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  1. I have a blue waterlily that I would like to find a home for. In either 2004 or 2005 I purchased a very large maceta and a blue waterlily from the vivero just east of the Telmex office. That vivero has now been closed for a few years, although they still grow vegetables for the market. The maceta (my fish pond) happily had goldfish and the waterlilly until recently. The pot has a crack that cannot be repaired hence the need to find a home for the lily. I leave in upper Ajijic if you would like to come with a bucket, or largish plastic tub I will give you the lily.
  2. I also loved it. Reminds me when I drove down in 2003 with my cat. Never regretted the move.
  3. Jubilacion, did you get your form in Mexico by mail?
  4. This is addressed to any of you locals who pay income tax on your social security benefits. I am curious if anyone has received their income tax information, Form 2019 via mail yet?
  5. I sent a $5000 dollar check as a wedding present several months back and IShop never blinked.
  6. She went back in the afternoon and it was business as normal. Just a bad dream.
  7. Earlier today a friend was denied access to Multiva because she is over 60. Our local charity banks with Multiva and as the President she wanted to make a deposit. They were adamant and would not let her in the bank. My poor understanding of the rules was that even during the previous month restriction we could go to the banks? Certain now this should be permitted.
  8. I put my house phone, my cell phone as well as my two email addresses. Something should work. I cannot believe they would not leave a message if they were asked to.
  9. I have an answering machine on my house phone. I hope if I am not home when they call they will leave a message.
  10. The project is supposed to take 2 month, but this being Mexico... Costco should be open to everyone starting tomorrow, unless there is some announcement to the contrary.
  11. Since traffic laws are seldom enforced it does not matter anyway.
  12. You are not doing anything wrong. It took me a long time before I got through yesterday (Sunday). I was using Edge.
  13. I have used SOSE for years and am very happy with them.
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