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  1. JJR

    RFC requirement

    As for the video, you will be given Spanish dialogue to read during the video. Write the dialogue down in advance of doing the video. Practice it a little, then record the video. The whole process is very nerve-racking, including identifying the captcha correctly. But it works
  2. JJR

    RFC requirement

    As the last step you will need to provide a signature. So use a computer/ phone that allows writing on the screen
  3. JJR

    RFC requirement

    I used the photo on my INE. I guess you could also use one from a visa. Save a pdf scan of your INE in the documents or file app of you phone or computer. Then after checking INE as the source for your photo, press continue. The SAT program will then give you a choice of locations on your phone/computer. Call up the photo from there.
  4. I went to CFE yesterday in Chapala and added my RFC. I used the old printout for the RFC, not the New constancia de situaciĆ³n fiscal. They added my RFC without a problem. They did not ask for the additional information described in the video and only available on the constancia
  5. JJR

    RFC requirement

    One way to get the email recorded is to first get a contraseƱa by going to satid.sat.gob.mx
  6. JJR

    RFC requirement

    The question is, is it a requirement for permanentes for no other reason that they are permanentes
  7. JJR

    RFC requirement

    Another way to state my question: must you have an RFC for no other reason than that you are a permanente?
  8. I know that Mexico has recently passed legislation requiring that all persons over 18 must have an RFC whether or not they have income. I am not sure if this requirent applies to permanent residents. Does anyone know?
  9. My prodigy email connection has been down for over 24 hours. Anyone else with this problem?
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