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  1. Floradude

    SKYPE in Mexico

    Sorry, I tried to answer you Tiny twice yesterday but some red security screen (?) kept coming up. Now your requests is moot for me, but to answer your question I use Skype on my desk top computer. I wanted to use it yesterday afternoon so I would have the microphone and speakers available so others could listen in and participate. Instead we just used my cell phone which is what I was trying to avoid. Computer Guy it sounds like you are on to something and I could probably figure it out. Once I open the dial pad Skype automatically enters a 1. I tried entering 52 after this but that did not work. Oh well, thanks for all the input. It was really just an academic exercise. I can call the US and Mexico free also on my landline also. I continue to use Skype out of habit for the US because it costs almost nothing.
  2. Floradude

    SKYPE in Mexico

    I using my desktop computer. Normally I would just use my telephone but in this case I want to use the speakers and microphone in the computer to include a second person in the conversation.
  3. Floradude


    I assume you have tried Puritan Poultry Harry?
  4. Floradude

    SKYPE in Mexico

    As an American living in Mexico I use SKYPE for business calls to the US. Now I want to use SKYPE to make a business call in Mexico. Is this possible? How is it done? As soon as I sign on to SKYPE to make a call the number 1 is automatically entered before I can enter a number.
  5. Floradude

    Shaw High Definition

    Sorry, Pete. I meant to say satellite and not station.
  6. Floradude

    Shaw High Definition

    Ultimately what it took to restore my missing HD channels was for Shaw to send a direct signal to my receiver. I was also told that my Dish needs updating in order to get the third station and more than 100 channels.
  7. Floradude

    Amazon's New Delivery Technology

    Almost like watching your Uber car drive to your location.
  8. Floradude

    Shaw High Definition

    I was afraid this might be the answer. Does this mean that eventually we will have to drop Shaw?
  9. I have lost the signal to many of my High Definition channels. NBC (558), ABC (559), CBS (560) and many more. Anyone else experiencing this problem.
  10. Floradude

    Our adventure with the Mexican FCC

    Oh dear, I often use my head phones when watching TV and yes they were purchased from Steren many years ago (in GDL).
  11. Floradude

    Social Security Question

    I have had a post office box since 2003. Ever year since I took my social security I receive my annual am I married, working, etc. in my post office box. I always return it through US mail via the LCS.
  12. Floradude

    Need an Optometrist at Lakeside

    The optometrist who comes to the LCS is often recommended.
  13. Floradude

    Honda CRV repair needed

    I am on my fifth CRV and all have been serviced at Honda dealer on Ave. Vallarta.
  14. Floradude

    Terminal 2 closed?

    Terminal 2 has been closed for some time.
  15. Floradude

    Mexico Bank account

    A couple of things you might check: Do they allow you to deposit a US dollar check into your account and how much do they charge. A few years I had to drop my Banamex checking account/Debit card because they would no longer let me deposit my US check and this is how I get pesos into my account. I also have my social security deposited into the account but I cannot live on that alone. I also discovered that not all bank Debit cards are equal. The Intercam Debit card, for example, cannot be used for charges on the computer, eg. purchases with Mercado Libre, payment of Paypal, payment of Skype........