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  1. Yes, because we wouldn't know otherwise! 😉
  2. My understanding is that the appointment is not an issue until next year.
  3. Has anyone had any issues with driving into Guadalajara without the emission sticker or temporary pass? The enforcement does not apply until 2022. Thank you.
  4. The candy store in Chapala with the red awning has white marshmallows (25P a 335 g bag). Rice Krispies squares are made.
  5. BTW, there are a lot of free books available on Amazon to download (within seconds) to your Kindle. I much preferred a paper book over an E reader, but after having made the switch years ago, my only regret is I didn't do it sooner. There are many advantages to a Kindle over a paper version of the book; which you will learn as you use it. I will move up to the Paperwhite when my ancient Kindle decides to quit.
  6. Bought 2 big boxes at Costco last time I was there.
  7. I'm looking for white only marshmallows, are they available? Yes, I'm making rice krispies squares...
  8. My March gets about the same, and can seat 5.😉 https://www.nissan.com.mx/content/dam/Nissan/mexico/assets/march/my21/catalogo/nissan-2021-march-catalogo.pdf
  9. They use to supply notarized copies for a reasonable price, but last time it was about 200p if memory serves me correctly.
  10. Lakeside Living Concierge offers a wide range of services to make your life more pleasant in one of the most Expat friendly places in Mexico. https://sites.google.com/view/lakeside-living-services/home/concierge
  11. https://m.facebook.com/RR-New-and-Used-Cars-and-Car-Solutions-294754600930898/about/?ref=content_filter&mt_nav=0 Antonio Regalado should be able to help you.
  12. Net back up but phone out.
  13. No, however fiber out as well. Text sent by Telmex notification that system is down. As if I didn't know!
  14. Telmex Internet and phone service down.
  15. I have Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, 3-Pack White (AC3900). You may not need as many, 1500 sq. ft. each coverage.
  16. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2758444987778945/?referral_code=bsg_newsfeed
  17. Just received a text message that internet service has been corrected, NOT! Still out since yesterday morning.
  18. Same here, no text notification.
  19. TELMEX INTERNET down again this morning
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