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  1. How was your flight and what size aircraft do they use on that route? Were the flight attendants bilingual?
  2. Am hoping that they will be offering service during the high season. The next cheapest I could find from ABQ-GDL was around $600 on Skiplagged. Volaris can get you there for about half of that (or even less)in about 2 hrs. 45 minutes if you can tough it out .Time will tell, I suppose.
  3. Was just on the Volaris site to look for fares from ABQ to GDL in June and July 2019. It said that there were no flights (except one outbound on June 3rd, I believe. Does anyone have personal experience with Volaris Airlines? Their flights certainly are cheap enough.
  4. Even If you have proof of adequate auto insurance coverage and are involved in an auto accident with injuries are you likely to be taken into police custody? Or are there a lot of variables involved with this scenario?
  5. Specifically a shoulder MRI. Can they be done at Lakeside and if so, what do they cost? Thank you.
  6. Pretty good selection on Mercado Libre. They even have Elixir strings.
  7. Angus, Thanks very much for the video. Do you (did you) have shoulder impingement by any chance? I've been doing exercises for this for a few weeks with some success Good to hear self help works .Is the goal to keep up the exercise regimen daily for at least several months to repair the ligaments?
  8. I need physical therapy on my right shoulder. Has anyone had any positive experiences locally?
  9. I don't know if it has or not, hence this post. Your reply was not helpful (unlike the other posts which were) and as such unnecessary, sorry to say.
  10. What is the current fare from GDL to Ajijic and the return fare? Are they still purchased from the kiosk in the arrivals hall? Thank you.
  11. Does Telmex have a monthly charge for modem rental or is a new Telmex modem gratis for new customers?
  12. Just curious - how much is the fine for 95kms in an 80km zone?
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