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  1. Alpha1

    Gasgas app

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that would be any more informative.
  2. Alpha1

    Gasgas app

    Turn location ON
  3. Alpha1

    Gas Availability

  4. Alpha1

    Deadly pipeline blast

    http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2019/01/before-as-policeman-i-earned-270-month.html?m=1 "Before, as a policeman, I earned $270 a month. Now, with the fuel, I can get up to $50,000" There is a difference between desperation and greed.
  5. Alpha1

    Gas pipeline to open

    Landmines... detest theives!
  6. Alpha1

    Blood pressure meds

    https://mx.linkedin.com/in/marilu-sanchez-b99032b2 https://www.endocrinologia.com.mx Dra. Sanchez, Endroconologist She got mine working, one of the best doctors I have ever had. Smart and also very caring.
  7. Alpha1

    Gas pipeline to open

  8. Alpha1

    Gas Lines - Unavailability of fuels

    If container walked over, 20L, will it be filled? Awaiting turn lined up with cars..... In other words awaiting my turn.
  9. Alpha1

    Gas Lines - Unavailability of fuels

    A centralized FB site with real time status of each gas station would be ideal. Just a thought...
  10. All the way up to the BP station.
  11. Contact me if you wish, I would like to see this accomplished. 331 042 7545.
  12. https://www.moneyjojo.com/reviews/best-defibrillators/ [Amazon.com: Philips HeartStart OnSite Business Package: Industrial & Scientific] is good,have a look at it! https://www.amazon.com/HeartStart-Philips-Onsite-AED/dp/B07JC94X3R Excellent idea, long overdue.