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  1. I used to fill the gas tank (120 liters) every couple of months at about 800 pesos a fill. A few years back I bought a solar water heater with more capacity then we usually need (but just to be sure). That and the other plumbing parts cost about 10k pesos total. A friend of mine and I did the installation and since then, I fill the gas tank maybe once a year, if that.

    The solar heater has been the best thing that we've done to the house. I love it.


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  2. 2 hours ago, RickS said:

    Can't actually read the study there without giving The Epoch Times, Sean Hannity's favorite read,  one's email address. THAT'S not going to happen for me!



    Tech Tip: In this case at least (not in all situations), you can enter some made-up email address and then read the article. This works because they let you  read without verifying the email.

    If you need a temporary email address (i.e. a throw away address), you can use WhateverYouWant@mailinator.com - Then you can go to mailinator.com, enter the email name you chose and read the message.

    The mailinator thing doesn't work everywhere (such as the epoch times) because they know these are throw away email addresses and disallow them. But it does work in a lot of situations. Don't use for anything confidential though; these throw aways can be read by anyone. 

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  3. 58 minutes ago, Steve Lanni said:

    I would also check out ofx.com

    I've only used it once but I found the rates better and would use it going forward too.

    I've been using OFX (formerly Forex) for years now. They have good rates and don't charge anything if you move more than a certain amount. From what I've read on this thread, it's not as fast as Wise, but that's okay for me.  It usually takes about a week.

  4. 48 minutes ago, Natasha said:

    Nope--- nothing on my end.  But I'm THRILLED with your happy news!!! ☺️ Absolutely look forward to your visit.

    I'll try to start a new pm. On the one which I replied,  I just noticed that it says you have left the conversation. I don't know how that happens, but I'll start a new one and leave my phone number. Hopefully that works.

  5. Hi Natasha 

    The advanced care my vets have mentioned is localized radiation therapy. It uses a machine to direct the radiation right at the tumor. But they don't have the tech.

    My vets have also said that chemo will likely leave my doggie in very sad shape. Bad side effects. The radiation therapy has fewer side effects.

    I'm going by what various vets have told me. I've never had a dog that developed cancer before, so I don't know too much about it.

    Thanks for the info and the PM. Will look at it right now. 

  6. Hello Community - 

    I'm reaching out to see if anyone knows of a place where I can take my dog for advanced care. She is a German Shepard 7 years old, and has a cancerous tumor.

    We've been to various vets and hospitals. Without advanced care, the prognosis is not good. 

    Her best hope they say is localized radiation therapy. Chemo is too invasive and will leave her with a very poor quality of life. However, they say it (radiation therapy) is not available in Mexico. But still, maybe somebody here has some knowledge to help her? I can only ask.

    She's a lively and loving dog, and she means the world to me. If you know of any ideas, please let me know.


    Victor David

    p.s. photo is from the early days. I found her as a very small pup on the street.



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