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  1. Back to topic: if I buy a policy and the deductible is 2500USD or even 5000USD, how likely is it that an insurance policy would be of any use?
  2. Heard from a few people that INSABI seldom works when needed. Anybody able to share their knowledge or experience with INSABI?
  3. As far as out of pocket, I understand that a lot of medical services in Mexico can be on the cheap side, but what about emergecy surgery, for example? An unforeseen accident that lands you in a hospital that charges you an obscene amount of money? Should I not be worried about that?
  4. Hi all! Temp. resident here in Mexico, trying to figure out what to do about emergency medical insurance. I used to buy travel insurance, but now I wonder if I'd better go with a national provider (VUMI, etc.)? It seems a lot more expensive, but I'm not sure that, living here, I would even be eligible for travel insurance still. What do you do?
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