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  1. Yes, I use the phone like it's Canadian based now that I'm back there. 'Rogers' now appears on my phone, so they are AT&T's partner. I'm curious though, Mudgirl, who do you use when you're in Canada? I'll probably switch to Telcell when I'm back in Mexico. Does Telcell have a cell partner in Canada?
  2. Thanks Geeser. I was concerned it wouldn't work at all in Canada once I get there.
  3. My goal is to get a cell phone service that works from Mexico to Canada inclusive and has good coverage everywhere even in remote areas like the Peace River Region of northern BC. I don't think it's yet possible though. The only cells that seem to work good up there are Telus and Bell and other carriers who piggyback off others like Bell. It seems that having to switch carriers when moving back and forth is inevitable. Or am I wrong?
  4. Is there an English speaking att number I can call besides *611, which was Spanish only. I got an 8 month plan with att in Merida, Yucatan last October, but she thought plan wouldn't work when I return to Canada on 13april. I only post here because I'm pressed for time to know exactly what I have. My texting never worked, which was annoying, and voicemail doesn't work either. The loss of those two never bothered me much because most people I met here in Chapala either didn't have phones or if they did they didn't have texting. When I checked att's website it said the only office in the lake area was closed. My contact in Merida who sold me a new phone and plan was useless. It's obvious they're just vendors selling att products but can't/don't know how/don't care to help when problems arise. I guess I'll know if I have roaming when I land in Canada, but I doubt it.
  5. This is what I wasn't sure about. Thanks Mudgirl. I thought I read somewhere that I couldn't deposit at all, anything, into the Scotiabank ATM close to Walmart. If I can deposit Pesos into that particular ATM, then my problem is solved. Sure, there is an fx spread charge for Buy and Sell, which is universal, so if you take out Pesos and immediately put them back you'll lose on the buy/sell spread. It's not a conversion charge per se, but a Spread charge -- like on any stock market. That ATM only charges me about a 27 Peso Transaction fee: very small, especially if the transaction is large. Here's the good part: Since I took out a large withdrawal in mid March, and now, the CAD dollar has fallen against it's rising MX currency counterpart pair to such an extent that I doubt I'll lose much on that buy/sell Spread. Have you used that Scotiabank ATM I'm referring to and put Pesos into it? If not, are you certain that I can deposit Pesos into it? Thanks
  6. Good to know. Thanks Geeser. Another easy question ... I hope: How/where do I get some pesos put back into my Scotiabank Canadian account so I can access online? I don't want, or need, to do a bank transfer. Do I need $cad paper to get it into my account? Or can I just put in Peso paper and let the bank/Intercam/ATM do the conversion to $CAD?
  7. Thanks Geeser. I hope they have some English speakers answering the phone. I took a couple of basic Spanish lessons, but ran out of time, so I can't converse in Spanish. I was hoping to find something in Chapala to save on travel time. It's bigger than Ajijic, so it would make sense. Ill have to check Intercams hours.
  8. An easy question ... usually. Can I go to any bank here in Chapala town and get Canadian dollars for Pesos? I'm going back to Canada in a few days, and scrambling to get ready. I took out too many pesos last month from the Scotiabank ATM by Walmart. I don't think I can deposit pesos back into ATM per previous research on the topic. Or can I? I don't have time to do hours of research on the topic, so any help appreciated. I still have to pack, clean, find a good COVID testing site I can just walk in on Tuesday. Then there's ArrivCan to fill out? Soriana in Chapala might be closest for COVID test as I live close to Christiania Park. No car. Is travel back and forth between countries really stressful, or is it just me and/or my old 'anxiety' friend flaring up. (Dammit, why did this text turn red when I did a spelling correction!) Lol
  9. Thanks Oregon, and everyone who's replied. I'll give Carlos or Jose a call. I didn't realize the instant heaters were so high tech and temperamental. I'll just give the landlord the bill. Even then, I feel that I should maybe warn others about him. What a letdown he's been. I'd hate to see others fall victim.
  10. Thanks MtnMama. I'm sure it's not on warranty. Is there nobody in Chapala area that's familiar with this kind of problem? Which thread is that list you mentioned?
  11. Ferret and Tim: Thanks for the replies. Skip to 5th paragraph below to avoid my rant. ;-) It's a sad state of affairs here as a tenant in a so-called prominent Mexican's upstairs suite. I guess once he had my last month's rent he stopped even the presumption of caring. I've been both homeowner and tenant in my home country, and never experienced such a poor quality landlord. I guess living here with hot water is an unnecessary luxury. I thought I had a good deal in comparison with other strict landlord/tenant agreements I'd read about, and I did, but I had hoped the 'slime' element (which I'd read about in my research of Mexico) wouldn't dirty it. What is slime? Spouting words and assurances and using words like 'trust' and 'friend' but then completely reneging on everything you've said, implied, and promised -- continuously, over and over, time and time again. I've never experienced that brand of shameful behavior before. Everything I've said to this point is also for those -- whose comments about Mexico I've read on this forum -- who think and say Mexico is no different than other countries; that you just need to adjust and accept the way things are done here; that everybody is different, including landlords. Well, the Mexican people are different from what the average non-Mexican -- let's say gringos -- are accustomed to. There's just too much evidence to support this statement, regardless how much one loves Mexico, for it to be denied. I'll never accept shameful behavior. I know, "you just happened to get a bad landlord". Yawn. Before I get too much hate response, I've met a great Mexican family who have been very kind to me and I've spent a lot of time with them, including Christmas Eve. They are great, as are many others I've met. But when money comes into play I expect to be disappointed, even in my own home country. It must be the boldfaced lies here that bother me the most. Not lies you say. I disagree, because when you don't keep your word -- and repeatedly so -- without a very good reason, you're a liar. Okay, the rant is over. I'm not going to spend much money on this problem, so buying a new heater is out. If I wasn't paying high rent I'd just go without a heater -- but in true gringo fashion 'its the principle of the thing' that bothers me, plus I like hot showers. I don't think it's a water flow problem Ferret, as it worked great before the Centro wide water problems took hold -- and the batteries were changed. I'll definitely keep your solution in mind though. Thanks. Maybe it's plugged with that black junk that comes out every time the water is restored. After I moved in my landlord said the pipes were too old to get hot water in the sinks, but the shower did give hot water. Then, about 6 weeks ago I started getting hot water from the sinks too. Then about 4 weeks ago, no hot water anywhere, even though water flowed cleanly everywhere. Maybe my Uber driver, who speaks very good English, can help solve this, just like he did with my 'no gas delivery' problem I had in December. I'd been trying to get gas delivered for two weeks, but after I called him I had gas delivered within 45 minutes. Wow.
  12. Thanks Go Solar. Since I'm only here until April I don't want to spend a lot of money -- well ... none actually, but if I have no choice I would spend a little. Surely there must be some skilled person in the area. I just need to find them. 😉
  13. Can anybody recommend someone to fix my Bosch instant hot water heater? Landlord says mañanna a week ago, but he knew about it 2 weeks ago. I've been without hot water now for over a month. Give a name and number if possible. Thanks
  14. Thanks artsnob. Appreciated. I hope she's as good a denturist as she is a dentist: it sounds like she is.
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