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  1. https://www.autozone.com/sealants-glues-adhesives-and-tape/super-glue/j-b-weld-super-weld-2-gram-2pcs/1071930_0_0
  2. I wouldn't call anything Best Buy sold as High End, nor would I expect them to carry that type of product, since they are selling to a totally different consumer.
  3. Is there a listing of High End Stereo Shops available in Guadalajara?
  4. Northeast blackout of 2003 The cause of this blackout was tree branches. The report states that a generating plant in Eastlake, Ohio, a suburb northeast of Cleveland, went offline amid high electrical demand, putting a strain on high-voltage power lines (located in Walton Hills, Ohio, a southeast suburb of Cleveland) which later went out of service when they came in contact with "overgrown trees". This trip caused load to transfer to other transmission lines, which were not able to bear the load, tripping their breakers. Once these multiple trips occurred, many generators suddenly lost parts of their loads, so they accelerated out of phase with the grid at different rates, and tripped out to prevent damage. The cascading effect that resulted ultimately forced the shutdown of at least 265 power plants.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/Roles-de-canela-la-casa-de-cheliz--639277959904880/ I found these the best I've had...and she delivers too!
  6. I use an Echo Link with a separate DAC. A Schiit Modi 3; yes that the name of the company. WiFi transmission gives substantially greater bandwidth and sound quality over BT.
  7. I'm simply looking for ideas and comparisons about various setups as a forum to learn what direction to take regarding my own equipment. Investigating the world of music streaming and active speakers, a much different world than what I am accustomed to with passive speakers.
  8. I'm contemplating purchasing the KEF LSX Wireless Streaming Loudspeaker System, which are related to your LS50's. Have you had the opportunity to listen to the LS 50 wireless or KEF LSX, and give me some idea of how they compare?
  9. I wonder if there are any local audiophiles that may be able to answer some questions regarding their equipment?
  10. Any idea where I could purchase one of these? TIA
  11. Get the 4K version, however not available on Amazon MX.
  12. Since they possess the phone number as well as the email address, it may be more efficient for a mass mailing. This would also allow the recipient to respond in Spanish as well. This could then be placed into their database. Seems a lot more efficient.
  13. A regulation that reminded me of "Logan's Run"...when age is a factor.
  14. Alpha1


    Domino's pizza Sarten is night and day difference from their regular offerings.
  15. https://www.cfe.mx/Pages/default.aspx
  16. Just load it onto your phone via Google Play Store. https://www.pamplonatelier.com/
  17. You should be able to contact her via Whatsapp using the # given.
  18. I saw this option and only saw a field for email and phone number, does it then continue to the actual cc # for its entry?
  19. Once the property bill has been printed, what are the means to pay online? Can one pay BBVA online similar to the CFE and Telmex bills? I also noticed OXXO, is this an option?
  20. What is the deadline for paying vehicle 2021 fees?
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