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  1. What are the easiest border crossings and safest driving routes to Lakeside? I live in Albuquerque and DO NOT want to cross at Ciudad Juarez., but would prefer not to have to drive hundreds of miles just to avoid it (if possible). If you already have your FMM visa stamp (from the consulate) and importado certificate (purchased online) do you even need to stop at the border crossings? Or do you stop at the Aduana checkpoint 20 or so miles beyond the border?
  2. Do you mean you have had issues with the Am Ex cards not working properly in the machines or they are not as widely accepted as Visa/ MCard?
  3. Are these fairly common or do most only accept cards with the magnetic stripe? Are most of the swipe variety or the machines where the card is drawn inside and disappears from view?
  4. Are these fairly common or do most only accept cards with the magnetic stripe?
  5. Can you legally purchase a Mexican-plated car on an FMM visa and sell it( if need by) to a Mexican?
  6. You're right. I use a 15 watt tube head with a single 12 " speaker cabinet. Plenty loud for a lot of indoor venues. Marshall stacks are really a bit passe IMO. I sure wouldn't want to be trucking those around to gigs anymore. From what I've noticed , more always seems to be better in the volume dep't. But then I'm 62. There was a time when I too thought that louder had to be better.
  7. Was there several years ago. Nice beaches (then, anyway). Am looking for a friendly place on Las Brisas playa with good AC, a decent breakfast included and good value for the money.
  8. Have read very good things about Hitman Pro Alert and Zemana Antimalware Premium as both being very effective against ransomeware, particularly the former.
  9. Is there ransomeware software you can recommend that would be compatible with Bitdefender Free?
  10. Was not aware of that, thanks. Are we reasonably well protected now from WannaCry, et al. with this update? I also have CryptoPrevent premium version. I have Windows 7 pro for my OS.
  11. The update that Windows issued in March (can't remember the number) was engineered to protect pcs from ransomeware, even XP. Those that did not manually or automatically install this update were/are at increased risk for WannaCry and other forms of ransomeware, so I disagree that the "important" monthly updates from Microsoft are optional. The updates with the word "security", that is.
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