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  1. Normally the vast majority are lirio (water hyacinth). In my 17 years I have only seen the purple blooming lirio. Yes, there are water lettuce also but not anywhere the number of the lirio. Interestingly I used to pay money to get both of these plants for my koi/goldfish pond in Seattle every spring. I also have a nice view of the lake and I have seen only a few smaller rafts of plants so far this year. I have not yet been down to the Ajijic pier to check out the water level and the plants.
  2. Not only does Farmacia Guadalajara not have it but Walmart does not either. The lack of any information on the internet about this product raises serious concerns to this very old hospital pharmacist.
  3. Back to my original question... can recommend a professional, reliable person to contact? I have one good suggestion but would like to hear more.
  4. I am thinking of building a casita on my property. The question is how to start. I would need a contractor, but do I also need to involve an architect? Does anyone have experience doing this and can recommend a professional, reliable person to contact? This would be in the Greater Ajijic area.
  5. Beto on the Carretera #21, across from Bobby's restaurant. He has done a lot of iron work for me over the years. cel 333 1760 7410
  6. After 17 years of killing zillions of Leaf Cutter Ants oregontochapala is correct--they will be back. My ants come from neighbors yards so I cannot kill them in the nest. I go out after dark and spray the column with Ortho Home Defense as they march back and forth. Death is rapid, but they will recover and they will return.
  7. I have bought three new CR-Vs from the Honda dealer on Vallarta Ave. I recommend Alonso for a salesman.
  8. Bats fly at night. Leave your garage door open at night and it will go out looking for food. Close the door before it returns and no more bat.
  9. Yes, the LCS will have it on Health Day whenever everything comes together. You should also be able to get the shot at your doctors office when he gets his supply.
  10. LCS has not yet heard from the Health Dept. when they might get the vaccine. Last year it was October and that is the best guess for this year also.
  11. The last time I was able to get someone to my house it was $250.
  12. Also, it is not hard to copy the Spanish information and then paste it into your translator.
  13. Thank you, but why did it work for years and suddenly stop?
  14. For the past several weeks I have not been able to open my account in order to see my deposits and expenditures. I have no trouble getting into the account itself with the usual User Name and Password, but when there it will not let me select the month and enter. I called Intercam in Mexico and talked with a man. I explained exactly what I was doing and what the problem was. He asked me where was my branch and what browser was I using. I told him the branch and that I used Chrome. He said I needed to change to another browser. I replied that I had been using Chrome on my account for y
  15. DHL, and/or Customs at the border has had my order of Taco Mix tied up for weeks. Meanwhile, Superlake now has Taco Mix back in stock. I enjoyed tacos last night for dinner. I compared prices. What I paid Amazon for a single package of taco mix plus postage was $4 USD. What I paid for one package from Superlake on Wednesday was about 30 cents less per package.
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