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  1. I also live on Lazaro Cardenas and for a change I had no problem on Friday. The week before, yes.
  2. My source informs me that the Recaudadora is again out of stickers. This means that only receipts will be given out when you pay. You will have to return to collect your sticker, etc.
  3. One year when I went to pay my car tax I was told I had a fine. I was told it was a parking meter in Guadalajara. The fine was more than my car tax. I am never any place where I park and I use a meter. All you can do is pay the fine.
  4. Thank you lubsdawgs. I misunderstood Karlotta's question. Yes, you only need your license plate number. I carry my Tarjeta de Circulacion in my wallet so that is what I show each year when I pay.
  5. I received the sticker and the etc. was everything else you are supposed to get.
  6. I heard from a friend (who has a friend that works in the Recaudadora) Tuesday night that the Recaudadora had received 1500 stickers. Today, Wednesday I arrived at the recaudadora at 2:15 pm There were 8 people in line ahead of me--including the three at the windows. When it came to my turn at the window I was in and out in two minutes. I left at 2:30 pm. with my sticker, etc. The worst part of the whole process was the drive into and out of Chapala
  7. That was happening last week when I went in early in the morning. It looked like only the big trucks were being pulled over but I was delayed at least 15 minutes by the backup.
  8. Why keep all the old stickers on your window? Being a neat freak I always take the old ones off. One current one is enough!
  9. Not too long ago I was in Guadalajara getting a new drivers license. Everyone I saw had the new color CURP paper. I did not see any old ones.
  10. This is less than I pay for my annual water bill.
  11. No, your CURP is not required. Every year someone reports that it is and starts a mild panic among the newer people. Basically all you need is your licence plate number and your money. Since I carry my Tarjeta De Circulacion in my wallet I just hand them the one from last year. If I am doing a favor for friends and neighbors I will also get theirs for them. After I get mine back from the person at the counter I just hand them a list with the name of the person followed by their license number. They are cranked out, I pay for them and confirm that they are for the correct person before I leave the window.
  12. If all of those concrete squares are planters who will care for the plants? They will never be watered enough to survive. Perhaps they are new recycle containers....
  13. As you leave town as if you were going to Mazamitla, just as you drive out past the statue of Jesus on your right is a store that the farmers use and has what you want.
  14. The store you are referring to moved up Colon across from the top of the plaza.,
  15. The three number in any fertilizer (20-20-20) stand for Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potash (potassium) Magnesium is purchased separatly as magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt)
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