so if a negative result is obtained, it does not indicate the absence of SARS-Cov-2 in the patient. The correct interpretation of the the should be carried out by your treating physician, taking into account the laboratory result and medical history." The lab technician and the lady on the desk told me of two other locals who also had the test had no antibodies. So, if you had the Sinovac do not assume you are protected by antibodies. We need more people to take the test.
  13. I have been using Amazon during the pandemic to order books from the US. It is not cheap. The shipping/handling charges can be more then the book. It just depends on which vendor the book comes from. No problems with customs.
  14. Yes. Only two people allowed in at one time. Maximum times 20 minutes. Mask REQUIRED
  15. I hope you are all not telling me the ways I can pay my bill. I have lived here 18 years and have seen everything Telmex, etc., can throw at us. I suspect the Post Office is to blame for the delayed, late, missing bills. The person who delivers the bill to my house is the man (I should remember his name) who was in the Ajijic post office all those years. Now, he is in Chapala and somehow is expected to deliver our CFE and Telmex bills. I still wonder when, or if I will receive my May Telmex bill........
  16. Exciting News: The April Telmex bill was delivered to my house this morning. Of course, it was due on May 18th. I wonder when, or if the May bill will be delivered.
  17. If it is ever finished just imagine what the additional traffic will do to an area which is already beyond my comprehension.
  18. Do not forget the 'hotel' on the water in lower La Floresta. That structural eyesore has been there for years. Someone should be made to remove it.
  19. I am just back from Chapala having received my second vaccination. I was mislead, or misunderstood the wait time and the number of people that would be getting the shot. I arrived at 7:40 AM and got in a very long line going south (I think) on the sidewalk. I got in line at the Red Cross. I was talking with a Canadian, also in line and he had been there for his first shot. He said there were 1000 people ahead of us and it would take 5 hours. He was right on. If I had known that I would have been there a whole lot earlier. There were untold people after us who kept coming. Parking is quickly filled. I found a good spot one block over. Throughout the morning the line moves slowly and in spurts. People come down the line and check your paperwork two or three times. Make sure you have the original of your first shot and a copy of your CURP and Permanente (or whatever). English was not spoken by the people on the sidewalk. At one point another lady came and gave me the number 462. The Canadian explained that we were in the second group of 500 and once the first group were completed we would move more quickly into the park. You are almost always in the shade in line. The last half hour in line moves more quickly. Arriving at the gate to the park there is pure bedlam with large crowds around the gate. There are police and staff so with your paperwork and your number just stay in your line and follow the person in front of you. They count the people as the enter and when it was my turn to follow inside I heard someone yell 30 more in Spanish. From there you file to one of three tents. We were in tent #2 and it was there that I received my vaccination. Slowly they come around to you and take your paperwork and ask you a few more questions. Then the teams of people move quickly through the tent and administer the vaccination. You only have to wait 15 minutes after the shot but you need to get you final paperwork back also. Once you get the final document and the 15 minutes has elapsed you can leave. The actual processing in the tent is quick. I arrived in line at 7:40 AM and I left at 1:25 pm.
  20. Loratadina 4 mg every 12 hours IF Needed. Antihistamine
  21. You are fortunate that we can now renew our license here in Chapala. I have gone to Guad. for my past two renewals. I always go to the Recaudadora and pay before I go for my license. You can do this several days in advance. It is still good. You get a significant discount if you have your senior citizen card. Make two copies (FRONT AND BACK) of your current license and your senior card. You will need a copy of your immigration card and original, copy and original of passport, proof of address (all pages). Be sure to copy only in black and white and both sides.
  22. That is great news Cedros. If I ever get my second shot of Sinovac I will follow your example and check the levels after about 1 month. I suggest you (we) also check in about 6 months again.
  23. I have been in my home in upper Ajijic for 17 years. I have a cistern (10,000Liters). Over the years, particularly the last five or so the water supply and quality have become a problem. About one year ago SIMAPA changed the well to my area. The water now has a very, very bad smell and is dirty. Prior to this I used use the water from the tap (I have a good purification system). I changed one of my filters to a 10 micron charcoal filter and this helped with some of the smell. Now, I would not think of using the water for drinking, etc. The problem with the water supply to our houses is mainly: 1. SIMAPA is not able to keep their equipment (pumps) working (age?), and a huge increase in developments/customers?). When one or more pumps are not working they have to shut off the water to areas so no water is coming from the city into my cistern. Also, 2. The pipes from the street to our cisterns can become corroded (plugged). Think of our arteries as we get older. This results in the flow of water into the cistern diminished, and with water not always coming I can run out of water. When this happens the city is supposed to supply us with a free truck of water but the demand frequently does not permit this. So far, this spring I have called for a private water truck three times to deliver water to my cistern. Yes, water is problem, but it is not so much the supply but in the delivery. In time the underground water will be used up and then there will be a real problem.
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