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  1. 1 hour ago, Susy Wilson said:

    Absolutely doable in Jocotepec and rents are much cheaper. We found a gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath private gated home with no house on either side of us for $600 a month right on the lake just one year ago. Food is also cheaper at the markets and restaurants here. You could live well on $2000 a month here easily I think. Driving on the west end is so much better than Ajijic or Chapala. Easy drive to Guadalajara for anything you need. Folks are very friendly here:-) Chapala is a bit crowded for my taste but if you are comfortable with city life that is probably a good option too. The photo is of our back yard:-) 


    Very nice indeed. Do you rent from an agency or a private landlord? Just curious...... I'll bet your cat just loves that big back yard. Lots of birds probably. Thanks very much for the photo.

  2. Am considering moving back to Lakeside after a long absence. Mexico ticks more boxes than trying to exist here NOB. Is a decent quality of life possible on around $2,000/ mo, I'm wondering.

    Would like to rent a casita through a rental agency (for a bit of privacy, hopefully) and still be closeby to amenities. Would likely have to pay for health insurance for the first two years until IMSS fully "kicks in" starting the third year, then probably would be able to drop the health insurance.

    Most of my meals would be of the take-out variety (rotisserie chicken, et al) cooking at home , and some budget dining out choices a couple of times weekly.

    Would have a NOB car that is totally paid for.

    I would need to pay for things such as weekly physical therapy sessions  ,monthly chiropractic, blood pressure meds (and a few other meds).

    Don't think I've left anything out. Is the lifestyle I've just described difficult or pretty doable on $2,000/mo.?


  3. On 3/29/2019 at 7:57 AM, Mainecoons said:

    Too bad the Albuquerque route didn't pan out.  Not surprised though, never thought there would be enough traffic between there and GDL to keep the route going.  ABQ has always had very limited air service, you just about have to go to PHX, DEN or DFW to go anywhere else.


      Am hoping that they will be offering service during the high season. The next cheapest I could find from ABQ-GDL was around $600 on Skiplagged. Volaris can get you there for about half of that (or even less)in about 2 hrs. 45 minutes if you can tough it out .Time will tell, I suppose.

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