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  1. We are all, for the most part, just stating our opinions , Rick S. However I am calling these “ vaccines “ experimental because, unlike other vaccines, we have no long term studies to prove their safety or consequences. Only time will tell …. o.k. Imho, this speaks volumes about the lack of trust.
  2. Certainly understand your frustration, Ferret. Many of us are frustrated and confused. Scapegoating the unvaccinated may not be the answer, however. How can you be so sure of what is responsible for the variant ? Many medical ” experts “ are in disagreement about this topic. Unvaccinated people are often just as afraid of these EXPERiMENTAL gene therapies the pharmaceutical companies are calling vaccines, as you are afraid of this virus. 30 states currently have 50 % or less fully vaccinated people. That speaks volumes about the lack of trust that exists.
  3. Agree that a lab test is a very good idea, especially since it helps one see how much supplementation might be needed. Studies show that 42 % of people in the US are deficient, and that percentage is much higher among certain groups. According to the Mayo Clinic, Vit D toxicity is rare and requires an individual to take 60,000 units daily for several months. Interestingly, Dr. Fauci has stated that he supplements with both C and D because they can help one fight infections.
  4. How many of you are aware that a deficiency of Vitamin D, which is actually a very powerful steroid hormone, and is important for a healthy immune system, may have implications in 9 out of 10 deaths in hospitalized patients ? Apparently 78 % of hospitalized Covid patients are also overweight or obese. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33260798/ https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/78-of-covid-19-patients-hospitalized-in-the-us-overweight-or-obese-cdc-finds.html
  5. You are correct, Rick S. I stand corrected. My statement was a hyperbole. I have heard on the radio that hospitals were filling up with Covid patients, but the headlines are scarce. This is the kind of headline that I was probably referring to… from PBS News Hour , Jul 21 : “ Covid Patients are flooding this hospital . Again.” Thank you for keeping me on the right path.
  6. If you believe that vaccination is a personal choice, why are you ridiculing those who have made that choice ? 😉
  7. Thank you for those helpful statistics Kiko. I believe that hospitals generally have anywhere between 10% to 15% ICU beds. If overall, less than half are occupied by Covid patients , that is certainly significant , yet does not match the headlines one often sees that the hospitals are filled with Covid patients.
  8. Was recently watching the meeting with Florida Governor De Santis, and several local hospital administrators . One administrator of a 1200 + bed hospital stated that although the beds were full, less than 5 % of the beds were occupied by Covid patients. The other beds were occupied by patients who had delayed care , according to him. This kind of information is not a headline for the mainstream media. If one does not look for something, one is sure not to find it….
  9. Good point WideSky, and yet, as you may know, the practice of Oncology relies on the science of Immunology. Since this Dr. is an Oncologist, a professor of medicine, and the editor of MedPage today, can we assume that he probably has a working knowledge of Immunology ? I am curious. When Dr. Fauci gives us instruction, do you say to yourself “ and this from the guy who told us that we did not need to wear masks ? “
  10. Agree with you, Ferret about T and B cells. However, my understanding is that antibodies are disease specific , which is why This test can be useful, especially for someone who is perhaps battling Covid for the second time…
  11. If antibodies confer immunity, as stated by the CDC, would the “ simple antibody test “ to which the Dr. refers be helpful ?
  12. Thank you for your comment, Ian . My understanding is that Dr. Makary was referring only to those who have already had Covid as being immune, according to the latest studies.
  13. Some of you may find this interview with Dr. Marty Makary, professor at John Hopkins, interesting…. https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/why-covid-19-vaccines-should-not-be-required-for-all-americans
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