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  1. Neither one of us did anything to deserve the treatment we received which is why I am posting my review of our experience. Racism is not justified. If she's as lovely as you say it's a shame that's not the personality we encountered, we will be taking our business elsewhere and do not recommend this to anyone we know...period. I am not trolling anyone, I have the right to express my opinion just like anyone else does. If you only expect positive reviews then don't bother to look here.
  2. This conversation is getting more and more racist...So what you're saying is only the European and Spanish decent ladies are well off? I have Very well off Latin friends that go to these salons and use these products on their beautiful hair and have never been told this. In fact the owner of this establishment is extremely latina and has died her hair blonde with most definitely the products she sells...
  3. Thank you Brandol, what really discouraged us was her racist attitude towards her own community. A professional hairstylist knows that product brands are not designed "just for foreigners" this was clear discrimination. She said her products are only for foreigners not for "Latin hair". I found the same brand of products in other salons in Guadalajara that colour any type of hair. As foreigners we want to contribute something positive to the Mexican community during our stay and racism is unacceptable, it makes me very sad that in this day and age we are still witnessing this behaviour and coming from people of a discriminated race.
  4. A friend of mine recommended this place so I tried to get an appointment and because I spoke perfect Spanish my appointment was declined. I obviously didn't know this at the time, so I went in person with my friend who's from Mexico and we encountered a very disappointing attitude, as soon as we asked the owner about pricing for colour and haircuts she said she doesn't work with "latin hair" as in she doesn't want Mexican clients. Very sad to see this coming from a Mexican business in Mexico! I am personally from Canada but because I speak good Spanish and was with my friend she treated us like we were leppers and then quoted a ridiculous amount so we wouldn't go... 750 pesos for a haircut and 5 thousand pesos for highlights. Please don't support these types of businesses, discrimination is not ok!
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