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  1. If you wish to go to Guadalajara...Dr. Humberto Ruíz Orozco Clínica Santa Lucía the only place I go to for eye care. http://www.clinicasantalucia.com.mx/en/
  2. Today’s Elders Are Faster, Smart And Stronger Than 30 Years Ago
  3. How was it applied after the construction? Did you have to dig out the perimeter?
  4. It would be advantageous if businesses would use an actual website instead of FB. The cost of doing so is nil to minimum. https://www.google.com/intl/en_ca/business/
  5. Told the same thing...fool me once!
  6. A common issue when people compare prices in Mexico to those in other countries with different economic structures. I consider it a form of "economic terrorism". This behaviour hurts everyone in the long run.
  7. http://www.clinicasantalucia.com.mx Worth the drive.
  8. medical -microchip- people- may- cause- cancer http://www.nbcnews.com/id/20643620/ns/health-cancer/t/medical-microchip-people-may-cause-cancer/#.X0_CeDsZ5Mw
  9. Be sure to rinse well and keep the kids away from the ammonia while you're working. Mix 1/2 cup of ammonia to a gallon of water. Spray on the stain. Let the ammonia work on the stain for 5 minutes. Scrub, and rinse well to wipe away the soap scum. http://www.housecleaningcentral.com/en/cleaning-tips/bathrooms/soap-scum.html
  10. Troypoint is an excellent source of information.
  11. Your ISB Sola is a great voltage regulator. Actually one of the best available.
  12. Got caught up in that traffic jam...hours of stop and go traffic. Looked like a demolition derby. Attention in driving is paramount, a split second of inattention can result in a disaster; no cell phones, no taking eyes off the road, focus must be 100%.
  13. Telmex Internet has been up and down like a toilet seat.
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