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  1. Whirlpool 5.3 cubic ft. capacity 28" wide X 25" deep X 35" high Locking lid, color: white In good shape and runs well $1,800 Mxn.
  2. I have a small, Whirlpool 5.3 Cu. Ft. chest freezer for sale. Approximately 28 1/4" W X 34 1/2" H X 25" D. In good shape and works well. Email me if you are interested. <Simplysaid7@gmail.com>
  3. Please tell me more about Alex Peterson and his guy in Texas. Who are they? What do they do? How do I contact them?
  4. My son always sends me his old iPhone when he gets a new one. This time, he tried to send it via UPS, Federal Express, DHL and USPS. None would ship it because it has a lithium-ion battery in it. Apparently there is a new law or rule that says anything with a lithium-ion battery in it cannot be put on an airplane. (What??!! What about all those cell phones that walk on board airplanes with passengers? And how do manufacturers and retailers get their phones to customers?). Anyway, I would like to find an alternative way of getting my new phone here. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Where can I get some apple cider vineger locally?
  6. I note that ibarra says "Most of us go to . . . ." Is it still possible to go to Ocotlan? In either case, will an Interpreter be needed? I remember talk of having a renewal clinic at LCS. Has anything ever come of that? That was one of the brightest ideas LCS has had in years.
  7. When buying a house here, what is the best way to transfer funds from a U.S. bank account to a safe financial entity here? Chase Bank wants it split up into separate wire transfers for $25,000 each. That seems ridiculous and expensive. I am not confident about putting the money in a Mexican bank. What about opening an account in HSBC and transferring the money into and withdrawing the money here? Any other suggestions? There must be a simple way to do this . . .
  8. Have discovered some mold hidden away on a plastered and painted wall. I have been told that tea tree oil is the best way to get rid of it. Would like to try it if I could find it. Anyone know where to get it in some quantity?
  9. Looking for a piece of foam rubber about the size of twin mattress. Anyone any idea where to get it in the lakeside area?
  10. Factory Direct Custom Furniture right here in Ajijic on the Carretera #49 immediately adjacent to El Barco. Ask for Bob. He makes custom rustic furniture to your specifications. It is excellent. I have several pieces made by Bob. Cell: 333-954-6411 Bobcatlett@live.com
  11. This is truly brilliant, Harry. The single most effective protest there is against an unscrupulous government or corporation is to screw up their cash flow. Done long enough and well enough, they will come to realize who really has the power. It is the consumer. We do not have to stop buying or go without gas for instance. But if we buy in a way that interrupts their cash flow and they don't have enough cash on hand to pay their bills when they are due, that will get their attention and cooperation faster and more effectively than any other form of complaint or protest. Keep up the good work, Harry.
  12. Right you are about that! if anyone is interested, here is how Sidney Australia launched its "Earth Hour" global warming boycott. Same principle, same approach, can work with almost anything that needs to be controlled. https://www.leoburnett.com.au/Sydney/Case-Studies/earth-hour And the "gas shortage / price hike" is certainly going to need to be controlled.
  13. Here it is from Reuters: Mexican gas going up by 20% http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-gasoline-idUSKBN14G15M Want to stop this nonsense? Persuade people to join a rolling boycott: This week, nobody buys gas on Tuesday and Friday. Next week, nobody buys gas on Monday and Thursday. The next week nobody buys gas on Tuesday and Saturday. Keep switching the days. Screw up their cash flow. Watch what happens. Now please, every one pile on and tell me why it is a bad idea and won't work.
  14. You don't suppose that this is somewhat like what happened in the early '70s when the Arabs said they would flood the market unless the U.S. raised its gas prices to the level of Europe?
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