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  1. I think most of the replies so far deal with specialists. Good to hear the wait times are short. What about other healthcare providers, ie GPs, physical therapists, etc?
  2. They vary greatly, I'm sure, but just trying to get an idea of what the usual wait times are for different healthcare services. Is it usually pretty quick ( subjective, I know) to see family practitioners, specialists, physical therapists, etc? What are some of your experiences, (both good and bad ) with this? I'm talking about private healthcare services only, not IMSS where wait times can be very long for most issues.
  3. How much is it for an office visit at Ajijic Clinic et al?
  4. The one poster mentions IMSS annual premiums as "going through the roof". Not exactly sure what these are now, but am reasonably certain they are considerably less than the average annual health isurance premium. Won't IMSS (when fully vested the start of the third year) protect you from financially devastating healthcare costs?
  5. Pretty informative stuff, thanks for all the good posts. I'm wondering if the experiences with health insurance in these posts are shared by most (or even all) expats residing in Mexico now.
  6. Not trying to be nosy, just curious as to the cost for health insurance plans vs. the US, what your coverage is, and your level of satisfaction. Has Covid had a marked effect on the annual /quarterly premiums?
  7. Rick, it probably would be American or Continental airlines. I'll check if they both still waive the change fee for a positive test. Even if they still do, you may have to pay more for the different flight back to the US.
  8. You go the kiosk at Soriana for an antigen test as required in the last 24 hrs. before boarding your flight to the US. You get a positive test result a few hours later. You now can't board the flight the next day and have to call the airlines to rebook your flight. Do they all still waive the change fee with a positive result? ( Do you have to fax your positive test result to them for them to waive the change fee?). So you have to rebook your flight for a future flight which could well be more expensive than your original flight. And then you might need to start looking for another place to stay until the new departure date. All of this is contingent upon a negative test result, of course. Am I assessing this scenario correctly? That this could wind up potentially costing you plenty? Has anyone gone through this scenario recently? Especially since the CDC changed the negative test result being required in the last 24 hrs. before boarding?
  9. Angiotrofin is very costly at Farmacia Guadalajara and Soriana. The Similares website says they don't sell it. Does anyone buy these medications elsewhere locally? Or perhaps online?
  10. If the clutch cable had broken it would have to be replaced. A garage with a lift, a skilled mechanic and the correct cable would all be needed. You can't patch a clutch cable.
  11. He likely managed to disengage the shifting linkage. I had a car years ago where the linkage would somehow disengage itself and the gear shift became totally inoperative. I had to crawl underneath and move it manually et voila, problem fixed.
  12. Does this mean that US citizens living in Mexico cannot drive into the US (unless it's for a very specific, approved reason)?
  13. I've been using beta sitosterol since 2011. Had a lot of prostate issues. This made things a whole lot better for me. Beta sitosterol is available on ebay, Amazon, etc. It's also supposed to reduce LDL cholesterol. I take it solely for it's prostate benefits along with saw palmetto daily. If you're interested in a drug free alternative.....
  14. You've done a good job of it, Chillin (as 10,000 pesos is very roughly $500 USD). Yes, they are hard to find. It's probably a good idea to hang on to a really good rental. At least most come furnished with the utilities in someone else's name which is a big help (for me, anyway).
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