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  1. I tried to reply to the pertinent thread but once I wrote out my post, I could not access the "submit" button. Am I banned or what? So I am trying again. Replying to Mainecoons about the frozen windmills: This is no time to be even subtly bashing Clean Energy. The reason that the windmills froze over in Texas is that they were not winterized as they are in normally cold climates. With global warming changes, people have to become more adaptable to recurrent extreme and unprecedented weather conditions which are not going to go away before they wreak havoc. https://www.texastrib
  2. Please note: This was posted LAST Tuesday; they did not give the exact DATE of this blackouts - this week or next? I did not experience a blackout here. Sorry for any confusion.
  3. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/12-states-will-see-random-rolling-blackouts/
  4. i'm trying to register on the website as we speak. I filled out the form but when I click Send, nothing happens. Any suggestions?
  5. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/citizens-in-jalisco-called-on-to-help-halt-pandemics-spread/
  6. That comes from my medical insurance guy as well. He says private as well as state hospitals are filled up. This is not a good time to come here if you are thinking about it. Just stay home! I'm not traveling anywhere until CV is over with. Might be a long while. I wouldn't want to get on a plane and find some wacko anti-masker there making trouble.
  7. There is a Photo shop on Ocampo somewhere across the street from Manix. They specialize in passport fotos. Sorry I can't be any more specific. You'll find it if you walk around a bit.
  8. I've lived in my current house here for 8.5 years and the house is about 10 years old. The water system is Puro Mexicano, and I still don't understand how it all works. The water is very hard and leaves deposits on your sinks and faucets, etc and are hard to clean. Extra sprayed vinegar helps. i use a solution of cider vinegar and bottle water to rinse my hair and face, comes out much better. The water guys drive by every so often to deliver, you just have to run out when they are there - and get to know them and their routines. The carry the water into my house and put it in the "tipado
  9. That happened to me years ago. The solution is easy. Get references from local friends, get their cards, and then call them to deliver so you know who you are dealing with. Never had any problems since doing that. Most are honest. I did explain to them for a while - en espanyol - that I had been ripped off and that is why I wanted to see the gauge. Other rip off happened - there are knife sharpeners who go door to door, signaling their availability by blowing a high pitched little whistle. They do kitchen knives, scissors, garden tools, blender blades, you name it. Very handy ser
  10. I've had several calls from that jerk over the years. His come on is so stupid I can't believe anyone would fall for it. So, I just play along with him like... "Oh, hi Mike I was hoping you would call, I really want to give you some money, but you know I just don't understand these online ways of banking and I'm scared to carry much cash around with me so if you could meet me at the bank by the plaza in Ajijic, I can get the cash and we could walk over to the police station across the street where I would feel much safer giving you lots of money..." Click.
  11. For newbies: "Kwaytays" is the English phonetic pronunciation of "cohetes" which is Spanish for fireworks or firecrackers which we have been hearing a lot of lately in Ajijic during this time of the Fiesta de San Andres, Patron Saint of the village - except that all the festivities have been cancelled due to the pandemic, because the local fiestas draw large crowds and are the high point of the year for many people. I wrote this little story about 10 years ago and posted it here to rave reviews before I even cleaned it up. And no complaints. Jajaja. Enjoy! The Legend of th
  12. I can't find any good info about viewing the Leonids here at this latitude, the pictures are all for northern latitudes. It's easy to find Orion in the night sky here- almost straight overhead by around 4 a.m. Where are the Leonids/Leo constellation in relation to Orion? Muchismas gracias.
  13. On the topic of these complex dental procedures, I would like to ask what people are doing about laughing gas or a substitute. I have a number of old crowns done in the US where I had laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to make the experience more bearable. Finally I needed a new crown and Dra. Candy said you can't get N.O. in Mexico unless you hire an extra anesthesiologist to come in and monitor the dose. So I had a crown done without it and I was nearly freaking out the whole time. The shots worked but just barely. I am highly sensitive. After the work was done I was fine. What do the rest
  14. Paying by the job can be iffy. My maid has had a habit of working very fast, doing sometimes sloppy work, and leaving early. I had to be very clear with her that I expected her to work for the full 2 hours that she told me it would take to do my cleaning. Paying by the job invites cutting corners. I prefer by the hour and I tell her if she gets 'through" faster, she can find more to do. I've had to point out a lot of things that were not getting cleaned right. Fortunately I speak enough Spanish to have this conversation.
  15. Imagine the traffic when everything opens up again and all the snowbirds show up.
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