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  1. 0.65 inches in upper Ajijic I was totally surprised by this. My view is to the south and the storm struck from the north side of my house.
  2. I have bought sod at both of the viveros mentioned but I agree with Bisbee Gal. This is the worst possible time to put down new sod. Wait until the rains start.
  3. Because I shop at Costco I do buy all of my beef and pork there. I repackage it and freeze it for later use.
  4. The problem seems to be widespread and varies in type and complexity. I have had 3 days during the last 7 when I did not have internet early in the morning, around 5 to 6 am, I am able to get internet back by shutting my modem off and on a couple of hours later. Two houses down the street from me they are without TV, computer, and telephone. They had been without for 3 days when they came to me for help. A friend in San Antonio on the lake lost everything yesterday. When you talk to people the problems come and go around the area. What is happening with Telmex that can cause this suddenly? Usually a problem like an outage occurs in a certain area?
  5. I doubt if many people would know this; probably best to check with your bank.
  6. Medicare can only be used in the US. It is the law.
  7. Thank you for the information Al.
  8. Would you say how much you pay for the flat year fee? Is Dr. Garcia full time at lakeside?
  9. A shoe store that take into account the width of the foot. I have short wide feet so I have to buy shoes two or three sizes larger to accommodate the width.
  10. Lake Chapala Lake in Mexico 4.6844 Google reviews Description Lake Chapala is Mexico's largest freshwater lake. It lies in the municipalities of Chapala, Jocotepec, Poncitlán, and Jamay, in Jalisco, and in Venustiano Carranza and Cojumatlán de Régules, in Michoacán.Wikipedia Surface elevation: 1,524 m Area: 1,100 km² Length: 80 km Location: Jalisco / Michoacán, Mexico Average depth: 7 m (23 ft) With an average depth of 23 feet it might be a little difficult to "walk to shore from most parts of it."
  11. If I have a heart attack, or a stroke here I much prefer to go to a hospital here where hopefully I can receive the clot busting drug. That of course assumes it (they) will have an emergency roomed staffed by an ER doctor and nurse(s).
  12. I remember back in the days when we renewed our DL in Riberas I learned the hard way that all copies of any required document have to be in black and white.
  13. You can pay the fee for you drivers license at the Recaudadora in Chapala and then go to Guadalajara to actually obtain the license. I do this just because it is one less line to stand in when you get to wherever you are going.
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