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  1. Are MX consulates in the US open for visa purposes and if so, may we cross the border with residente temporal visas for residence purposes?
  2. Do you remember the price you paid for that quantity?
  3. Has anyone bought either of these locally?
  4. Is it possible for either a res. temporal or permanente visa holder to buy a MX plated car? Is it practical to do so?
  5. Yes, Harry, but then wasn't the peso around 9 or so to the USD? Now it's around 23 (mas o menos). Even with that, is the replacement cost still really not feasible?
  6. This came through as a Microsoft update a few days ago. Has anyone installed and now using this browser on Windows 7? Just wondering how well it works it as I have (and have had) a number of ongoing issues with Google Chrome.
  7. You mention homebrewers. Are there homebrew supplies (brewing equipment, malt extracts, hops, etc.) for sale at Lakeside? You're right-it's unfortunate that this place doesn't turn out better quality brews. That would solve the beer problem for a lot of people as their prices are pretty good. For me Corona, Sol, Bohemia just don't cut it. I need a beer that's all malt, not the adjunct varieties.
  8. Are these sold at Paz Liquors?
  9. Really sorry to hear this. Had hoped this might be a remedy for the generally crappy beer situation SOB.
  10. Are these expensive (like the ones NOB IMO) or pretty reasonably priced for their beer and food?
  11. The residente temporal documents and stamped passport started at the consulate NOB to be specific. Can you drive across the border with these "intent to reside"- type documents right now?
  12. Someone that can service your guitars, amps, effects, etc?
  13. Have any more SS recipients using direct deposit gotten their stimulus deposit as of today (Saturday 4/18)? All I get is "No information available" from IRS.gov and if you use the tool more than once in a 24 hr. period it locks you out (for security reasons, according to IRS). Just curious.......
  14. If you draw SS the IRS will be using your annual 10-99 and direct deposit it into the bank acc't. where the SS deposits normally go. Was wondering how many actually received theirs in this manner.
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