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  1. Thanks, but isn't Sol y Luna on the west end? I am not aware of that place ever being called that.
  2. I was just down there trying to get 2 pages faxed to vote in a primary. The fax line was very busy and I no longer live near there, so I just paid ahead and asked them to keep trying. I got a message from the recipient that one page was received but not the other. I don't have the contact info of the service, don't even know their official name, but it is the (fed ex?) office on Calle Revolucion. Any help would be appreciated. Gracias!
  3. Very easy, no sign up, no waiting, just bring MX ID. They are uniformed and in the shade, no problem. Until 5 PM today. I saw one armed guard before I saw the others and my first thought was Is he Ukrainian or Russian? They are lightweight summer MX uniforms. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/covid-vaccine-expire-saturday/
  4. Are you going to miss all the noise in your neighborhood, I know some one who looking for a place is old one available?

  5. The Dem Film Festival has the best choice of intelligent, timely movies that you will see here in a theater. I've never been disappointed in any of their films.
  6. If you are still looking for boxes and packing materials, PM me. I just moved and have a lot of empty boxes taking up space in my new place. Or, to anyone else who could use them. Gracias.
  7. You seem knowledgeable, can you refer my wife to a dr who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement .  She already has seen Dr Juan, and is looking for other ideas. Thanks 

  8. Arrrggghhhh! The never ending traffic light saga! That whole area has suffered from a lack of foresight and logical planning to make the traffic flow better. As for me, I lived here 12 full years without a car and only bought one a couple years ago. I was in culture shock driving again, but driving in MX is really freaky! Very bad road designs, bad signage, often bad visibility, a lot of drivers who don't even think about the rules of the road, and much more car traffic than a few years ago. I have come to hate driving here. I take the back roads when I have to go to Superlake or Centro Laguna, which is not often. I drove to Chapala for my booster shot a while back and coming back to Ajijic, I was trying to make a legal left turn from El Centro onto the main drag with the tree islands. I was almost hit by two cars at the same time! Both of them were driving in the wrong lane! Just one small example.
  9. Hola again. I have the same question I did a couple of years ago. This is NOT over a real estate transaction, I simply need to have a document notarized, nada mas. Can anyone give me a current reference to a Notario, preferably in Ajijic, who can do this? The form is very simple and is in English, I could translate it to the Notario but he/she does not have to do anything but sign. Gracias, buen dia!
  10. This might sound like a dumb question by now but... I just found out about this today, will go tomorrow. I have all the IDs, etc. I have a MX driver's license and permanente visa. My address, CURP, and age are already on my driver's license. If I give them copies of those cards, both sides, does that count as your curp? I also have my comprabante from previous shots. The Vaccination Route site does not have an option to register for over 60, only the young folks. What else do I need to do or have? I'm just pixelated at how complicated this whole thing is. The MX govt. is not experienced in organizing such a huge effort as well as maintaining records. Gracias in advance.
  11. Please, what is a "campaign?" I followed Oregon..'s instructions and it seemed to work, but there was also a little blurb at the end mentioning something about a download and printout - of what?? I tried to go back to that page but was unable to do so. I have the hand written comprabante of my second jab - it just seems so redundant to have to go through all these steps... So now I just sit and wait for the email about when the jab will be given here? Or do I just keep checking at the link above? I'm sure this whole process could be streamlined... Gracias por su ayuda!
  12. I have been directed to the link to do that but nothing happens when I fill out the app. I understand there is a woman lawyer around here who is helping people do this. Who is she and what is her contact info? Gracias!
  13. "Revion" is what they call it in Spanish. That means a couple of new parts - the ball and the socket, without replacing the protesis that goes into your femur and hip bone. A hip replacement is said to last 15-20 years depending on how active you are. I was quite active and so wore mine out faster. No matter what you paid, the materials start to grind eachother and minute particles get into your bloodstream and hip bone. An XRay showed that there was damage to the bone around the protesis, and it was expected that that would stop with the new parts. That is why I'm now trying to get a bone scan on that area. My doctor recommends average walking at this point.
  14. i have also heard very good things about Dr. Maya and the deals they can give you at the Ajijic Clinic, which I did not even know had a full operating room. The woman I met who had just had surgery with him was an ER nurse and she gave him a very good rating. I wish I had known all this before my hip surgery a few months ago! If you need surgery, don't put it off! I had my original hip replacement 13 years ago, and my recent operation was a "revision" which was supposed to be a smaller operation. But my recovery was longer and harder because I'm 13 years older now, and that really does make a difference.
  15. Yes, it does seem strange that they would be spraying for dengue almost in December. But I have had it twice, last year I got it on Oct. 24 and a neighbor said he caught it in January. Bottom line, the nights are not cooling down the way they used to so the mosquitos live on, although I haven't seen any. I was never even aware of getting bitten! My one doctor says the temps have to go below 50F before they die out, and that rarely happens around here anymore. I like the colder weather - fewer bugs, you can close the windows against all the noise, I can wear my cute warm clothes... Here is how you know you have dengue - a very fast onset - you wake up feeling fine and by the afternoon you are quite sick with high fever, maybe vomiting, headaches, body aches, extreme fatigue that lasts for weeks. It takes about 2-3 months to fully recover. Another way is that a simple blood test will show your platelet count. If it is abnormally low (along with the other symptoms), you have dengue. My doctor had me do a blood test every other day for 2 weeks, if the level goes low enough you have to go to the hospital. The low platelet count can lead to internal bleeding which can kill you. There is no known cure for dengue but there are some local remedies. One is tea from papaya leaves and the other is tea from micle which the locals know about. It's just a scrubby tree or bush but it makes a very pretty purple tea. Neither one tastes good. Cuidense mucho!
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