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  1. Steam anything you wish via a Firestick 4k.

    Call me and I can help you out if you wish.

    331 042 7545


    1. geeser


      Hello.  I need someone to install my firestick with my new smart TV.  We have a VPN.

      My husband is now confined to the bedroom and he was my computer whiz.  I need help with this new technology

      thank you   Cheryl

    2. Alpha1


      I don't make house calls, since I'm not in the business, however there are some services available:  http://www.lakesidetv.com/.

      You may also check out YouTube for information.

  2. I have a source that has great phones, at great prices. NO they are not stolen...I buy all my phone from him and send everyone I know to him to buy one. He only sells unlocked phones, and everything to the latest tech to more mundane cell phones, all at exceptional deals. BTW, I get nothing for this plug.

  3. Are you suggesting that Avast is to be removed as an AV program?

  4. Please check the message I sent you regarding the knee treatment.

    1. La-de-di


      I'm so sorry if I didn't reply - I guess I haven't been on the board for a while! This was at the Sports Medicine Clinic on Eglinton Avenue near Yonge Street - and - so far, so good!

    2. Alpha1


      Thanks for the information... Glad to hear that all is well! 

  5. I'm interested in your Sports Medicine clinic treatment. Was this the Bobby Orr Clinic at York? Could you please contact me so that I may have further information?

    Thank you,



  6. Which Nuvi did you get? Mine is the 255W.

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