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  1. N95: two straps around the head. KN95: straps around the ears.
  2. A proper surgical mask is usually made of three layers, including an outer hydrophobic non-woven layer, a middle melt-blown layer, and an inner soft absorbent non-woven layer.... These are not given these 2 ratings.
  3. I found it takes time to find the right position on the mask, as well as the actual design of the mask itself. I only use the medical surgical masks, and use the pleats to hold the clips on the plastic insert.
  4. Don't know of a local source. I purchased mine from Mercado Libre... https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-817984484-soporte-de-mascarilla-5-uds-accesorio-ptapabocas-cubrebocas-_JM The item was received 1 day from my order. You can also order from Amazon.
  5. Face mask brackets can make wearing masks more comfortable
  6. I've had the same problem. The wire connections in the house, or to the house, can become corroded due to the moisture from the cement/rain and the fact that the connections aren't crimped. After opening and cleaning the copper as well as making a proper crimp and seal the problem was eliminated.
  7. Not all, check it out. AF detection monitors: https://www.microlife.com/technologies/blood-pressure/afib-technology#:~:text=Microlife blood pressure monitors with,the AFIB symbol is displayed.
  8. https://www.costco.com.mx/Salud-y-Belleza/Salud-y-Cuidado-en-Casa/Monitores-de-Salud/Microlife-medidor-de-presion-arterial-y-pulso-BP3MS1-4K/p/629854 Only use upper arm (not wrist) units and ones that monitor Atrial fibrillation to monitor heart irregularities. On this occasion they present the BP3MS1-4K blood pressure and pulse monitor, a useful medical accessory that helps detect hypertension and atrial fibrillation (prevents strokes), risk factors to trigger a stroke in people. It is the only equipment in Mexico that has the Microlife patent for the timely detection of atria
  9. Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System Works great.
  10. A major 4 way intersection requires traffic lights; anything less is a recipe for problems. This is assuming that drivers follow the signals, which seems to be optional here.
  11. The account is to have the convenience of paying bills and as a second source of cash from another account at a different bank. BBVA also has an investment account which allows transfers to the cash (minimum) account that pays interest, so as to maintain the minimum account balance when required.
  12. The minimum for my account has been confirmed as $4,000 as per the call to BBVA at 555 002 3539. I was told that any changes would be texted to my phone as a notification.
  13. Libretón Premium $2,000.00 Monto de apertura However I know that the latest information was that the minimum balance for a no fees was 4,000.
  14. That is what I've been told some time ago, however I've heard that it has been upped to $8000. I haven't had any luck finding this portion of the website, could you please send a link to it? Thank you.
  15. Has the minimum balance amount of 4,000 pesos changed?
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