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  1. This might sound like a dumb question by now but... I just found out about this today, will go tomorrow. I have all the IDs, etc. I have a MX driver's license and permanente visa. My address, CURP, and age are already on my driver's license. If I give them copies of those cards, both sides, does that count as your curp? I also have my comprabante from previous shots. The Vaccination Route site does not have an option to register for over 60, only the young folks. What else do I need to do or have? I'm just pixelated at how complicated this whole thing is. The MX govt. is not experienced in organizing such a huge effort as well as maintaining records. Gracias in advance.
  2. Please, what is a "campaign?" I followed Oregon..'s instructions and it seemed to work, but there was also a little blurb at the end mentioning something about a download and printout - of what?? I tried to go back to that page but was unable to do so. I have the hand written comprabante of my second jab - it just seems so redundant to have to go through all these steps... So now I just sit and wait for the email about when the jab will be given here? Or do I just keep checking at the link above? I'm sure this whole process could be streamlined... Gracias por su ayuda!
  3. I have been directed to the link to do that but nothing happens when I fill out the app. I understand there is a woman lawyer around here who is helping people do this. Who is she and what is her contact info? Gracias!
  4. "Revion" is what they call it in Spanish. That means a couple of new parts - the ball and the socket, without replacing the protesis that goes into your femur and hip bone. A hip replacement is said to last 15-20 years depending on how active you are. I was quite active and so wore mine out faster. No matter what you paid, the materials start to grind eachother and minute particles get into your bloodstream and hip bone. An XRay showed that there was damage to the bone around the protesis, and it was expected that that would stop with the new parts. That is why I'm now trying to get a bone scan on that area. My doctor recommends average walking at this point.
  5. i have also heard very good things about Dr. Maya and the deals they can give you at the Ajijic Clinic, which I did not even know had a full operating room. The woman I met who had just had surgery with him was an ER nurse and she gave him a very good rating. I wish I had known all this before my hip surgery a few months ago! If you need surgery, don't put it off! I had my original hip replacement 13 years ago, and my recent operation was a "revision" which was supposed to be a smaller operation. But my recovery was longer and harder because I'm 13 years older now, and that really does make a difference.
  6. Yes, it does seem strange that they would be spraying for dengue almost in December. But I have had it twice, last year I got it on Oct. 24 and a neighbor said he caught it in January. Bottom line, the nights are not cooling down the way they used to so the mosquitos live on, although I haven't seen any. I was never even aware of getting bitten! My one doctor says the temps have to go below 50F before they die out, and that rarely happens around here anymore. I like the colder weather - fewer bugs, you can close the windows against all the noise, I can wear my cute warm clothes... Here is how you know you have dengue - a very fast onset - you wake up feeling fine and by the afternoon you are quite sick with high fever, maybe vomiting, headaches, body aches, extreme fatigue that lasts for weeks. It takes about 2-3 months to fully recover. Another way is that a simple blood test will show your platelet count. If it is abnormally low (along with the other symptoms), you have dengue. My doctor had me do a blood test every other day for 2 weeks, if the level goes low enough you have to go to the hospital. The low platelet count can lead to internal bleeding which can kill you. There is no known cure for dengue but there are some local remedies. One is tea from papaya leaves and the other is tea from micle which the locals know about. It's just a scrubby tree or bush but it makes a very pretty purple tea. Neither one tastes good. Cuidense mucho!
  7. What is the name of the place? Do you have any contact info? Gracias!
  8. My doctor recommended that I have this done, and he directed me to the Ribera Medical Center but they do not do this test. A google search turned up no recent info. I remember when this was occasionally done in a mobile bus but that was years ago. Gracias!
  9. It's silly to wear earplugs for cohetes because they are so sporadic, unlike noisy bar bands, events, or nearby carpenters. October is the month of celebration of Ajijic\s Virgin del Rosarioi and typically festivities including daily extra masses and rosaries have gone on throughout the month culminating with a big Fiesta on Oct. 31. which has nothing to do with Halloween. Because of the pandemic, no traditional fiestas, which always attract large crowds, have been held for 18 months. This is very sad for the village but probably not even noticed by the gringos who rarely attend these very fun events. The only thing villagers can do is set off cohetes and put up decorations. Yes, the cohetes are getting louder. I spoke to a couple of MX guys in espanyol, and they told me they are making them now with less gunpowder which makes them not go so far up in the sky, but they explode at a lower altitude which makes them closer and louder. You can't get good earplugs in MX, before yes, now, no. I have had friends bring me down boxes of them from up north. Here is a brief video of the festivities which I have enjoyed immensely. Ever since I came here, I was drawn to the pre-hispanic side of the culture and this fiesta was always my favorite.
  10. Thanks, everyone. I was hoping this was not just another gringo rumor/gossip tidbit. Any further info would be appreciated. I wonder what shall I say to the person who told me this?
  11. I have heard that they are now covering medical expenses out of country, but I would like more info. Anyone know anything about this? I never go up north, I live here totally full time. Gracias!
  12. Many of those of us who live here full time have received the Sinovac jabs. Sinovac booster shot effective against delta variant, study says By Zachary Rosenthal, AccuWeather staff writer A study has shown that an additional dose of Sinovac Biotech’s COVID-19 vaccine boosts antibody activity against the delta variant, Reuters reported. Before this study's release, some countries which had heavily relied on the use of the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine had been distributing booster shots made by Western nations. According to the study, those who receive a Sinovac booster shot show a level of protection against delta four weeks after their booster shot comparable to the level of protection seen four weeks after their second dose. Those who did not receive a booster demonstrated no antibody activity against delta after six months. The Sinovac vaccine has been shipped globally, with the World Health Organization planning to distribute nearly 100 million doses to Africa and Asia by the end of September. Some countries have turned down the vaccine, citing data on its lack of effectiveness against the delta variant.
  13. When you buy insurance, just remember that at our advanced age almost everything could be construed as a "pre existing condition" and the insurance will not cover it, as I just found out. So you might end up paying out of pocket AND paying an insurance premium every year. Is it worth it?
  14. I would like to hear from various people what they have paid. Don't know the # of Lake Care. If they are an agency, they might charge more than an individual person.
  15. How much per hour? Per 12-hr. shift? Per 24 hour shift? For 2 weeks. Asking for a friend, gracias.
  16. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/daily-covid-infections-far-higher-than-official-counts-says-specialist/
  17. So will AMLO step up and arrange this 3rd shot, or what do we do, those of us gringos who live here year around and got the Sinovac jab?
  18. It's hard to tell what part of the world some posters are talking about. All vaccines are not created equal. Those of us who live full time in MX have probably received the Chinese SinoVac jabs a few months ago. Info has come out that it is not as effective as the better and more expensive vaccines given up north and in other 1st world countries. I read (sorry I don't have the link handy, I read a lot) that in Indonesia, another developing country where SinoVac has been given, that many doctors in that country got that vaccine and that many have died already from the Delta virus among patients that they are treating. The Delta variant is considered much more highly contagious and lethal than the current covid we are familiar with. Many more young people are catching it. It took hold in India, also Britain and many other countries. As many countries, including MX and up north, are now opening up and loosening the CV regs, and many people are now travelling internationally, it's obvious that it is only a matter of time before the Delta (and maybe Lambda) variants hit here. Delta has already taken over in CDMX and the first case has been discovered in GDL. Delta has also taken over in many rural locations in the USA where few people are vaccinated and their hospitals are filling up. Stats show that nearly all the recent CV deaths in the USA are from unvaccinated people. It has been said that Delta is so contagious that it can be caught from a very quick outdoor encounter. It's only a matter of time before it gets here, here being Lake Chapala. Cuidado!!
  19. "Deep State" is a paranoid conspiracy theory that will not help you in any way.
  20. Just be glad they are not singing into microphones!
  21. Val, you are married and don't see the need for a real caretaker which is not a physical therapist, which I can get at the Ajijic Clinic. When you are on a walker, you have to use both hands so you actually need someone to carry things for you, like your dinner to the table. they need to do errands to buy food, etc. but not housecleaning. They need to walk alongside you at all times to be sure you don't fall. The nurse has to bathe you because you can't get the incision wet in a regular shower; I guess she has to help wash your hair as well. And do your laundry and tie your shoes. I went through all this 13 years ago with the actual replacement but I can't remember all the details! I'm not getting an entire replacement but just a new ball and socket which is a smaller operation, but still requires recovery, etc. I need someone 24/7 for up to 10 days depending on what the doctor says afterwards. Maybe 2 people, split shift. I'm not relishing the idea of being with a stranger all that time, but gotta do it. This is like a job for me to manage all these things and people, interviews, etc. My original surgery was an accident so everything was thrown together and worked out fairly well. Now my life is a bit more complicated.
  22. I tried to copy and paste what they sent me, but not working. Their pricing is complex depending on what kind of program and what kind of living space you want. The cheapest is the 1 room studio with independent living which costs $30,000pesos/mo. but does NOT include food, which is available at restaurant prices or the little grocery shops (to be built?) nearby. So, I'm not going to leave my roomy 2 br. house with a big kitchen for that! This setup also required a $10,000USD "deposit" - on what, I don't know. The next level would be a 1 BR apt. with full assisted living which costs $36,400MXP/mo. and a $60,000USD deposit which you can get back when you die. Not making this up! There are other levels of housing that cost more. It's funny how they can't quote the deposit amount in pesos because the number would be so huge! I thought it sounded nice at first, but considering the place is not close to being finished - with pool, restaurants, etc., I think I'll pass.
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