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  1. For newbies: "Kwaytays" is the English phonetic pronunciation of "cohetes" which is Spanish for fireworks or firecrackers which we have been hearing a lot of lately in Ajijic during this time of the Fiesta de San Andres, Patron Saint of the village - except that all the festivities have been cancelled due to the pandemic, because the local fiestas draw large crowds and are the high point of the year for many people. I wrote this little story about 10 years ago and posted it here to rave reviews before I even cleaned it up. And no complaints. Jajaja. Enjoy! The Legend of th
  2. I can't find any good info about viewing the Leonids here at this latitude, the pictures are all for northern latitudes. It's easy to find Orion in the night sky here- almost straight overhead by around 4 a.m. Where are the Leonids/Leo constellation in relation to Orion? Muchismas gracias.
  3. On the topic of these complex dental procedures, I would like to ask what people are doing about laughing gas or a substitute. I have a number of old crowns done in the US where I had laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to make the experience more bearable. Finally I needed a new crown and Dra. Candy said you can't get N.O. in Mexico unless you hire an extra anesthesiologist to come in and monitor the dose. So I had a crown done without it and I was nearly freaking out the whole time. The shots worked but just barely. I am highly sensitive. After the work was done I was fine. What do the rest
  4. Paying by the job can be iffy. My maid has had a habit of working very fast, doing sometimes sloppy work, and leaving early. I had to be very clear with her that I expected her to work for the full 2 hours that she told me it would take to do my cleaning. Paying by the job invites cutting corners. I prefer by the hour and I tell her if she gets 'through" faster, she can find more to do. I've had to point out a lot of things that were not getting cleaned right. Fortunately I speak enough Spanish to have this conversation.
  5. Imagine the traffic when everything opens up again and all the snowbirds show up.
  6. I just bought a car last year after living here for 12 years without a car - just walking, riding the bus, and an occasional ride. I'm in culture shock at driving again but especially in Mexico!! These new highway "upgrades" are a disaster, the work could have been organized much better. It seems like the carretera was redone with the priority of putting in bike lanes. Generally a good idea, but with space limitations here it has become much less safe for cars. The intersection IFO walmart is now treacherous! I got caught in the left turn lane to go up the libramiento and noticed that th
  7. How much is required to pay them for 2 or more months away from work due to illness or surgery? Gracias!
  8. Because of CV, the traditional fiestas have been closed because they attract large crowds. So some people are posting fotos/videos from past years just for old times sake. There is no fun in the world like a Mexican Fiesta! Here is the Desfile de los Rebozos - Rebozo Fashion Show, featuring women of all ages and kids from the village modeling traditional Mexican attire accented by your best fashion accessory - the Rebozo, or shawl, which can be worn so many ways. The Globo Regatta featuring hot air balloons made out of flammable paper mache! Only in Mexico!
  9. Newsflash: I moved to two different neighborhoods in Ajijic 8-11 years ago that were quiet and THEN the noise started. I am not living out of suitcases here, I have every thing I own in my home and moving is not an option until I decide to go to assisted living, which is a few years off. Plus, I have a great deal on a house that I like very much. People often make very presumptious statements on this board. We are not all newcomers. I also think that that the vast majority of the gringos here have never experienced the amount and the intensity of the decible levels near the local b
  10. Now that the bars are opening up more and later - I live in earshot of 3 bars that feature live music, which, here, is dependably too loud and very aggravating to the neighbors, what with the open air architecture constructed of very echo-y concrete or bricks. These groups are often so loud they sound like they are in your own house, obliterating every bit of free choice that you have regarding what you like to do in your own house. The trouble with term limits is that every 3 years the administration changes in Chapala, for better or worse. Most of the staff also changes, but they do n
  11. Another great electronics repair shop is Teleservicio Hernandez run by Adan Hernandez 333 391 2925. They are located on the Carretera near the corner of Juarez on the north side. You can see the big TV in their front display. He fixed the cassette function on my used Bang Olufsen stereo - an old but high end brand which I found here. Also fixed up my old VCR and remote. I still like my old electronics with lots of my old, favorite cassettes and VCRs, not going to give them up just go go digital. I have something else to play MP3 plus my computer for song videos.
  12. My telmex internet has also been in and out. Why does this keep happening?? All the heavy rains? Or what???
  13. Good news. I am spending my Stimulus $$ on the Mexican people who don't have enough to eat. And virtually no social services to help them as up north.
  14. Great News! I just received a letter from the US Treasury, with the Sharpie Signature - you know the one... It says I will be getting a check/debit card - not specifying which. Has anyone received either of these yet? If so, how do you deal with the debit card? I could deposit a check in my local peso account. Can you use the debit card locally? I live here full time, not going up north. I paid $4 in taxes last year so I guess they couldn't use the bank info on my tax return to just wire it to me. Gracias for any meaningful and helpful information.
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