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  1. You can use a US account in Canadian Banks.
  2. I have found that in some cases Excel's data management system works very well instead of Access. Much simpler and easier to use.
  3. Thanks, but this is like one big safety pin. Easy to keep track of the sizes. Crown Royal bags are for my marbles... 😉
  4. Ironically if they would actually give tickets for red light infractions and other obvious and common problems the coffers would be overflowing...
  5. Transitos are good at doing one thing, and I think most know what that is...
  6. Let me know how you do it... Service Ontario in Chapala?
  7. https://www.windowscentral.com/latest-windows-10-update-failing-install-and-causing-random-restarts-some-users Microsoft issues... A true nightmare for some!
  8. I beginning to think that any topic must include a GPS coordinate to tie it to this specific location...
  9. Been there, not fun. Once was enough.
  10. Will definitely notice when the drive fails...
  11. https://therevisionist.org/reviews/ssd-vs-hdd-one-reliable/ It is generally thought that mechanical Hard Disk Drives (HDD), is more reliable in the long run with reads/writes, as a SSD has a maximum number of writes that it can handle. However, SSDs are more reliable with shock damage because they contain no moving parts.Dec 16, 2016
  12. E-Ink is best... https://www.howtogeek.com/181577/e-ink-vs.-lcd-which-screen-is-best-for-reading/ What Type of Reading Do You Actually Want to Do? It seems that E Ink readers absolutely smash the competition! Why would anyone get a tablet with an LCD screen when E Ink devices are cheaper and seem like much better devices for sitting down and reading books? Well, it’s probably because many people want to do more than read books.
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