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  1. Delish Haas avocados are, and have been for years, 5 x $2.99 at nofrills and freshco in Ontario. Some people would't allow themselves to be caught dead in these stores, chosing loblaws or metro instead. And that's why they'll be paying off debt in afterlife, when they could be sitting in shade of their own Mexican avocado tree long before retirement age.
  2. I've never noticed buffering when using a VPN, even when our internet was a dismal 5MB download / 1MB Upload. A quality VPN provider should offer fast servers and updates to its systems soon as online / streaming services catch up.
  3. We've been using similar lanterns to the one linked here, but solar-powered, with rechargeable batteries, they also double as a phone charger (through a usb port). They last all night, and are super bright. Bought on mercadolibre about 5 years ago (off brand, about $6 a piece). Highly recommended.
  4. Thank you for all your replies. I canvassed 8 neighbours (permanent residents and naturalized citizens). Only one moved all assets to Mexico. The others didn't move money because of the hassle, family who live up north and will inherit, or (majority) keep their money north in case personal circumstances change and they need to go back. So it seems a matter of choice and personal circumstances...
  5. And it is clear that I know zero about keeping assets in Mexico, hence the topic. Although, I should add it was a brilliant idea to buy property here just before inflation wipes out our bank accounts...
  6. We will. But I expect the answers we'll get will match answers we get now from anyone we tell about moving to Mexico: blank eyes or "are you crazy"? Which is why I also want to hear from those of you who've been here a long time.
  7. Meaning: maintain banking accounts in Canada to keep most assets there, and only do day to day banking in Mexico?
  8. Do you mean stability of Mexican financial institutions? Government interference (if one exists)? etc?
  9. I was going to ask to take into account geopolitical considerations, such as governments freezing bank accounts, but thought it was too political for the board...
  10. Just to add: We've been wintering in Mexico for 20 years, and own a house here. The permanent move is in the works, with the aim to receive residency later this year, prior to packing up in Canada and coming down one way in 2023. Looking for practical boots-on-the ground pros and cons of keeping liquid assets in Canada vs moving all of it to Mexico as only long term expats would know.
  11. We're getting closer to moving permanently to Mexico. What to do with liquid assets in Canada? A) Move it all to Mexico? Where to? B) Better to keep it all / part in Canada? Why? C) ? Fuller picture: 1: By the time we move we won't have family / relations left in Canada, and once we sell the house we won't have a residence. 2: We're not looking to buy bullion or crypto. 3: We have RRSPs, which will take time to withdraw. Not seeking legal or accounting advice, just tips from experienced expat perspective...
  12. CIBC. This was in 2020, when in fact they did not want to see us at all in person (pandemic). At first they sent password-protected PDF files, where we filled in various forms, and copy-pasted scanned signatures, and emailed back. We've done all kinds of other remote-signing with them since. They now send you a link to a secure server where they host PDFs for signing, and you can download them for your records. Actually very easy and convenient process.
  13. To clarify: they emailed the pdf files, we took pictures of signatures (had to match what they have on file in the bank), and copy-pasted into the pdf, and emailed back. that's it.
  14. Talk to them. We did it remotely from Mexico, they sent in pdf paperwork and accepted digital signatures to wire money for house purchase.
  15. What do you mean by large? When we wired money to buy a house it was large and required signatures. To finance our stay in Mexico we routinely wire several thousand at a time to our Mexican bank without any hassles. CIBC has free worldwide money wire at exchange rates competitive to any other wire service. Check if TD or scotia offer same directly from your account. Be prepared for 2FA verification if you're already abroad, and / or use a VPN.
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