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  1. Would someone please compare healthcare at Lakeside to the "healthcare business" in the US?
  2. Great to hear. Am totally disgusted by "healthcare" in the US. I need prompt, affordable healthcare services (mostly physical therapy, therapeutic massage, etc.). Unfortunately, we have all but two of those ( prompt and affordable care, that is). I'm in the gigantic bureaucracy of VA healthcare here. What a giant mess that is. Frank Zappa said it best- "The torture never stops".
  3. How do you rate your healthcare experiences in the Lakeside area in the time you've lived there?
  4. Not much better in a lot of places in the US anymore IMO. Proper driving seems to be an afterthought anymore.
  5. Thank you Computer Guy for weighing in with all the valuable information. That said, how many plan on keeping Windows 7? I assume that making operating systems obselete is Microsoft's means of getting users to purchase its latest OS? I'm keeping my Windows 7. Very few issues with Windows 7 in IMHO. How about others reading this post?
  6. Support for Windows 7 will end on 1/14/20. No more updates or security patches from Microsoft after that date. Will you be keeping your Windows 7 computer and if so, I'm wondering if it will be safe to do financial transactions, etc. beyond 1/14/20.
  7. Do you file for Social Security in the same manner as living NOB?
  8. Is anyone familiar with the cost of therapeutic massage locally?
  9. Where can you get a good therapeutic massage locally from a licensed masseuse and what is the usual cost per 30 min. session?
  10. How do you go from a visa holder to imigrado status?
  11. Activity is one of the tabs at the top of the page in the blue area with Chapala.com Webboard.
  12. Was just reading an old thread about recommended physical-therapists at Lakeside. Very helpful, but with no mention of the cost. What did those of you that had physical therapy pay for these sessions, if you remember? Thank you.
  13. Thanks for your post, that was pretty easy, actually....
  14. i posted a topic a few months ago on physical therapy choices at Lakeside. Wondering how to search threads from the past.
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