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  1. Can anyone speak to the quality of the work at these shoe repairs stores? I have been going to Heel Quik in GDL for my shoe repairs, but would love to use local talent if they use good quality materials and workmanship.
  2. If you have a bigger budget then most, and want really good furniture, there are good stores . The first is Antiguo de Mexico in Tlacquepaque Antigua de Mexico There is also Amparo Taylor On Avenida Mexico, corner of Terranova. Amparo Taylor Both stores import quality brand name US furniture (Tommy Bahama, etc). Both offer much better built products than Liverpool, both are expensive. Palacio de Hierro at Plaza Andares also offers good furniture, including well known Italian and Brazilian designers. Also expensive. Have fun.. OH, and don't forget to check out Ajijic's Barbaras bazaar, and ask them what they have in the warehouse. If you don't mind getting it reupholstered, some good stuff shows up there...and a some good upholstery stores too in GDL.
  3. Read the label before you buy. You will quickly realize that not all "pure vanilla" is created equal, some have a lot more fillers than others. I found a good curmarin (sp?) free pure vanilla at El Torrito. Delicious and intense vanilla flavour.
  4. Ask yourself how many times a week you choose NOT to go out because you just don't want to deal with traffic. Every decision to stay home means less dollars added to the economy. Despite this being my first post, I am a long termer here, still working. This is just an issue that finally made me sign up to this rather cantankerous board. I am hearing lots of friends saying they are looking elsewhere for their winter stays. Add debilitating traffic problems to land costs that are getting at the same level as better managed places, and the advantages to choosing lakeside are quickly disappearing. So much so that I am thinking of leaving too. The traffic issue in Ajijic not only limits what can be done in a day, which reduces competitivity, it increase business costs, fleet costs, it reduces quality of life, increases safety concerns, absenteeism, adds slow emergency response times and a host of other issues that are beginning to sound a death knell for the area. It is a very serious issue. I am beginning to think Ajijic will go the way of the dot.com industry. Great while it lasted, but once gone, it will never come back.
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