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  1. Jewish Rye in Lake Chapala...love it! Good as NYC?
  2. Tried, no response and still has a vm on her phone..strange...
  3. I don't understand your question.
  4. Excellent advice, even when lights are working, there are drivers that pay no attention to them.
  5. Her username on this webboard was Bonbelle if this helps..thanks.
  6. Sorry, I meant happy...lol
  7. I'm fully vaccinated and wear a mask when near others...now waiting on my booster
  8. Great question...1st time would be most likely just for a very short term..more like an airbnb or similar. If everything worked out, I would be looking at min 1 yr rentals till I became acclimated to the different areas and then decide where I'd like to live. I work online. So as long as internet is good. I'm happy...🙂
  9. You mean like here in San Diego..lol
  10. Possibly to try and make up for lost $$ plus they most likely feel that it's opening enough here for people to run to MX.
  11. Great info..ty. Stay well!
  12. Searching for a friend who lives in Lake Chapala Aijic..Bonnie Cook.  If you know her, please let her know I'm trying to reach her.  Thank you..

  13. Thank you...great insights..
  14. Thank you..Cali is def not my last stop and Lake Chapala looks and seems quite attractive in many ways..
  15. Thank you for forwarding this link to me.
  16. Hello.. How has Covid affected the housing market in Lake Chapala, specifically the rental market? Thanks...Mitch
  17. I agree...I'm fully vexed, wear masks and avoid crowds. Worried about a friend I've become disconnected with in Lake Chapala...she lives dn the street from the new hospital in Ajijic...if I'm correct, based on all of our past conversations. I'm also looking at a potential relo out of the US, esp out of California.
  18. Thank you....appreciate your response. Trying o locate a friend that lives in Jalisco. Was going to come down early last year until everything hit.
  19. In spite of Covid, is Lake Chapala opened or closed? Does it make sense to visit at this time? Thanks, Mitch
  20. I'd be afraid to see what the numbers look like here in San Diego for the same sampling, so many are fighting masks, vaccinations and social distancing.
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