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  1. Take it up above Ajijic and let it go on the edge of the forest. I live two blocks below that area and skunks at night are in my back yard foraging regularly (among other critters). All are welcome.
  2. Today was the first day to sign up for the flu shot. I signed up earlier, and in case you do not know about it here is how it works.. Today, Tuesday as well as Wednesday and Thursday is the sign up for LCS members only. On Friday, non-members can sign up but only if there will be vaccine available. The procedure is you sign up with your membership number and pay the $750. You will be assigned a time in a group of 30. For example, I am in the first group of 30, on the first day at 9:30 AM. "An email will be sent to all members when the exact date has been set. (At this time shots have not arrived in Jalisco) The website will also have the information when available. Bring you receipt when you come, and please enter at the SIDE GATE besides the Sala. You will be admitted at your appointment time. LCS will have chairs socially distanced just outside the Sala. Nurses will administer the shots in the Sala. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.
  3. Gentlemen, and Ladies too... Earlier today I was in Farmacia Guadalajara (Ajijic) and, on my way out I decided I would go in the new store next to it. This is a new hardware store called Just Tools. I was very much impressed by the look and inventory in the store. So much so, that I walked out with a new hose, a new saw, and new gloves for working in the garden. If you have not already been there, check it out. I can see that I will be shopping there frequently in the future.
  4. I automatically re-boot every time the electricity goes off.
  5. Yes, you must. I believe you have to do it in one month. I would just go to the office in Chapala early in the morning asap and tell them you want to change your address.
  6. When I moved here in 2003 Ajijic was still considered a village. There were no traffic lights. I would never have moved here if Ajijic as it is now, existed then.
  7. I would not worry too much about using Malathion. I have used it for ever both in the US and here. Just common sense care as with any of these chemicals. Now, that masks are so handy you could add that along with hand washing, etc.
  8. Yes, liquid Malathion is available. I have used it for YEARS on my roses and orchids. Try the garden store in San Antonio. If she does not have it in she will order it. Mine is made by Spectracide.
  9. Jackie is trying to run the business by himself. Sometimes he is in the office and other times he is out on a call. He admits to probably missing calls. He needs the business. Does the phone take a message? If you go to the office you could also live a note on the door.
  10. I may have answered my own question. A Mexican friend did some checking and this is what she found. The small cards are not Official (people are using them just to have something to carry easily)..getting one costs 40 pesos and you need to give them a paper copy of the full page official certification.
  11. I was talking to a couple of Mexican friends about vaccinations. Apparently the certificates have changed from way back when we received our vaccinations. While we older folks got those full page certificates (which I was very excited to receive), they are now getting small card size certificates which can be laminated and carried with you. So, what is the status of these different certificates? Does anybody have more information, por favor.
  12. The fish and lily are taken. Thank you.
  13. This pot is so old to be unrepairable. I am also too old to want to to do it, or to start over. Your suggestion was appreciated, however.
  14. As of 9 am this morning the National Hurricane Center says "Pamela is forecast to be a major hurricane when it reaches the coast of west-central Mexico on Wednesday. Here is a different look at her.
  15. My 15 year old goldfish and waterlily pond/maceta is at the end of its life expectancy. It is leaking so bad I have to add water twice daily. I would like to fine a home for three small, 2 inch Fantail Goldfish, and a 15 year old blue waterlily (small bloom). The goldfish are used to outdoors so I would like them to go to someone with a pond. They, and the waterlily, which could be divided for two people, are free for the taking.
  16. We may be in for some weather...
  17. 2.6 inches at 8:30 at my house in Upper Ajijic
  18. The lake looks good but the level is nothing remarkable. At least that is true for us old timers.
  19. OK, that's what I thought you would say. Thank you for the info.
  20. Gas has been going up, and up, and....
  21. This may be a stupid question but did you have to empty your cabinets?
  22. OK, thanks. I have a couple of places to check out.
  23. I tried the place just east of Mirasol on the lakeside but they did not have the correct size. Sorry, I forget its name. Where else should I check? Gracias
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