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  1. If an airline charges for a carryon bag it should be rated among the worst!....
  2. I flew into GDL on Sunday… And there was a guy at a desk just before immigration next to a temperature machine but he was just looking at his phone and had no interest in seeing anyones QR code or printout…
  3. I’m 60 years old and am interested in getting a residente permanente visa… I have more than enough money in my IRA to provide the 12 months of statements to fulfill the $150,000+ financial balance requirements… But I have read that for a residente permanente visa you need to be “Retired”… I have read in forums that being 60+ yo is sufficient to be considered retired without any questions?… I am not working living off investments and rentals and have no plans to work in Mexico… But what should I expect when I go to a US Mexican Consul with my residente permanente visa application? Much Thanks
  4. You can sign up now for service that begins in spring!
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