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  1. Ahem. You mean night hawks. 🙂 LQ
  2. Look for "MST Ocotlán" in Google Maps (or the SAT appointment site). https://goo.gl/maps/UzqLyieFR6wJgNfK7 The address is a bit cryptic, but it's inside the shopping mall Plaza San Felipe, an interior entrance in a back corner. LQ
  3. While I had an appointment, I was in and out of there in fifteen minutes this morning. That's for a completely new RFC/Constancia. LQ
  4. Alternative to TotalPlay. Maybe. Thanks! Added to my list. https://megacablepromociones.com.mx/ Not much info there; you pretty much have to call them. LQ
  5. Too opinionated, in fact. TotalPlay won't work for me. Their device simply can't be configured as a dumb ONT (optical network terminal). What I want is the bottom-tier, internet-only package from a fiber provider that does "bridge mode." This should give me an unshared (if dynamic) WAN IP, and improve some of the laggy DNS and latency I'm seeing with Starlink. I'd bond the two providers, take what throughput the terrestrial fiber can give, and failover to Starlink. When the fiber gets cut, Starlink carries the whole load. Next up: Telmex Fiber -- unless somebody already knows that they have similar limitations. There's nothing wrong with TotalPlay (or, I expect, Telmex Fiber). The average, older consumer who wants their internet service to "just work" should be fine. I'm just not that customer. Anybody looked under the hood of Telmex Fiber? LQ ps. I also need to move a TP-Link AX3000 WiFi 6 Router, very new, still has some of the shipping film on it. It's nice gear, and nicely future-proofed. I instead have my eye on Synology's latest gateway device.
  6. Muy chido! Finally found a use for the place: a giant CO₂ sink! Thanks, Denmark! LQ
  7. You'd think Greenland could've waited 1.5 million more years for humans to appear. OTOH, Greenland's a long way from central Africa. Let's make it 1.6 million, and spot those first humans 100,000 years to get there. LQ
  8. Sorry, that's a myth. The name "Greenland" was a sales pitch. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenland LQ
  9. There are obviously many options, so mine is just an example -- and not a point of contention in the slightest. Sheesh. LQ
  10. $563 MXN on Primera Plus tomorrow (online purchase), six different runs, about four hours. You'd have to get yourself from San Juan Cosalá to Guadalajara New Central, which can cost about the same in a taxi, and for all I know the same on the Guanajuato end. In round numbers, let's say $1,500 MXN, per person, door-to-door, and a leisurely half day of travel. https://viaje.primeraplus.com.mx/search/t-guadalajara-central-nueva/t-guanajuato-central/19-Jul-22/p/A1/departures Two people probably wouldn't need to chip-in ~$150 USD total on a ride share, so the [nice] bus is more expensive. OTOH, it's ready when you are. LQ
  11. Hold up. This may not work out after all. My TotalPlay device may not be broadcasting wifi, but it's still opinionated, and I can't find anything in the web UI equivalent to, "Give me an internet IP and don't do anything else." My TotalPlay device may have been crippled such that it can't do bridge mode. If so, I'll need a different device from them or they're gone. LQ
  12. A tip for TotalPlay users: I've wanted to place my TotalPlay combination device (the thing most folks call a "router") in bridge mode, but the web is full of complaints that it's not allowed. Fortunately I got a helpful TotalPlay support rep on the phone just now, who couldn't do it remotely, but gave me the device login credentials so I could do it myself. When connected directly to the TotalPlay device (a Huawei HG6145F), there's a web UI at, and the factory credentials are unchanged: root:admin That's username root, password admin. Security through obscurity is alive and well, and living in Mexico. 😄 From there, she advised me to disable the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios, and that's that. Seems like there might be more to it, but who cares. I'm root on their device now and can whatever I want. LQ
  13. Learned something important to me about Starlink, though probably unimportant to most others. Starlink assigns me a WAN IP (in the 149.19.x.x range), same any ISP. It's not a fixed IP, but I can get around that easily with dynamic DNS. This lets me SSH into my network remotely, share-out my Plex server, and things like that. Unfortunately, Starlink uses Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT), which means that the dynamic WAN IP is shared, and not mine exclusively. Bummer. There are ways around this, too, but they're less elegant than dynamic DNS, and generally involve a third-party service. The service (like remote.it) assigns you a gibberish subdomain, to field public requests, and client software for tunneling specific ports to the machine (or machines) on your LAN running the client. Could also just spin-up a VM somewhere and roll your own equivalent service. Might play with that the next time I don't mind getting a headache. In the short term, I'm gonna deploy the multi-WAN load balancer mentioned above, make my TotalPlay connection primary (thereby getting an IP I can work with), and make Starlink the failover. TotalPlay is actually adequate for our needs, except when it's down. I'm careful not to look up when walking down the street, lest I see the twelve drooping strands of fiber haphazardly strung overhead, each to a different house -- and I don't look down or I'll see a freshly snapped strand lying in the street. Los chicos de TotalPlay are nice enough, but they don't really know what they're doing. LQ
  14. Power returning in San Antonio now, at 12:41 pm. LQ
  15. How charming. Thanks for making the world a better place, and have a great day. LQ
  16. Sorry, I thought it was obvious, so didn't elaborate. Trash not collected from the curb gets scattered by dogs and haphazardly supplemented by passersby. This creates more of a mess than resumed garbage truck collection can thoroughly remove, including along the malecon. In such case, workers round up the scattered debris. The more days trash sits on the curb, the more debris. LQ
  17. The garbage truck was out of commission for a few days, they're probably just catching up. The situation deteriorates in direct relation to missed pickup days, and they missed three or four by my count. LQ
  18. Replicating our SodaStream situation from the States required finding a local CO₂ cylinder exchange vendor, and Infra in Ocotlán seems to fit the bill. Map: https://g.page/infra-ocotlan?share Walked in with my empty 20# cylinder the other day and they replaced it with a full one for $20-something bucks USD (< $500 MXN). Should last quite a while, and when we need a refill I'm sure Joan will find a reason to go to Ocotlán. Only about 1% of the furniture sold there interests us, so we need to turn over a lot of rocks. (Note that Infra will only exchange, not fill.) * * * * * For the curious, our setup involves these items: SodaStream Fizzi (+ bottles, but you don't need the 14 oz. cylinder) 20# CO₂ Cylinder Adaptor Kit LQ
  19. Aside: The English-language link in your profile is incorrect. This appears to be the correct link. LQ
  20. Here's an example (for others) of what a UPS can do for you. Right now, I'm using one CyberPower RT650 UPS (650VA/400W, 6 Outlets) with only a Synology NAS (network-attached storage device) plugged-into it. The UPS has more outlets, and a 16 outlet power strip will also be plugged in when I can afford the disruption. The NAS has four 8-TB drives in it, but since it's a whole computer system it can do more than just storage. One trick is that by connecting the NAS to a UPS, I can get emails about power outages. They look like this: The power evidently went out around 1:55 pm today, causing the NAS to begin drawing power from the UPS (a kind of intelligent battery), and then it switched back to AC when the power came back on a minute later. We never noticed. When I'm done, everything important here (notably, networking gear) will be connected to a UPS -- but the NAS device is especially vulnerable to ugly shutdowns, so it has dibs. LQ
  21. Alt+NumPad is a Windows thing and not at all universal. I think MacOS has a rough equivalent, which is likewise unique to Macs. The approach I describe above is universal, on any system that supports multiple keyboard layouts -- which means everything except phones and tablets. (Phone OSes have long-press character options.) Just add a second layout, make it US International w/Dead Keys (or similar), and set a hotkey for switching to and from the second keyboard. On Chrome OS, that's Settings > Languages and Inputs > Inputs and Keyboards. By default you probably only have English (US) set up. So, Inputs and Keyboards > + Add Input Methods. Check the box for English (US) with International > Add. You'll notice that you can choose either layout right there in the settings, and an indicator near the taskbar clock toggles between EN and IN. There's also a settings message Keyboard shortcut available, stating that the default hotkey (shortcut) is Ctrl+Space. Now close the Settings. Hit Ctrl+Space a few times and watch the indicator toggle between EN and IN. Now let's try it out. Open any app where you can type some text. Switch to IN. Type r'esum'e. The output will be résumé. Switch back to EN if you're done typing accented characters. You're done. Now you're the United Nations. World peace can't be far off. LQ
  22. The link, because this is the internet: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/cjng-convoy-show-of-force-in-jalisco/ LQ
  23. These work well: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZKR43FF/ Despite the picture, they're white, not yellow. They also don't block the other outlet in the pair. LQ
  24. There's a better way, depending. On Windows and Linux desktops, and I presume on MacOS, you can configure a second keyboard layout, and a hotkey to toggle between the two. The second keyboard layout you want is US_INTL with Dead Keys. When you switch to this layout, certain keys like ', `,~, ^ function as "dead keys," which aren't output, rather they signal that the next character should be accented. To type résumé you'd enter r'esum'e If you needed a capital like É, that's '[shift]E The dead keys are fairly intuitive, so there's not much to remember: apostrophe = acute accent backtick = grave accent colon = diaeresis (two dots above) caret = circumflex (like a hat) tilde = umm, tilde, as in Spanish eñe There are some others, but Mexicanish mostly uses acute and tilde: the spelling of words like güey are rapidly giving way (heh) to wey. Most of the time, English speakers will leave their keyboard layouts on US_EN, switch to US_INTL w/Dead Keys for a word or two, then switch back. BTW, if you actually want to type an apostrophe without switching back to your standard layout, just type it twice. HTH. LQ
  25. Seems unlikely that this lady got multiple quotes. No bien. LQ
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