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  1. I have numerous WiFi radios: Revo, C.C. Crane, Logitech Squeezebox, Bose ST-10 (x2). The convenience of the Bose is great since I can control it from my Phone, and computer via the apps. Some radios function on Reciva and others on TuneIn. http://iradioforum.net/forum/index.php?board=45.0
  2. Wearing a mask if only effective if worn properly, i.e. covering both the mouth and nose.
  3. Using Windscribe, but no luck.
  4. Has anyone had any luck launching Pluto TV on a Firestick 4K?
  5. Mobdro sucks. It doesn't work most times and buggy when it does. http://www.swiftstreamz.com/ works for me. Also use https://www.livenettv.sc/. What box are you using?
  6. Gualberto Real of Refrigeracion Real 765.5653 Cell 331.1026.5450 Shop Location: Hidalgo #66 Riberas del Pilar
  7. Please advise where these types of face shields can be purchased locally and at what cost? TIA
  8. https://ebird.org/species/spthum1
  9. You did notice I stated "specialist"; referring to the medical type? Trump has no intelligent input to add to this topic.
  10. Virus and bacteria are two different things, something the video seems to downplay. .... In Medio Stat Virtus "Virtue is an acquired voluntary disposition that consists of a middle ground between two bad extremes, one by excess and the other by default", Aristotle, 384 - 322.
  11. A prudent decision, that's why I listen to the specialists.
  12. Comedians are not the people I listen to for medical information. However who am I to determine what others do with their lives; as long it does not impact mine?
  13. The virus does not behave based on opinions, but facts. Lives depend on them.
  14. Wonder where Bill Maher got his degree in Virology?
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