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  1. thank you so much - I figured there had to be thousands but......... guess we will just wait and see Thanks again! Hazel
  2. two weeks ago I requested certificates for 4 people - 3 of which required changes right away, 2 had wrong curp number, 1 had no email address - the 4th one sent the certificate, but it did not have all info on it! (I really thought that I had i out of 4 - but no, the second dose was not there!) still waiting, does anyone have any idea how long this might take? I have gone back and given the info again to get a message saying "you have already requested this" Needing to travel and really would like this done.....anyone know how long it is taking? thanks
  3. found my own answer, I just put in the wrong curp number!! all is fixed thanks Hazel
  4. My certificate has omissions - how do I get back to the second screen to fix it?? many thanks Hazel
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