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  1. Is anyone familiar with the cost of therapeutic massage locally?
  2. Where can you get a good therapeutic massage locally from a licensed masseuse and what is the usual cost per 30 min. session?
  3. How do you go from a visa holder to imigrado status?
  4. Activity is one of the tabs at the top of the page in the blue area with Chapala.com Webboard.
  5. Was just reading an old thread about recommended physical-therapists at Lakeside. Very helpful, but with no mention of the cost. What did those of you that had physical therapy pay for these sessions, if you remember? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for your post, that was pretty easy, actually....
  7. i posted a topic a few months ago on physical therapy choices at Lakeside. Wondering how to search threads from the past.
  8. I receive 3 blood pressure and 1 statin drug from VA for non-service connected conditions. Is there a way to get these in Mexico or does someone NOB have to ship them to you ( and hope that you actually get them in time)?
  9. How was your flight and what size aircraft do they use on that route? Were the flight attendants bilingual?
  10. Am hoping that they will be offering service during the high season. The next cheapest I could find from ABQ-GDL was around $600 on Skiplagged. Volaris can get you there for about half of that (or even less)in about 2 hrs. 45 minutes if you can tough it out .Time will tell, I suppose.
  11. Was just on the Volaris site to look for fares from ABQ to GDL in June and July 2019. It said that there were no flights (except one outbound on June 3rd, I believe. Does anyone have personal experience with Volaris Airlines? Their flights certainly are cheap enough.
  12. Even If you have proof of adequate auto insurance coverage and are involved in an auto accident with injuries are you likely to be taken into police custody? Or are there a lot of variables involved with this scenario?
  13. Specifically a shoulder MRI. Can they be done at Lakeside and if so, what do they cost? Thank you.
  14. Pretty good selection on Mercado Libre. They even have Elixir strings.
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