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  1. Yes, that is a very common term for the regular poor people who have no power in society. Haven't you heard that before? Where are you from?
  2. I thought this notice to stay home pertained to people running or working in small businesses that have lots of customers coming in and out all day, obviously a risky scenario given the situation. My maid showed up to work. I speak enough Spanish to chat with her but did not even think to call her beforehand. She lives near me and does not have to take the bus. When she arrived I had a chat with her to see if she understood and was complying with the new sanitary regulations. She seemed on top of that. I gave her a copy of El Mural which was full of info about CV and also gave her a small container of disinfectant gel. She told me she was not taking the bus anywhere - good thing - and that would a good reason to avoid going to work or anyplace else. She only works for me 2 hours per week, but that gives me, the older person, a rest from having to do the bigger chores of cleaning floors, etc. How long can older retired people go without someone to do these bigger chores? So far we assume she will return to work unless things become even more drastic. It's only people that actually have the virus CV that have to be quarantined completely. Heads up, this situation could last for a while even though I feel Alfaro is staying on top of it. Tough times call for tough measures.
  3. Good news! I am glad to be living where the political leader values caring for the public well-being over corporate profits, which are a much greater factor in the USA than in Mexico. Good for Alfaro! Already in Oaxaca, a group of about 70 regular people smashed into and raided a supermarket according to Mexico News Daily. I deeply hope that the MX financial compensation to the little people will prevent this kind of desperate and understandable violence. Infinite blessings to all! Meanwhile, here is how Venezuela has responded to the CV crisis. https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/14824
  4. Here is the latest from Spain. Again I say, no one is going to want to travel until this CV pandemic is gone. The horrors just keep mounting. It will be even worse for the USA if trump cancels the Shelter in Place strategies anywhere. That is the ONLY way we can get ahead of the curve. Once you are behind it, it is too late. You can't put "the economy" ahead of people's lives! https://www.irishpost.com/news/bodies-abandoned-elderly-people-discovered-retirement-homes-spanish-soldiers-182052
  5. I think I've heard from the same guy, I don't recognize the voice and he proceeds to tell me how we met... at a bar, he is my neighbor, etc. He says his name is Michael or John or something. So I play along and say, "Oh Michael I'm so glad you called? Do you need money?? I'd really like to give you some but I just don't know how to do that with a computer. So if you could meet me down at the Bank on Plaza of Ajijic, there is a police station right across the street, I just don't feel safe carrying lots of cash around... Oh, and it turns out, he wants USD and not pesos! What a jerk. He sounded to me like an older gringo, not younger one. How many of those are around here?
  6. The first priority should be to get the whole CV pandemic under control. Give financial aid to workers and small businesses and hospitals who are desperately in need of equipment and supplies in the richest country in the world. How great is that??? Are we great again? As long as CV is around, people will not want to travel anyway, that is how most of it got spread around in the first place. I've made 14 trips in the last 3 years and I ain't going nowhere until there is no more CV anywhere. No bailouts for airlines, cruise lines, or hotels. Guess who might have a very vested interest in hotel bailouts... Here is how Korea successfully dealt with their CV crisis: https://www.todayonline.com/world/covid-19-how-south-korea-flattened-curve
  7. Here is the latest from Italy, which has practiced social distancing for the past month - and it is still this bad! Even decent medical services can become completely overwhelmed in a huge pandemic. I saw a video in a hospital with 180 people waiting to be admitted, sick people all over the entire place. This pretty much precludes any "normal" typical medical care that one might need. So, forget any normal health care as long as this contiunes. The airlines could get bailed out but that is not going to help the sick get well any time soon, let alone stop the tidal wave of this pandemic. Remember, without social distancing and other precautions which all sensible people are taking, WE... become... Italy. It could realistically take months for this pandemic to die down, if you'll pardon the expression. https://ncrnoticias.com/internacionales/el-peor-dia-de-italia-627-muertos-en-24-horas/?fbclid=IwAR2-I2CXx3IG5hIL5kJKdqwlPpzGSJnSo3ap6tqWvsPxRayJyyiRJy1CCS8
  8. Yes, I understand perfectly, you are right. It needs to be pointed out that things have gotten to this disastrous point in other countries even after taking precautions! This should sober up those who still think this whole thing is media hype or that it will just blow over soon. Hindsight is cheap. Foresight is golden.
  9. This just in from Dallas, TX. Yes I know, this website has a famous right wing bias, but they are correctly depicting what is happening as Dallas gets a Shelter In Place order from a judge. The charts and graphs should really sober you up. Without taking precautions, the death rate would soar. It already has soared in places that have taken the precautions! Which is worse? An economic depression or and economic depression with millions of people dying everywhere? About the Big Businesses, i.e., major corporations - they already got an immense government handout via Tax Cuts For The Rich which did not trickle down to the rest of the economy because they were busy playing casino games with their new riches via the stock market. They squandered their own riches! Now that game is up. They can get free loans. No more government handouts to already wealthy businesses/CEOs. Better that government funding gets funneled directly to the working people via generous unemployment and other benefits, plus help for small businesses. That is what will help people survive! https://www.breitbart.com/border/2020/03/22/dallas-county-judge-model-predicts-5000-texas-covid-19-deaths-with-shelter-in-place-model-nearly-600k-without/
  10. This just in. it's so bad in Italy that people over 60 in the hospitals with CV are being left to die while younger people get treatment. There is just not enough to go around. Is that what we want? https://www.jpost.com/International/Israeli-doctor-in-Italy-We-no-longer-help-those-over-60-621856
  11. Here are 2 great article to give you perspective on this issue. Living in Mexico, we have to realize that the people here do not have any sort of social "safety net" as is taken for granted up north. The people of the USA will get at least some token crumbs tossed to them for survival as a stimulus package favoring large corporations over the every day working people is in the works. What will the Mexicans do? For decades, their social safety net has been to migrate to the USA to work, not get on welfare. Most of them send money home to their families in MX. Well, that is shrinking too. For all the great wealth in the USA, the official policies have been too little and too late. State governors have had to take command over what should be a federal issue affecting the whole country, some places more. We are Sheltering in Place to stay ahead of the curve of infections and deaths, not behind it. If this all blows over and turns out to be "exaggerated" then we can all breath a huge collective sigh of relief. Better than dying or burying many, many dead. I feel that some people have such a hard time comprehending these harsh realities that they cling to lies, conspiracy theories, or false optimism instead of dealing the the problems head on. https://www.scmp.com/news/world/europe/article/3076420/coronavirus-why-are-so-many-more-people-dying-italy-germany https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/03/17/hello-italy-your-future-is-grimmer-than-you-think/
  12. Yep. It's worth noting that some of these malaria drugs can be so risky that they have only been given to people who are already dying, mostly in other very poor countries. The side effects can kill you.
  13. Wasn't the topic at hand about the Balneario at SJC? I was there a few days ago to use up the last day of my discount pass. It was open but hardly anyone there, slower than the slowest day I ever saw there, and I go out there a lot. Skeleton crew only. Lots of space, easy to socially distance yourself. I asked the manager if they were going to stay open and he said yes. The waters out there are disinfected already by piped in ozono and hand disinfectants are everywhere, although, if you are in and out of that water along with other intermediate showers, you don't have to worry.. The five day limit sounds very arbitrary but better to be safe than sorry. We are not on a total lockdown as in italy. People can go out to get food, we can't starve, and many restaurants are staying open but with take-out only. You can still go outside for walks if you just keep your distance from other people, not hard to do. When I see Mexican friends I put up my hands and say Besos De Lejos - kisses from afar! I didn't think the MX situation sounded too bad until we learned that around 400 people in GDL have been found through flight records to have been in Vail, CO for a major ski event recently - along with others from Italy. I suspect that is why Jalisco is getting into high gear with prevention at this time. Also, the man who sells coconut juice (agua coco) near the Ajijic plaza told me he has had customers from Spain and Italy. Just FYI. I've seen videos from Italy showing people singing from their windows and balconies. Also shots of super crowded hospitals, a church full of coffins, etc. Accounts from residents sound truly grim. It is imperative that everyone follow the precautions to avoid that. Italy's death count is still soaring every single day.
  14. About the Ajijic Tianguis... so, it is closed per the new regulations against large groups of people Fair enough... but... I always buy all my produce for the week plus other food items there. I had to go the the Major Gringo Grocery instead. It was more crowded than the tianguis plus it is indoors! That makes no sense to me. Couldn't they re-open the tianguis for food sellers only? There would be plenty enough space to keep people from getting crowded and those merchants could still make a living, and we could find the best produce all in one place. Outside in the fresh air.
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