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  1. Just a little more info... And yes, looks to be on the back road to Guadalajara. Noticias Semanario Laguna de Chapala El día de hoy se registró un violento operativo de la Fuerza Única. El operativo se realizó con uso excesivo de la fuerza en Zacoalco de Torres; sin embargo, en la carretera Guadalajara-Morelia, elementos de la Fuerza Única, violentaron, al grado de golpear patrullas y a policías municipales de Jocotepec. Según un policía de Jocotepec entrevistado bajo condición de anonimato dijo que elementos de la Fuerza Única de Jalisco estrellaron cal
  2. shoot out, 5 dead. http://www.informador.com.mx/jalisco/2017/712249/6/reportan-enfrentamiento-en-carretera-a-chapala-hay-cinco-muertos.htm
  3. shoot out, 5 dead. http://www.informador.com.mx/jalisco/2017/712249/6/reportan-enfrentamiento-en-carretera-a-chapala-hay-cinco-muertos.htm
  4. Dogs have been reunited with their family :
  5. FOUND: A matched set of Pyrenees dogs. Lower Riberas. They are now safe inside a property but the finders dogs are not happy. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Owner should contact Brenda Campbell ASAP. 765. 4057
  6. Perhaps the US Consulate Federal Benefit Unit in Guadalajara could do it for you, it's worth a try. Telephone : (333) 268-0800: Mon – Fri from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm E-mail : FBU.Guadalajara@ssa.gov
  7. thanks for your reply

    Other replies:I threw out some bait and it was entertaining to see the responses

  8. Great advice! This is one of the local "Animal Only" boards. Lost animals are always pinned to the top for maximum exposure. BBB&S Lake Chapala - Fur, Feathers and Fins https://www.facebook.com/groups/884995861533687/
  9. My daughter lived up the road from these people on Rio Bravo. I know of the dog pack, the lunatic son, and the not so grounded father. These dogs often roam Rio Bravo unattended and killed a Chihuahua in front of my daughters home. After she stopped crying and being hysterical about the dog murder that happened on her doorstep, she went down the hill to complain to the "pack" owners (father, son & a woman living in the house) they laughed at her and said welcome to Mexico. I suggest you get a taser, a baseball bat, or some other weapon ASAP and use it to protect yourself and your pet.
  10. i think you misunderstand the post guest.... in light of easy confusion i will pull the notification.
  11. Thanks Snafu... In all that you posted, somehow I missed your answer to my question. I asked where to get one, not the possible ill effects of one. And a BIG "Thank You" to those that actually did read it and responded appropriately!
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