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  1. Glad to hear it was postponed. I couldn't make it today. I have always wanted to talk directly to the local powers about this situation. Excellent that people from GDL will be there as well. Again, I am very thankful that the noise problem has gotten under control in my area. Goes to show you that taking action is necessary as well as productive.
  2. The Physical Therapy Clinic behind the Ajijic Hospital has excellent massage with heat and ultrasound treatments, plus they will give you corrective exercises and stretches to improve chronic conditions. Everyone there is a licensed PT.
  3. Was your computer faster because of the new SSD drive and/or just the windows 10? Windows 10 installed itself on my laptop a couple years ago without my permission. It drove me crazy, before they put in the option to make the interface like Windows 7 which was fine with me. I have about 20,000 fotos and videos on my laptop, organized MY way, and I don't need some new program invented for children to tell me how to organize my files, thank you very much. So I have resisted Windows 10 since then. What to do now?
  4. Enforcement is the tricky part. There are so many newbies on this forum now, many do not have a perspective on this issue. Mexico has term limits, so every three years the local governments change for better or worse. The new administration in Chapala (and Jalisco?) has promised to enforce the new Jalisco noise laws which provide for stiff penalties for noise makers. GDL has a huge noise problem and it's not gringos who are complaining. Many people are suffering from too much loud noise!! We are waiting to see how that turns out. Around town, everyone (Mexicans) said that the last "presidente" encouraged a lot of loud events in order to charge hefty permit fees. In other words, corruption. The old corruption was that an inspector would show up to a noisy bar and "fine" them on the spot and leave and pocket the $$. The last administration reworded that dynamic to call the new "fee" an "extension" of the permit, so instead of noisy events being shut down, the perps would just pay the new "fee" to continue until 4 a.m. According to locals. Yes, I have heard this happen from my house.
  5. Do users of Windows 7 have to make changes? If so, what?
  6. I am happy to say that after many years of too much noise in my area, things have improved. Not perfect, but now bearable, thanks to neighborhood organization with Mexicans to lodge complaints, all a few years ago, that have basically stuck. El Barco made changes in their place, the upstairs outdoor bar at Plaza Bugambilia was changed to a gym which was pretty noisy for a while, with the bar re-located just underneath it, karma, karma!!! Then the bar closed after 2 years. The gym is now under new owners, and less noisy than before. We are keeping our fingers crossed. The kiddie evento place behind Plaza B. has been very complicit in the rules, no more noise! Still happy parties where people can talk and you can hear the happy kids playing. The key is for the local neighbors to organize, and this includes the Mexicans which might require that you speak Spanish. This noise issue is NOT a gringo issue, plenty of Mexicans also suffer from the noise but they don't know what to do about it. You can see evidence of that on the FB page of cruzadacontraelruido (crusade against the noise) which has well over 35,000 likes. https://www.facebook.com/CruzadaContraElRuido/
  7. Well, it sounds like IMSS (which I have but never use) and SP are going downhill. The same can be said for Medicare up north in case you didn't know. I'm glad I chose NOT to buy a house but rather, have the contingency fund for medical issues - and a great deal on a rental home. When I was new here, 11 years ago, I had an emergency hip replacement which costed me $130,000 pesos on a day when the peso actually was 10 to the USD. I paid for it with my debit card. Does anyone know what a hip replacement in GDL costs these days? Cuidase mucho!
  8. If you live in town, you can put your clean containers out in front of your house on any day or time when people are likely to be passing by, and they will pick them up. It's a custom in the villages to put things outside your home that you don't need in order to share with others. I live near the tianguis so I put my plastics out on that day with a little sign written by my maid that basically says These plastics are for you to reuse, please don't throw them away. Think of the environment." I also take a magic marker and write on the lid, "NO TIRAR, REUSAR!" That means don't throw it away, but reuse it. They are very handy for lunches for kids and husbands to take with them, but they have to get in the new habit of bringing them back to reuse. Also, if you know any artists, they often need containers for water for their water colors. Maybe the LCS or Efren Gonzales' art programs could use them.
  9. I didn't know until I heard the buzz saws this morning but a huge eucalyptus tree fell over on Calle Juan Alvarez, just down from Alex's Pasta. A large crew is working and the entire street is blocked off even to pedestrians so I was not able to see what damage was done - to houses or cars on the street. I did hear something last night in the wind, maybe that was it. My internet was out for several hours over the night but came back early this a.m. Lots of wind, thunder, and lightning last night but only a bit or rain.
  10. As a storm seems to be brewing, I was browsing the web board and suddenly, just now, the lights went out. Lit by my laptop, unplugged, I took my flashlight and went up to my roof and everything was dark in all directions as far as I could see. I live in the Lower East Side of Ajijic on the La Floresta border. The lights on that side never seem to go out, so this seemed serious. Then the lights came back on.... Think I'll shut down now and call it a night. So far, we have had a lovely rainy season, no?
  11. So, what is the contact info for the new hospital? Are the same Drs. there?
  12. Thank you, these suggestions were more relevant than the posts on the other Windows 10 thread. I just resent having to go through yet another learning curve - and spending more $$$ , to keep doing the same things I always do! I want a system that can handle at least 20,000 fotos or videos. I don't need or want all the new bells and whistles! It's like having to learn to drive all over again every time you buy a new car every few years. It's highway robbery!! Same thing with smart phones, just a lot of gimmicks that kids like. I've been using computers on the job since the mid 80s, and have been through all the changes since then. It used to be that new versions of software were like the old, just with more options that you could easily navigate, although they often just cluttered up your screen.
  13. I started a separate thread regarding this same issue as you may see. Yes it does belong here. I live here full time, all the time, I don't go back up to the USA anymore. So, my question is to the techies who can answer a couple basic questions, not the least of which is What is available HERE? Same thing with my posts about the noise or the garbage pickup/plastic bag issue - what can we do HERE??? I realize that so many of you don't live here, you don't think in those terms. Many of you seem to think this board is for theoretical/intellectual discussions. Only if they do pertain to life HERE. I googled Chromebox and all I saw were pictures of little boxes. Where is the screen or keyboard? I need a laptop with memory for 20,000+ fotos and videos. Benno's can order them in English, but I wonder if they will be swamped with requests with this new Windows 10 debacle. So, with all these posts, I still don't know anything new.
  14. https://weather.com/storms/severe/video/rivers-of-hail-paralyze-mexican-city
  15. After getting a huge slew of upgrades to my trusty old Windows 7 which I am perfectly happy with, I just got notice - maybe you have. too - that Windows 7 will not be serviced after Jan. 2020 and that everyone needs to buy Windows 10 PLUS a new computer to run it on. That program was installed on my computer without my permission a few years ago. I hated it and had it removed. I'm not interested in going through yet another learning curve to just keep doing what I am already doing. Plus, the sales pressure... now I understand why all the techies at my job (I retired 12 years ago) hated MS. Other thing is I live here full time and never go back up north, so I would have to buy a new laptop here. I'm aware that Benno's keeps a few in stock, but still... Techies out there, please comment.
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