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  1. Ferret, I use my US credit card to pay bills on UnDosTres. Once you put in your cc card info you just instant pay from then on. I use it for CFE, Telmex and Telcel
  2. You can set up an account with your US credit card with UnDosTres. I pay telcel, telmex and cfe this way. https://undostres.com.mx/index.php
  3. I have been using Netflix Mexico for 3 years now. This is my only TV source. I will never run out of English content. I do not understand why people have to have Netflix US. And the price is right. With the exchange rate my cost averages $7.42 US per month.
  4. I just checked my Mexican Netflix and it is still in English. You change the language on your computer. I switch it to Spanish when my maid and her family stay here and back to English when I return.
  5. I had read in noticias semanario laguna de chapala that this is temporary due to the high lake levels and no parking by the lake. Right now Ajijic needs these parking spaces. I looked for the article and could not find it. Just be patient and things will go back to normal once the water recedes.
  6. I sent you a Private Message.
  7. Ricki's is gone. Last time I was there a sign said closing March 28th.
  8. Does anyone know the start time of the parade on Tuesday?
  9. Hello sweet people of the lakeside, my sweet cute little 3 month old puppy Lola ran away from Bar Camaleon earlier today, Wednesday from 3 to 5. She has a White spot on the tail and a little blue necklace around her neck. She is the size of two big Mans (or women) hands. If you see her or hear something about her, i offer eternal gratitude and tequila. My number is 3310069017. Love and kisses LikeShow more reactions Share
  10. Yes, Chavo speaks English. Google Calearth or super adobe to get an idea of their building technique.
  11. jle

    Bone Soup

    My dogs eat chicken thighs every day. I freeze the bones and make broth when the freezer is full. I have a batch going now with a turkey carcass.
  12. jle

    Bone Soup

    I make chicken bone broth often. I find the best way to make bone broth is in my crock pot. I add everything and let it cook for 2 to 4 days adding water as needed The longer it cooks the more nutrients are removed from the bones. You need to add a TBS of apple cider vinegar to leach all of the minerals from the bones. I freeze in ice cube trays and use this broth for many recipes which call for chicken broth. I find the deep flavor much better than any broth I cook on the stove for hours.
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