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  1. Where do you suggest we buy legal DVD's that have English available?
  2. Not much rain the past 4 days in upper Ajijic--only sprinkles.
  3. Tonala used to be good for these. I have not been back for several years, however.
  4. Do we really have to start this all over again?
  5. One more for Parker...17 years this month.
  6. Thanks. That can be my emergency backup plan.
  7. I know this topic is not on par with the coronavirus but has anyone seen chocolate chips for sale anywhere? I had hoped Superlake would have them in stock by now but they do not seem to be in a hurry to increase their inventory.
  8. They are closed until further notice.
  9. My social security check is deposited into my Intercam on the 3rd. of each month. It comes in at the full rate of exchange for that time. There are no fees for me to take money out of my account at an Intercam machine.
  10. Good news. Now if the hospital would just accept Metlife Insurance as payment.
  11. I also live up where you describe and I have not heard anything. On my walk this AM at 7:45 am I heard nothing.
  12. I looked again in Walmart this AM. I could not find bags.
  13. Did you check the similar store just west of Jara and east of the donut place
  14. I have used GO for years. They give a senior citizen discount and fax the results to my home. Never any problems.
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