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  1. Wondering how feasible European destinations are from GDL. Does anyone have any experiences with European travel from Guad?
  2. Great to know, thank you. Has anyone ever ever had their tube amplifier serviced there? Are his prices pretty reasonable?
  3. If war were ever declared on Mexico nobody would believe it. That said, I feel for the dogs and cats when the cohetes start. It's like armegeddon for them. The dog I had was positively terrified and the cat would hide under the bed.
  4. Can you walk into any IMSS clinic or hospital anywhere in Mexico and receive treatment simply by showing your IMSS card?
  5. I would miss mine as well, especially the medications. They will add up in Mexico. 26 days from now will tell how much worse/better the mess is going to get. BTW-I thought there was no Medicare benefits in Mexico, just the USA.
  6. The US gov't. has never IMO tried to make it any easier for the million plus expats living SOB (ie Medicare, VA meds). Just two examples of a longer list. They (VA) have a foreign medical program but it only treats the qualifying disability of a service-connected veteran, and only that condition, nothing else. If I'm wrong here please correct me.
  7. I agree. Everything I ordered on the site arrived usually with Estafeta shipping with few to no issues. If you order with a major credit card and it doesn't arrive all you need do is place a billing dispute. Much safer than a debit card, and much more recourse if things go awry. Their selection over the years for most things has really improved IMO and it seems more sellers are offering free shipping these days.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Does anyone reading this get their VA meds in this manner? Or do you have another method to accomplish this?
  9. Please answer the OP questions concerning the best place to buy BP meds. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for sharing that. They've been quite helpful with a number of different drugs and even some vitamins. Do you recall the cost of the quantity and dosage that you buy there?
  11. Does anything shipped from a US address go to this box or boxes, in Laredo,TX or wherever? If VA meds are shipped to this address must they first go through customs before being driven to Lakeside? And could this be a problem?
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