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  1. Even If you have proof of adequate auto insurance coverage and are involved in an auto accident with injuries are you likely to be taken into police custody? Or are there a lot of variables involved with this scenario?
  2. Specifically a shoulder MRI. Can they be done at Lakeside and if so, what do they cost? Thank you.
  3. Pretty good selection on Mercado Libre. They even have Elixir strings.
  4. Angus, Thanks very much for the video. Do you (did you) have shoulder impingement by any chance? I've been doing exercises for this for a few weeks with some success Good to hear self help works .Is the goal to keep up the exercise regimen daily for at least several months to repair the ligaments?
  5. I need physical therapy on my right shoulder. Has anyone had any positive experiences locally?
  6. I don't know if it has or not, hence this post. Your reply was not helpful (unlike the other posts which were) and as such unnecessary, sorry to say.
  7. What is the current fare from GDL to Ajijic and the return fare? Are they still purchased from the kiosk in the arrivals hall? Thank you.
  8. Does Telmex have a monthly charge for modem rental or is a new Telmex modem gratis for new customers?
  9. Just curious - how much is the fine for 95kms in an 80km zone?
  10. No luck at all on the websites of the larger farmacias finding this drug. I take this for high blood pressure. Does anyone know where to find this med and what it costs?
  11. I see that, thank you. It appears that 45D takes you a long way. Is it a toll road and what types of terrain does it cross en route to the destination? Looks like it traverses some rather desolate terrain.
  12. I'm looking at the crossing at Colombus, NM. Looks pretty direct from ABQ. Anyone have experience with this crossing?
  13. What is the best border crossing and from there the safest route to Lakeside, preferrably using as many toll roads as possible (and good hotel recommendations along the route). Thanks in advance.
  14. We used Lloyds bank in Ajijic. Wrote a check in USD and received pesos. That was a long time ago, though. What's the best method these days? (other than ATMs)?
  15. It appears that is has gotten more humid there than when I called Lakeside home. I'm asking as I'm contemplating returning. Can anyone weigh in with an opinion?
  16. Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon at Lakeside?
  17. Online purchases using debit cards are risky anymore with all the ID theft in the world, and if there's a problem with the transaction the other party already has the funds from your bank account . Credit cards offer a lot more protection/recourse, especially in problematic transactions as they are not drawing directly from your checking or savings account, plus you can file a dispute when things go awry. If you need to make online debit card purchases, keep relatively small amounts of money in that account and make sure it's not linked to a savings or other account from that same bank. In so doing, the worst that can happen is someone could empty out an account( with not a lot of money in it) and you can then have the bank cancel that card and issue you a new one with a totally different number. (with a chip). Another person mentioned a refillable VISA card. Better than a debit card as it isn't linked to your bank accounts.
  18. What is the Cruz Roja cost for transport to a hospital in Guadalajara?
  19. May I have the name and contact info (email if possible) of the Lakeside clinic that treats disabled veterans?
  20. How much is the fine for overstaying one's tourist visa? I know in the EU this ban be a serious faux pas.
  21. My online weather site (Weather Underground) says it's 103F in Ajijic right now, 12:45 MST. Is this correct?
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