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  1. That was interesting. Thank you. I did not realize it was an ancient volcano. Now it is called Cerro de Garcia.
  2. Thank you barrbower, I have been to the Tlaquepaque store.
  3. They have been infrequent visitors during the night to my house all of the many years I have lived here. I have seen babies twice. They have not never been a problem. I do not mind them. They should be considered protected wildlife and not killed by your dog.
  4. You were correct Slainte39. I was led to believe that the new Home Depot was before Costco by a Mexican friend, who incidentally has never been there. Now that I know it is south of Costco I have lost all desire to check out the new store. It was an interesting discussion. Thanks everyone.
  5. Yes, I am aware of the old Home Depot just slightly north of the Periferico on Lopez Mateos. I have shopped there 17+ years. The highway changes in recent years have made it difficult to get into and out. I want to try the new Home Depot. I prefer driving the periferico route as opposed to the Jocotepec route. What I want to do is drive to the new Home Depot via the periferico going south on Lopez Mateos (thank you very much Mostlylost and barrbower). Leaving Home Depot continue south to the Costco underpass cutoff. Shop at Costco. Leave Costo driving north to the periferico and home.
  6. OK, can you be more specific where turn off rather than about 2.5 Km south. Traffic is terrible on that stretch of Lopez Mateos and driving alone I cannot be looking for a store or sign. I will get over to the side (lateral) well before 2 Km but more information would be helpful. Is the store on directly on Lopez Mateos? Is it by a larger landmark?
  7. I want to go to the 'new' Home Depot on Lopes Mateos South but I need help. Starting at the Periferico and heading south on Lopes Mateos where is the new store? Is it on the right side going south, or the left (Costco) side? How far down from the Periferico is the store? As far as Costco? Where does one exit? If it is on the right side where do you get over onto the lateral and can you see the sign from the highway? I tried Googling the stores but the new one is not shown on the map yet. Thanks for your help.
  8. This morning at 11:30 am when returning to my house in Upper Ajijic there were four National Guard trucks parked in a row on Lazaro Cardenas (up from Mien Wah). The trucks were loaded with men all fully armed. They were standing outside their trucks with their weapons at the ready. They looked like they were preparing to attack the Jalisco Cartel. Instead a couple of the guardsmen were talking to a young teenage boy. Otherwise, the area was totally quiet. Just a quiet morning in Upper Ajijic as far as I could see.
  9. Thanks. These past 6 months I have been ordering books frequently from Amazon. I will be on the lookout.
  10. The LCS HEALTH DAY is scheduled for Tuesday, November 17. The flu shot and the Pulmovax 23 (Pneumonia 5 year) will be available from 10 am to 1 pm or until the supply runs out. Cost for the flu shot is $750 pesos and the Pneumonia 5 year is $600 pesos. Cash only. No signups. Monday November 16th, LCS campus will be close, in celebration of the Revolution Day in Mexico.
  11. Interesting. We may want your help next semester if it is the same now as it was then.
  12. Some are better than others. For example, you want the quadrivalent not the trivalent vaccine. If, and when the LCS gets the flu vaccine it will be the 4 strain vairiety.
  13. OK, so you are paying directly to the student and not to the school. Tuition at the Technological Institute is $3000 pesos. We currently in mid-term so tuition will not be due again until late in February. Of course, financial help would be welcome anytime.
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