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  1. The coastal beaches are the obvious areas in Mexico that would be good to consider if you want to move to Mexico.
  2. Sorry, no. I just drive to it. It is one of the last businesses on the right side before you come to the lake road.
  3. I prefer to pay ahead of time in Chapala then that is one less thing to worry about when you get to the Plaza de Torres, or wherever. Remember if you have the senior citizen card you can get a significant discount.
  4. Recaudadora (?)...the same place you pay your annual auto fee. But, then the question is where do go for your license. As far as I know it is still Guadalajara.
  5. I also used Rick and already miss him. I have a desktop computer so I need someone who will come to the home.
  6. The Snowbirds are in their annual exodus.
  7. I clean mine annually. It is about 20 years old and so for no leaks. Fingers Crossed.
  8. I have a filtration system...the first is 20 micron filter and the second is a 10 micron filter. It also passes through the UV light which I change annually. I clean the filters monthly and replace them every 6 months. I have been doing this for 15 years and use the water in the kitchen for everything including drinking.
  9. Just remember if you sign up for Medicare Part B that you cannot use it (Medicare) outside of the USA. You would need to return to the US for treatment.
  10. I think we need to see the specific law for Jalisco on making a right turn at a red light.
  11. Blanketmusic.... I do not remember what the size of the aircraft except the seats were three across on both sides. Yes, both Spanish and English were spoken. The flight was routine.
  12. In September I flew from Las Vegas direct to Guadalajara. No charge for anything but snacks on the plane. All one class of seating as far as I could tell.
  13. Voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which is applied topically. In order to work it has to be absorbed into the body at the location it is applied. Some of the drug will of course get into the blood stream. How much and is it dangerous? Certainly less than an oral drug but if you have heart problems, etc. I suggest you do not use it with any frequency.
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