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  1. I need to have a small bone spur removed via arthroscopic surgery. Can it be done locally and is anyone aware of the cost?
  2. Are most of the PT providers licensed/certified by Jalisco (or nationally)?
  3. No, cash payment fot this service. Is it around 500 pesos per session?
  4. I need more PT sessions to treat a shoulder problem. Is an MD referrral ( orthopedic surgeon) needed? I have xrays, a fairly recent MRI, etc.
  5. Quite dear on Mercado Libre. Not sure about Amazon. Can you buy it locally?
  6. Or is this something to buy on Mercado Libre or Amazon?
  7. Wondering how feasible European destinations are from GDL. Does anyone have any experiences with European travel from Guad?
  8. Great to know, thank you. Has anyone ever ever had their tube amplifier serviced there? Are his prices pretty reasonable?
  9. If war were ever declared on Mexico nobody would believe it. That said, I feel for the dogs and cats when the cohetes start. It's like armegeddon for them. The dog I had was positively terrified and the cat would hide under the bed.
  10. Can you walk into any IMSS clinic or hospital anywhere in Mexico and receive treatment simply by showing your IMSS card?
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