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  1. This morning I found a load of cat poop on my rear patio (walled in) and the apparent cat curled up and hiding under a table in the corner of the patio. She is not begging for food, she seems sick. I just called the Animal Shelter and they have no more room for cats. I cannot keep her but would be willing to pay for someone to take her and get her the proper vaccinations, etc. Can anyone help? Muchisimas gracias.
  2. The last night of the fiesta has always been supported by the Absent Sons, meaning Mexicans living mostly in the USA who send contributions to their families here for the fiesta and hopefully are able to visit for the occasion. I have never heard of foreigners here contributing to that night. The expat attendance and interest at the fiestas almost nil, and I say that as a fiesta-head from 12 years ago. I used to post fotos and videos to Webhsots.com which removed its public viewing around 7 years ago, so sorry I can't post links to how fun the fiestas used to be. Things have changed. The SemanarioLaguna reported that there has been diminishing contributions from all groups. But show up around 10PM, you are sure to find something fun to do.
  3. I was just in Mexico City and would like to share these videos. The Templo Mayor Museum is relatively new just in the last couple years. I dearly love the danzantes; they are my favorite part of Mexico. Enjoy!
  4. I had to get an emergency hip replacement in GDL 11 years ago and they accepted my debit card, no problem.
  5. I'm well aware that on legal holidays you either give your help a paid day off or pay them double if they work. Today, Monday, is the legal holiday. But many towns here including Ajijic where I live, are celebrating with their parades on Wed. according to the GR. My maid comes on Wed. the 20th, the actual Dia de Revolucion. I just want an official confirmation that she does not get double pay on Wed., only on Monday. I could see where some might try to have it both ways. Gracias.
  6. Not only was this a fabulous parade down the great boulevard of CDMX, but if you watch the last few minutes of this video, you can see the cheerful and friendly people waving at the camera as it panned over the crowd lining the streets across from the Palacio de Bellas Artes, followed by a squadron of street sweepers and water trucks to wash down the street, all done in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that CDMX is the Mexican equivalent of NYC. You would never see such friendly people up there.
  7. I love to see how much love the people here put into their beautiful traditions, as you can see here.
  8. This is my favorite fiesta of the year, complete with a big procession through town with lots of danzantes which ends at the San Andres church with lots of exuberant fanfare as you will see. There used to be a big outdoor Mass around sunset, but some things have changed. Then the fiesta starts later in the Plaza with danzantes danzing, mariachis play in the small chapel as the Statue of the Virgin of the Rosary is ceremoniously brought back to her regular home there. Later a banda will play for dancing and there will be fireworks - pyrotechnics and cohetes. This fiesta is a long held tradition here and has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. Dia de los Muertos is Saturday, that is how Mexicans celebrate this time of year. Here is a video of some of my favorite footage from the past: Here is a procession video. This is the Real Mexico, folks, check it out. Most of the gringos miss so much here! Check out my UTube page for many more fiesta videos as well as my travel videos in various places in Mexico.
  9. Hola otra vez! I was travelling within Mexico and actually lost my permanente card after using it as my ID at security at the GDL airport. It must have fallen out of my pocket. I asked around to several security guards plus checking the Lost and Found when I returned a few days later and nobody had turned it in. This makes me wonder what someone who found it would want to do with it. It's going to cost me $9000MXP to get the new one, like I have to go through almost the entire process again. I'm working with my immigration lawyer on this. I'm surprised to read of others getting their new cards for much less money. I went to the immigration office at the CDMX airport and they told me I would have to make a report at the Ministerio Publico in order to apply for a new one. Then they would not let me exit the way I came in and made me go through security yet again, and I almost missed my plane.
  10. After living here full time for 12 years without a car, always riding the bus or walking, which I enjoyed, I finally bought a car because I'm not getting any younger. Needless to say, I'm going through culture shock, not only driving again after all these years... but in Mexico! I'm experiencing life differently from the vantage point of not only being inside, but driving a car. I prepared myself and am always vigilant and carefully driving, to make up for all the other people who are not. Today's little incident was this: Coming home, I turned down Calle Juan Alvarez to pass Alex's pasta place and head home. That is technically a 2-way street, although it can be crowded enough with parked cars on either side that two oncoming cars cannot pass eachother. The protocol for driving on these narrow but 2 way streets is that when two cars are approaching eachother from opposite directions, the driver who is closest to an open space is the one to pull over and let the other person get by. I was facing some jerk coming up the road who had spaces on either side of him to pull over but he rudely failed to do so. In order to avoid a stand off - we couldn't see eachother because of windshield glare, so I had to back up to let him by, surprising passing pedestrians and cars going through the lateral. Lucky no one got hurt. As he passed I saw that it was an old gringo male. What a jerk. This ME FIRST attitude just doesn't cut it here, in traffic or anywhere else. You have to drive very considerately here to navigate all the irregularities that we are not used to. Gracias.
  11. I had to go down, with my immigration lawyer, to the CMP to file a report today that I lost my Permanente visa card while traveling and need it replaced. The CMP is now near Christiana Parque in a completely different location than when I first went there about 11 years ago regarding a dog bite. Back then, it was located in central Chapala in a reasonably nice building with reasonable good service, and I was able to handle the whole transaction myself in espanyol. Fine. Today's experience was a bit of a shock. The new building, which is actually an older house, was not only not an improvement, it was a lot worse than before. There was no place to sit down, even to fill out a report form, which I had to do standing up, bending over a table. The few employees seemed to have no concept of customer service or professionalism. It was cluttered and disorganized. We got through it OK only because there were not a lot of people there at the time. It seems they are actually trying to make it harder to file reports - just to discourage people from doing so? I don't know. HarryB., do you have any comments on this? Gracias!
  12. Here are just a few miscellaneous shots mostly from Sept. 16, walking to the plaza from my house in time for the celebration after the parade. I love seeing all the happy kids - riding around on their own horses, running around having a great time spraying eachother with harmless spray foam, a new "tradition" along with confetti-filled eggshells which enable kids to play fight so they never really fight. In 12 years here full time, I have never once seen kids fight or even use nasty language to eachother. The traditions here are lots of fun for the kids, so they don't grow up feeling like they have to rebel against their parents to have fun. Beautiful!
  13. Gracias! My attitude about photography is that the pictures are already there. All you have to do is take them. Meaning, you have to be where the action is. These traditions are widely ignored by gringos, except a few who line the streets of the parades in the morning. My fiesta fotos used to be very popular on Webshots, I would get hundreds or thousands of views for each one. Virtually no gringos went to the fiestas, much less for fotos, and very few Mexicans had the computer skills to upload fotos, so my work was very popular. That has changed in the era of smart phones where "everybody" is now a photographer and everyone just likes to look at their own selfies. Bo-ring!. There are lots of Mexicans up north who like to see what is going on in their home towns. Here is one of my all time favorite fotos, very seasonal now.
  14. I am not feeling well to go out to the festivities but I have a huge supply of older fotos dating from 2007 which are not online since Webshots was dismantled in 2012. So, I am uploading older fotos that by now are almost historical. Ajijic was more down to earth back then. The traditions were hugely attended, but not by gringos. Very few people had the computer skills to upload fotos in those days, so there is not much online from that period, pre- smart phones. My early impression of the traditions here was amazement of how much the kids and even babies are part of the scene. The little ones are not shut up and shunted to the side, they are very much a part of life here, which centers around family and the traditions. All the generations together. The kids here are so much more polite, cheerful, and responsible with this kind of upbringing, so different than up north. I'm thinking of starting a FB page called Ajiijic Archives, Archivos to display my older fotos. Think there would be much interest? I can hear the grito from my house, time to sign off and go up on my roof to watch the fireworks! Here is the parade, enjoy!
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