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  1. On 10/12/2020 at 4:54 PM, MtnMama said:

    The Catholic Church at San Lucas and Hidalgo has been having evening services (bells announcing) every evening at 6 PM for over a week. Unfortunately the services are accompanied by very loud cahotes lasting from about 5:30 to 7 PM. My dogs are nearly hysterical.

    I don't remember this happening before. I was hoping it was an anniversary of some sort and would only last a week. If it is for that chapel's particular saint, any idea how long it will last?

    If war were ever declared on Mexico nobody would believe it. That said, I feel for the dogs and cats when the cohetes start. It's like armegeddon for them. The dog I had was positively terrified and the cat would hide under the bed.

  2. 2 minutes ago, oregontochapala said:

    I wouldn't be too quick to lay all the blame on the US gov't. as there are the foreign governments to consider as well. 

    As for the local hospital that claims to bill the VA and Medicare, the bills of numerous patients that I have spoken with directly have been grossly inflated and billing has been done for services not received. Then, when the patient has disputed said bills for services not received, the bills have suddenly become due and the responsibility of the patient.

    It is what it is and there are, in my opinion, good reasons why. If you want to live in mexico there are trade-offs and this is one of them. I miss my VA medical care, sure, but I'm not struggling to survive the mess that is the US at this moment in time.

    I would miss mine as well, especially the medications. They will add up in Mexico.  26 days from now will tell how much worse/better the mess is going to get.

    BTW-I thought there was no Medicare benefits in Mexico, just the USA.

  3. The US gov't. has never IMO tried to make it any easier for the million plus expats living SOB (ie Medicare, VA meds). Just two examples of a longer list. They (VA) have a foreign medical program but it only treats the qualifying disability of a service-connected veteran, and only that condition, nothing else.

    If I'm wrong here please correct me.

  4. On 10/1/2020 at 3:20 PM, Tingting said:

    Don't forget Mercado Libre. A lot of times, items that can't be shipped to Mexico from Amazon can be found on ML. Yes, you're paying more, but it's often less than what shipping and customs adds on if it were a straight shot. Even when it's more, it may be worth it if the item is a must-have and not a nice-to-have. 

    I agree. Everything I ordered on the site arrived usually with Estafeta shipping with few to no issues. If you order with a major credit card and it doesn't arrive all you need do is place a billing dispute. Much safer than a debit card, and much more recourse if things go awry. Their selection over the years for most things has really improved IMO and it seems more sellers are offering free shipping these days.

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  5. 21 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

    The mail forwarding services in Laredo that allow packages must process them through Aduana. Medicine or medical devices can not be imported into Mexico without a license for medical imports. 

    Do some items pass through Aduana without being opened?  Of course not all packages are opened. Just be prepared to lose the shipment for being illegal if it is opened or inspected. 

    Thanks for your reply. Does anyone reading this get their VA meds in this manner? Or do you have another method to accomplish this?

  6. 11 minutes ago, EldonNova said:

    I buy Hidroclorotiazida regularly from Farmacia Similares, and have been doing so for a couple of years now.  I take it along with my BP medicine Amlodipino to prevent my feet from swelling.  It is a diuretic.

    Thank you for sharing that. They've been quite helpful with a number of different drugs and  even some vitamins. Do you recall the cost of the quantity and dosage that you buy there?

  7. 1 minute ago, Upfront said:

    there you go with the generics hate again

    Never realized this could be a potential issue. I always thought they were the same thing. Buying generics (ex. Famotidine vs. Pepcid (I think it's Pepcid) offers a big savings.

    I suppose it's the drug involved. Famotidine is an acid blocker. Something life sustaining like heart meds, perhaps?

  8. Travelers have to wear masks at all times whilst inside the airport and of course aboard aircraft. They risk contracting a disease with no cure that medical science knows little about ( as yet). So it's not surprising, but very disappointing. I had hoped to visit but just too risky at this point. It's even more disappointing for the local merchants whose livlihood depends on the NOB tourists.


  9. 3 minutes ago, handfaf said:


    For some yet to be understood reason some people think they are doing the dogs a service by keeping them caged up.   Some of these dogs are street dogs who were running free and happy. The animal lovers take them in and lock them up. Makes no sense to me .   Barking dogs are pollution plane and simple  and should never be tolerated.   

    Touche. I read several years ago about the three different psychological classifications of people that harbor barking dogs. The first category is those that are either unaware that it is going on or unaware of the steps to stop it. The other two, especially the third category centers around  a sociopaphic personality disorder if I remember correctly from several years ago when I last had to deal with this disgusting situation.

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