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  1. Speaking of Telmex my internet service is off and on the past two weeks. The problem is not at my house but in "the area." Other neighbors are experiencing the same problem. We never know when it will be operational and for how long. It goes off from one to three times a day for varying times. We are two blocks up from the Telmex office. I have filed a report with Telmex. I feel like the unimportant, and overlooked, child.
  2. What about the large apartment construction behind these? Where are the cars going to? That area is already a terrible bottleneck. I cannot wait when more cars are trying to enter traffic at this area.
  3. I know about all the local calendars but I asked about an American style calendar where Sunday is the first day; not Saturday. Even though I have been here well over 16 years somethings just never change. At my age I am often confused about the date as it is 😄
  4. I am looking for an American style large 2020 calendar. This is the type that is 12" x 12" when folded shut. Up until last year I have always bought these at Costco but starting last year they no longer sell calendars. If you know of a place that sells them either at Lakeside or Guadalajara please let me know.
  5. That is what was written in a recent article. All they do for heart attack and stroke patients is to stabilize them and call for an ambulance from Guadalajara to transfer them. They also mentioned that if an ambulance was not available it could take hours.
  6. Excellent, especially since San Antonio Hospital does not treat heart attacks or strokes.
  7. If you have blood pressure problems be careful with this, and products like it.
  8. Please say it isn't true. I also have used Ortho Home Defense both in the house mainly for cockroaches and outside for the leaf cutter ants. I have used it for more years then I can remember. In the past I always bought mine at Costco, Home Depot and Walmart. I have not need more recently so I have not looked for it.
  9. One more time. The person who told me he wanted the Tamsulosina was a no show. So, I have 5 boxes of recently purchased Tamsulosina to give away free to anyone who can use it. These are recently purchased with an expiration date of March 2020. If I do not get a reply I will give them to my Urologist.
  10. Plastic wrap and aluminum foil also works.
  11. They have been spoken for. Thank you.
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