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  1. Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments. I read all this with a heavy heart and memories of the great times I had in Guanajuato and Zacatecas. I could just stay home and relish the many fotos and videos I have. I had a friend in SMA for a while but she moved away mostly for personal reasons to be closer to her (Mexican) family in the US so she didn't comment on recent violence. Fearless as I usually am, this all requires a serious consideration of all possibilities and on all levels without sinking into paranoia. I've recently been traveling to Yucatan for pyramid tours, going on a 3rd one soon. But I have been yearning to get back to these closer mountain spots with so much to offer.
  2. I really love the beautifully decorated altars around the town as well.
  3. Hola Amig@s, Thanks for your comments. In my travels in MX I have never come across a single shady or scary character. I have encountered, as a rule, really friendly nice people, often out with their kids. I wouldn't be out late anyway. I'm more concerned with driving between here and there although the roads seem mostly like a very safe toll road. I have very good radar for people in my surroundings. But. I would have to get up to speed with the tunnels in GTO 😃
  4. I have been to each of these lovely small cities with tour groups and would like to return on my own. I have gone alone to San Cristobal and Oaxaca (by air) and had a great time. I speak Spanish and like to connect with the locals and do my own thing at my own pace. I now have a car and was thinking about driving to the 3 above locations - alone, for lack of an ideal travel partner. Question: How safe is it these days? I'm not a Fraidy Cat but I'm not stupid either. Have any of you actually seen or experienced negative situations in any of these places? Gracias!
  5. Hola Amig@s, I am reviving this thread because I still have some "issues" with my cel phone and plan to change next year although I don't know exactly what I want anymore or who I want to do business with. Some of you stated you were happy with certain persons that I have dealt with, but most gringos buy (or already have) the most expensive phones or packages deals. I am a budget shopper and so they give me a lot more sales pressure or lies, such as Telcel is no longer servicing Nokia. I used extremely little internet in the very short time I had a smart phone ( which was stolen) so that was never the issue. I would like to know if any of you have had these specific problems or alibis or lies as the case may be: * I have to check your "line" to see what the problem was. (What line?? We were talking cel phones, not telmex!) * Sometimes "the system" doesn't record your payment. * Your phone is not functioning because of the change over to the new rules that everyone has to use 10 digit numbers now. * The voice message you get is just trying to sell you packages. (I understand enough Spanish to know that a voice message regarding "saldo" is that yours is out.) * Your maid didn't understand the voice message. (My maid is Mexican, for chrissake!) Has anyone had a problem with putting simple calls through when you were paid up? If so, how did you resolve that? Gracias!
  6. Yes, I already know about the aguinaldo and plan to pay it. My question is - my maid works on Wednesdays which Xmas falls on this year. She has stated she would like that day off, but we agreed to have her reschedule to another day. Do I still have to pay for the day off? Gracias! Also, for those of you who are in the mood to donate to the poor, the best thing they could receive at this time of year would be warm clothes and blankets for all ages. There is no tradition here of Santa coming down the chimney with lots of gifts for kids, although you may see Santas and Xmas trees used purely as decoration. The kids here do not feel bad if they don't get presents on Christmas. Their big day is 3 Kings Day on January 6 where they get trinkets, candies, peanuts, etc.
  7. This morning I found a load of cat poop on my rear patio (walled in) and the apparent cat curled up and hiding under a table in the corner of the patio. She is not begging for food, she seems sick. I just called the Animal Shelter and they have no more room for cats. I cannot keep her but would be willing to pay for someone to take her and get her the proper vaccinations, etc. Can anyone help? Muchisimas gracias.
  8. The last night of the fiesta has always been supported by the Absent Sons, meaning Mexicans living mostly in the USA who send contributions to their families here for the fiesta and hopefully are able to visit for the occasion. I have never heard of foreigners here contributing to that night. The expat attendance and interest at the fiestas almost nil, and I say that as a fiesta-head from 12 years ago. I used to post fotos and videos to Webhsots.com which removed its public viewing around 7 years ago, so sorry I can't post links to how fun the fiestas used to be. Things have changed. The SemanarioLaguna reported that there has been diminishing contributions from all groups. But show up around 10PM, you are sure to find something fun to do.
  9. I was just in Mexico City and would like to share these videos. The Templo Mayor Museum is relatively new just in the last couple years. I dearly love the danzantes; they are my favorite part of Mexico. Enjoy!
  10. I had to get an emergency hip replacement in GDL 11 years ago and they accepted my debit card, no problem.
  11. I'm well aware that on legal holidays you either give your help a paid day off or pay them double if they work. Today, Monday, is the legal holiday. But many towns here including Ajijic where I live, are celebrating with their parades on Wed. according to the GR. My maid comes on Wed. the 20th, the actual Dia de Revolucion. I just want an official confirmation that she does not get double pay on Wed., only on Monday. I could see where some might try to have it both ways. Gracias.
  12. Not only was this a fabulous parade down the great boulevard of CDMX, but if you watch the last few minutes of this video, you can see the cheerful and friendly people waving at the camera as it panned over the crowd lining the streets across from the Palacio de Bellas Artes, followed by a squadron of street sweepers and water trucks to wash down the street, all done in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that CDMX is the Mexican equivalent of NYC. You would never see such friendly people up there.
  13. I love to see how much love the people here put into their beautiful traditions, as you can see here.
  14. This is my favorite fiesta of the year, complete with a big procession through town with lots of danzantes which ends at the San Andres church with lots of exuberant fanfare as you will see. There used to be a big outdoor Mass around sunset, but some things have changed. Then the fiesta starts later in the Plaza with danzantes danzing, mariachis play in the small chapel as the Statue of the Virgin of the Rosary is ceremoniously brought back to her regular home there. Later a banda will play for dancing and there will be fireworks - pyrotechnics and cohetes. This fiesta is a long held tradition here and has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. Dia de los Muertos is Saturday, that is how Mexicans celebrate this time of year. Here is a video of some of my favorite footage from the past: Here is a procession video. This is the Real Mexico, folks, check it out. Most of the gringos miss so much here! Check out my UTube page for many more fiesta videos as well as my travel videos in various places in Mexico.
  15. Hola otra vez! I was travelling within Mexico and actually lost my permanente card after using it as my ID at security at the GDL airport. It must have fallen out of my pocket. I asked around to several security guards plus checking the Lost and Found when I returned a few days later and nobody had turned it in. This makes me wonder what someone who found it would want to do with it. It's going to cost me $9000MXP to get the new one, like I have to go through almost the entire process again. I'm working with my immigration lawyer on this. I'm surprised to read of others getting their new cards for much less money. I went to the immigration office at the CDMX airport and they told me I would have to make a report at the Ministerio Publico in order to apply for a new one. Then they would not let me exit the way I came in and made me go through security yet again, and I almost missed my plane.
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