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  1. Have any more SS recipients using direct deposit gotten their stimulus deposit as of today (Saturday 4/18)? All I get is "No information available" from IRS.gov and if you use the tool more than once in a 24 hr. period it locks you out (for security reasons, according to IRS). Just curious.......
  2. If you draw SS the IRS will be using your annual 10-99 and direct deposit it into the bank acc't. where the SS deposits normally go. Was wondering how many actually received theirs in this manner.
  3. Has anyone on social security actually had their stimulus deposits show up in their bank account? I've read that you can't use the "Get My Payment" tool on the IRS.gov website if on soc. sec. as it will say that there is no available information.
  4. According to XE Currency Converter- 23.83 MXN to the USD.
  5. Fewer flights will likely result in higher airfares, unfortunately.
  6. I read where the US/Mexico and US/Canada borders are closed except commerce and essential travel. Is this just for overland travel or does it restrict flights from the US to either Mexico or Canada as well?
  7. What do you pay for chiropractic adjustments? And what is the average cost for 1/2 hr. therapeutic massages?
  8. I understand, but you are really renting just the structure, not so? Any problems with the house/apt. is on you to sort out. So you'd be responsible for organizing repairs to someone else's property. Am I correct with these assumptions? Am I correct that this would not be the case in every rental? (Where some landlords would do repairs on their properties)?
  9. So you're just renting the structure, it seems. Everything in it (plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc.) are yours to maintain? If so, it completely defeats the intended purpose of renting. Not so?
  10. Good to know, thank you. Is 2000 pesos the price for Mexicans? Did you ever check out any of these 2000 peso rentals? I'm curious to know just what you'd get for that price.
  11. What are the best ways to find these, other than by word of mouth?
  12. Call me old fashioned, but I find it very had to believe that people would actually resort to soliciting contributions (from total strangers no less). I suppose it's much more viable than going through the experience and expense of relocating somewhere in the US where Medicare covers most of your health needs at age 65+. So, I digress, I guess it's actually not all that hard to envision after all. Taking the path of the least resistance..... I suppose if Medicare covered senior expatriates outside of the US the gringo population in Mexico (et al) would be much, much greater than it is now.
  13. That begs the question of what happens when you become uninsurable. What is the next step? (assuming you plan to live for a number of years)
  14. Sounds like IMSS is unreliable ( as most gov't.run health systems.) Appears you could be seen pretty quickly or wait a long time (and everything in between). It appears that the best approach to all of this would be to take out a health policy with a high deductable ( for anything potentially catastrophic) and pay for doctor visits and meds out of pocket. Any thoughts about this?
  15. And afterward 10,350 mxn per year? Are there long wait times to see a doctor (I'm assuming in the Chapala clinic?) Does having IMSS protect you from catastrophic health costs during the first two years and beyond? Am considering an expatriate health policy for the first two years of IMSS and then dropping the insurance once fully vested in IMSS the beginning of the third year and paying for MD, dental visits and prescription drug costs out of pocket with IMSS specifically used for the more serious, potentially costly accidents/illnesses.
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