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  1. This makes no sense to me.  Why, when we are entering our coldest period and seven months of drought would Chapala now begin a spraying  program for mosquitoes throughout the municipality?  The money would be better spent, and more effective in June.    However, if they want to come and spray my gardens for grasshoppers they are more than welcome.


  2. Thanks to all of you who recommended the Kindle Paperwhite.  That's what I will buy.  My next question when I buy it will be how do I get the book(s)  into my Kindle?  I am sure the instructions are clear on that.


  3. I have always said I did not want a Kindle. I am an avid reader and I have always said I prefer books.  During the past two years I have spent a small fortune on paperback books from Amazon and Amazon.mx  I think the time has come to consider a Kindle. So, I am thinking of buying a Kindle but I have no idea what model to buy. I would like to hear from you Kindle readers on your recommendations.  I do not want anything fancy.  Just something reliable, easy to read, etc.  

  4. Dude, open the file with the photo, right mouse click, choose Copy image. Go back to Chapala,com, open the reply dialog box, click to enter text and enter

    I put this photo in by copying and pasting which is what I have done many times before.  Never had this problem.  Makes me afraid to try a new messages  when I want a picture attached.  I would not have sent the original message if I had not seen the picture attached.  



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