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  1. Mabe buys Camco CBC News · Posted: Sep 23, 2005 10:28 AM ET | Last Updated: September 23, 2005 Camco, Canada's largest manufacturer of home appliances is now owned by a Mexican company, Controladora Mabe S.A.
  2. Rare monkeypox outbreak in U.K., Europe and U.S.: What is it and should we worry?
  3. How are they able to do this?
  4. Brain Scans Enrich Examination of Patients With Long COVID Background A multicenter study looked into brain hypometabolism detected by PET scans done on patients who had had SARS-CoV-2 infection and were referred for suspected neurologic long COVID. Almost half of the scans were interpreted as abnormal, with more than a quarter of them being interpreted as severely affected. This exam could reassure the half of patients for whom a brain impairment was suspected and enable the other half to get access to adequate care, as well as the requisite social and medical recognition for their condition.
  5. June 13...Feast day of Saint Anthony of Padua, Italy.
  6. I find that all IPTV services are here today, gone tomorrow. I prefer to use a Firestick and use various applications that provide the same viewing. It also doesn't have any monthly subscription costs.
  7. Out again around 6:30. TELMEX the terrific!
  8. There is (or was) an outdoor furniture store next to Fenix real estate in the SurperLake plaza. Also at the Home Decor/Lighting Store...
  9. I had a dietitian that specialized in nephrology patients. She told me I could eat all the bagels I wanted, my weight has never been the same since. So much for "professional" advice.
  10. The only place I go to for imaging: http://www.banuelosradiologos.com Bañuelos Radiologos® by Doctores Bañuelos is a private diagnostic radiological group founded more than 65 years ago in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco with the purpose of providing the population with a reliable, fast service of the highest quality and precision that technology can offer. Bañuelos Radiologos® is the most important radiology office in the west of the country, and one of the first nationwide, both for the level of specialization of its medical and technical team, and for the variety and scope of its services. We have a specialized group of radiologists certified by the Mexican Council of Radiology and Imaging with extensive experience in the field and a team of specialist doctors who complement our service, but above all committed to our mission: Everything for the patient.
  11. A post was made on FB by a well know "car person" that the emission testing program has been suspended due to the high failure rates. Does anyone have other sources confirming this situation? TIA
  12. ORT-MAR 765-2610 33 3677 3936 367 DEGOLLADO Chapala MX They may have what you need.
  13. https://scc41.org/zenni-optical-ship-to-mexico/#:~:text=You can buy any product,they'll send it out. You can buy any product from Zenni Optical, or any other US-based store for that matter, and have it shipped to your MyUS.com US-based address. MyUS will accept the order on your behalf. Once you're ready for it to be shipped to Mexico, they'll send it out. You may also what to check with iShop and check out their rates.
  14. What is the maximum coverage for medical travel insurance available to the US over 70 years old.
  15. However if you require the pump for the water you're out of luck, as I do for my water.🙄
  16. I've setup my spread sheet to calculate the pesos amount and monitor the litres used/day.
  17. Those that haven't have paid the price and learned the hard way. Getting proper legal and accounting information is critical and cheap insurance, since what you don't know will hurt you.
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