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  1. Many of those of us who live here full time have received the Sinovac jabs. Sinovac booster shot effective against delta variant, study says By Zachary Rosenthal, AccuWeather staff writer A study has shown that an additional dose of Sinovac Biotech’s COVID-19 vaccine boosts antibody activity against the delta variant, Reuters reported. Before this study's release, some countries which had heavily relied on the use of the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine had been distributing booster shots made by Western nations. According to the study, those who receive a Sinovac booster shot show a level of protection against delta four weeks after their booster shot comparable to the level of protection seen four weeks after their second dose. Those who did not receive a booster demonstrated no antibody activity against delta after six months. The Sinovac vaccine has been shipped globally, with the World Health Organization planning to distribute nearly 100 million doses to Africa and Asia by the end of September. Some countries have turned down the vaccine, citing data on its lack of effectiveness against the delta variant.
  2. When you buy insurance, just remember that at our advanced age almost everything could be construed as a "pre existing condition" and the insurance will not cover it, as I just found out. So you might end up paying out of pocket AND paying an insurance premium every year. Is it worth it?
  3. I would like to hear from various people what they have paid. Don't know the # of Lake Care. If they are an agency, they might charge more than an individual person.
  4. How much per hour? Per 12-hr. shift? Per 24 hour shift? For 2 weeks. Asking for a friend, gracias.
  5. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/daily-covid-infections-far-higher-than-official-counts-says-specialist/
  6. So will AMLO step up and arrange this 3rd shot, or what do we do, those of us gringos who live here year around and got the Sinovac jab?
  7. It's hard to tell what part of the world some posters are talking about. All vaccines are not created equal. Those of us who live full time in MX have probably received the Chinese SinoVac jabs a few months ago. Info has come out that it is not as effective as the better and more expensive vaccines given up north and in other 1st world countries. I read (sorry I don't have the link handy, I read a lot) that in Indonesia, another developing country where SinoVac has been given, that many doctors in that country got that vaccine and that many have died already from the Delta virus among patients that they are treating. The Delta variant is considered much more highly contagious and lethal than the current covid we are familiar with. Many more young people are catching it. It took hold in India, also Britain and many other countries. As many countries, including MX and up north, are now opening up and loosening the CV regs, and many people are now travelling internationally, it's obvious that it is only a matter of time before the Delta (and maybe Lambda) variants hit here. Delta has already taken over in CDMX and the first case has been discovered in GDL. Delta has also taken over in many rural locations in the USA where few people are vaccinated and their hospitals are filling up. Stats show that nearly all the recent CV deaths in the USA are from unvaccinated people. It has been said that Delta is so contagious that it can be caught from a very quick outdoor encounter. It's only a matter of time before it gets here, here being Lake Chapala. Cuidado!!
  8. "Deep State" is a paranoid conspiracy theory that will not help you in any way.
  9. Just be glad they are not singing into microphones!
  10. Val, you are married and don't see the need for a real caretaker which is not a physical therapist, which I can get at the Ajijic Clinic. When you are on a walker, you have to use both hands so you actually need someone to carry things for you, like your dinner to the table. they need to do errands to buy food, etc. but not housecleaning. They need to walk alongside you at all times to be sure you don't fall. The nurse has to bathe you because you can't get the incision wet in a regular shower; I guess she has to help wash your hair as well. And do your laundry and tie your shoes. I went through all this 13 years ago with the actual replacement but I can't remember all the details! I'm not getting an entire replacement but just a new ball and socket which is a smaller operation, but still requires recovery, etc. I need someone 24/7 for up to 10 days depending on what the doctor says afterwards. Maybe 2 people, split shift. I'm not relishing the idea of being with a stranger all that time, but gotta do it. This is like a job for me to manage all these things and people, interviews, etc. My original surgery was an accident so everything was thrown together and worked out fairly well. Now my life is a bit more complicated.
  11. I tried to copy and paste what they sent me, but not working. Their pricing is complex depending on what kind of program and what kind of living space you want. The cheapest is the 1 room studio with independent living which costs $30,000pesos/mo. but does NOT include food, which is available at restaurant prices or the little grocery shops (to be built?) nearby. So, I'm not going to leave my roomy 2 br. house with a big kitchen for that! This setup also required a $10,000USD "deposit" - on what, I don't know. The next level would be a 1 BR apt. with full assisted living which costs $36,400MXP/mo. and a $60,000USD deposit which you can get back when you die. Not making this up! There are other levels of housing that cost more. It's funny how they can't quote the deposit amount in pesos because the number would be so huge! I thought it sounded nice at first, but considering the place is not close to being finished - with pool, restaurants, etc., I think I'll pass.
  12. I asked for their info a few weeks ago, just curious, and what they send you elaborates on the vague pricing and programs you see on the website. It is VERY expensive and obviously going way behind schedule for whatever reason. They told me the project would be finished in about a year, I said fine, I'll call you then.
  13. I forgot to mention local remedies which can help but won't cure this horrible virus. One is papaya tree leaves. It just happens that the neighbors in back of me recently planted 3 papaya trees in addition to several other types - all crowded together near my wall. With the help of a friend I used a chair to reach over the wall and clip off some papaya leaves and made a strong tea from it. Not too tasty. There is another local remedy which 2 different Mexicanas brought me, but I can't remember the name. It begins with "M" and makes a very pretty tea that turns purple. Also not too tasty, but it's medicine! The "M" remedy is small branches of a small ordinary tree that grows around here.
  14. I live in the lower East Side of Ajijic, but I had heard of dengue all over the area, mostly in Joco. You have to talk to the people to find out what is really going on.
  15. Whatever the problem is, why don't they just fix it??? That's like the frequent power outages in my neighborhood in east Ajijic.
  16. I am very skeptical of this "Pueblo Magico" shtick. That was initially a good idea to help promote the many charming and quaint small towns around Mexico who could actually use a little promotion because they are already quite off the beaten track. Not so with Ajijic, which is only a 1-2 hr. drive from the major metropolis of GDL with millions of people who are already quite aware that Ajijic and Lake Chapala exist. they are down here every weekend! IF the local committee could come up with productive ways to use the $$$ that would benefit the whole town, not just the special interests, fine, good luck. The Ajijic plaza is a sad mess after all that construction time and money. The Ajijic Plaza used to be the true heart of the village before the malecon was built in 2008. When I first came here 15 years ago, every night it would fill up with local people - the parents and grandparents sitting on the benches chatting, the teens and big kids walking around in a big circle eyeing each other, the little ones all running around happily playing. No bad vibes or behavior. I thought I had died and gone to heaven to see such natural harmony between all those people. I used to get a nice ice cream bar and just take it all in, deciding to move here. The coffee shop was a cyber place, the bar did not have outside tables for several more years. Kids used to play in those spaces. Maybe some of the villagers would like their space back. There were no vendors in the corridor from Guad. Vic. There used to be a nice fountain there that was unceremoniously ripped out in 2015 when Degollado came to power in chapala. No one knew why, but it turned out his administration was planning to turn the plaza into a major (LOUD) entertainment center and thought the fountain would be in the way of bringing in huge and loud sound equipment. Fortunately that did not pan out, but now we have no more fountain.
  17. The traffic was already low for some reason! The lights simply got turned off. Gee, wouldn't it be nice if you could actually make traffic disappear by turning off the signals? They do that on a lot of normal Sundays in Ajijic, it does not improve anything.
  18. This is good news. I had dengue - twice - once about 10 years ago here and last Nov. Dec.+ It's no picnic. It starts with an unmistakably sudden onset - you wake up feeling OK but by the afternoon you are wasted with high fever, aches, pains, vomiting. Go directly to your doctor. They can give you a shot for the nausea so you can at least drink water and eat very lightly - vegetarian. And take only their recommendation for pain pills. Some can cause your blood to thin out which is exactly what you don't want. I had to get a blood test every other day for 2 weeks to check the platelet count. Did not have to go to the hospital. Low platelet count is what causes the internal bleeding that can kill. I am reminded of the wife of Ajijic Juanra who died of dengue last year. The local doctors here say it is catching all year around now. Silly me, I thought the "dengue season" coincided with the rainy season, but no. The nights are not getting chilly enough anymore to kill off the mosquito. I had neighbors with it as well. One gringo told me he caught it in January - the coldest month? I never saw any mosquitos around my house or even most other bugs either. I thought I was safe.
  19. It's funny, no one noticed that the traffic was already very low and I think that is WHY all those signals weren't working. They just turned them off. Mon., Tues., Wed., the traffic was way down from usual levels starting in Ajijic, going all the way to Chapala what a breeze! I thought it must have something to do with Mexican Election day, since nothing else was out of the ordinary. I discussed that with a Mexican friend, and he thought maybe so many Tapatios that usually come here stayed home to vote in the their own area. Don't know. It was closer to normal today, but still nothing like what we have seen in recent months. Under normal crowded conditions, no way could people navigate the Walmart intersection without those lights, which are still confusing. It only worked because the traffic was already so low.
  20. Does anyone know WHY telmex internet keeps going out????
  21. Are they legal here? How well do they work? Gracias.
  22. Nope, you are way off. The Federal and State noise laws were written up by Mexicans, not gringos!!! Plenty of Mexicans are sick of the noise, especially rock bands from local bars where they play loud enough for 5000 people for an audience of maybe 30-40, if that. If you spoke Spanish, you could talk to the neighbors of these bars and find out how they really feel. GDL has an active cruzadacontraelruido which has brought about positive changes but it hasn't been enough Go the their FB page to find out how Mexicans really feel. It was reported in the GR that in the 1 month period between the new Jalisco Law and its enforcement, they had 1000 noise complaints. Please do not paint this as a gringo problem, that just shows what a bubble you are living in.
  23. Do you need to bring copies of your CURP and visa or just bring the originals for them to see?
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