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  1. $3 is a joke in its self. Somebody that old should remember .20¢ and .25¢ especially during the gas wars to drive private gas stations out of business so the main oil companies could own all the retail gas outlets. Which has another joke in it showing the gratitude towards private gas stations for keeping the oil giants going with big profits.
  2. If electric vehicle charging points were free and I were a little sneaky and knew how to install the proper batteries and charger for voltage and amps changes to charge the batteries, installing an electric car battery charging receptacle on the vehicle might be an additional option.
  3. When calculation volt and watt drops for the length of gauge of wire remember all those turns running around the car add up to more than a direct line distance. Wiresizer is a phone app that could give you an idea when you know the combined power draws of devices.
  4. Figure a persons family is old a frail with a disease likely to kill them in their condition. Instead of using one of many possible remedy's I figure you are fine with giving a placebo during a pandemic instead one of the drugs known to help knock down the symptoms that throw people into pneumonia. Pneumonia is what commonly killed a lot of the victims. But double blinding is a 50% are prevented from countering a person from getting pneumonia. Oh I know, it's okay if in their dream they think they got something that helps. Death for science, the wave of the future.
  5. And I was having fun getting a laugh about Oregon. I am a bit amazed 6% overloads funeral homes in NY and stacks bodies in refrigerated trucks even requiring shipping a bunch of the passed away to an island off NY for burial. But from now on I'll remember to believe everything a government scientist says for their reasons is the absolute truth. Don't panic, scientist have everything under control. I especially like the nationwide double blind drug test that means half the people were given nothing to help combat the disease. I couldn't believe they pulled that stunt, but I'll believe they are smart. Or is that smart A jerks in the middle of a pandemic.
  6. What I make fun of most of the persons smoking don't care about the difference. I saw all the particulars before posting the story and it had me laughing because I knew some people don't care what's explained in cold facts. Kind of like the whole world lately making their own realities at others costs.
  7. Hold on I'll ask a Portland pot smoker what's up with the cure. Hey man did you hear pot cures Covid? Oh man cool I'll smoke two joints at the same time maybe 3 because there's always a new variant. Yah man pot cures everything.
  8. You are asking what does the guy that owns Google have to do with what one of his subsidiaries under the ABC group does with the products they brand? It's contractual obligations to make the OS allow their advertising and data collection. I guess you didn't know the particulars. Makes them lots of money.
  9. I see you are helping Zuckerberg stay a billionaire. Ditch google/android and get an Apple. That's what I did long time ago when udates started including full moron bumrush advertising so they make money. Google/android is still going to sell your info using their phones and the people buying the info will still call or email spam..
  10. All I figure is if you don't have shaded parking maybe panels over where you park would be nice.
  11. Thanks for the info right after my calendar popped up 30 weeks since my expedited should of arrived. Whatever you do in the states don't mail in for the passport.
  12. Good info to have anyway on a daydreaming day for those thinking of spring cleaning and not wanting to sell or give some stuff away. So wondering if a guys stuff will be on the show Storage Wars when their abandoned unit is sold or be on the Show Hoarder's A person can't win these days
  13. Don't use river sand for concrete construction. It's rounded while beach sand is fractured. That's why some places experience building failures like India using river sand. It's just not the same. For non skid I'd think a bump is a bump so it won't matter as much as long as the paint holds up. Would be nice if outdoors roughed up tiles were cheap. Could always ask how much some art students would charge for chiseling some designs into the concrete that would act as a non skid surface. Cheapest route is babysit some young ones giving them eye protection with chisels and hammers
  14. If you are using MS Outlook you should be able to right click the email and click Message Options. A person can arrange their account to have a fake email as the return email address that shows when you see it arrive. The properties when looking at Outlooks Message Options should show you header properties and allow you to halfway figure out where it came from and the routing. Here's part of what's in emails from this board. "X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report"
  15. Learned something new today didn't you There was a day when every day wasn't only paved roads and city minded tax freaks to overspend on more paved roads.
  16. If there is a spray on maybe a template with a design you like you could make the template for. I have watched videos on how to make the sand and epoxy mix. Of course if the tiles are plain jane a pattern of lizards stenciled on would look nice.
  17. The Harley had great sales to the military during WW2. It's a good cross country bike.
  18. Drugs are old fashioned and out of style and everyone quit. If you want to get dizzy like a wild high try believing some politicians and the news I think if you eat the roaches it prevents catching the virus But don't smoke them.
  19. Saw some guys all sick wasted after eating some flower checking plants in the jungle. I don't advise that. They were sprawled out holding stomaches looking more sick than wasted. If the what is for destructive temperature and butter, the usual making pot butter to cook with is take the stuff in butter up to a certain temperature that activates the get wasted ingredients that get imparted into the butter then the pot is strained out leaving butter usable for cooking. Evidently the OSU guy is saying a certain temperature destroys what prevents covid. Hence when some of the people that make edible pot find out the temperature limits of what helps they are bound to play cook with it putting it in food and candy.
  20. Hash and buds eaters will be happy to hear that. Some labs are bound to recheck his info making a destructive temperature available. Then the cooks making butter will be going just below that temp. Covid cure on toast.
  21. This might get some governments to start legalizing quickly like for instance Mexico possibly. Might make a few laughs for more than one reason at hospitals. I'm sure it will increase beer sales to cruise ship passengers. I can see a few guys in court busted for smoking pot in public using the defense that "they feared for their life". This explains why Oregon has low infections compared to other states hehehe. Figures by the end of the week nobody is going to be catching covid.
  22. Good luck especially if it's to cancel service. In the 90's I was trying to cancel ATT internet service and repeatedly for months was put on hold for hours. Figures they used caller ID for their computer answering the phone. I ended up having to cancel the credit card to get rid of them. Good luck.
  23. Saw an interview done by a girl named Sophie with a Russian that studied the original SARS-CoV-1 and had seen the curreent covid. The original covid SARS-1-CoV morphs/vectors more radically when exposed to antibodies. The virus can infect and does infect some antibodies where it gets even more radical changes. He said SARS is a very dangerous virus. On the changes the virus does with itself when multiplying by taking over a cells genetics and killing the cell and spitting out new virus it's a roll of the dice for a virus change being a worse or less deadly. I'm sure you know the odds shooting 50 50 one way or the other. Part of the interview that got me was the guys experience and the way he acted. He seemed like he was interested in staying well clear of any form of the virus. I don't think most persons understand a lot of cells get infected and every one of the cells the virus uses dies so the body has to work hard to repair. That's why so many persons take a long time to recover. Seeing the virus can reinfect persons it doesn't seem like catching it does anybody any good especially any following infections seeing it likes low circulation areas, which is why older and sick persons are more damaged and younger do better. My opinion is stay clear of it
  24. You could try the orphanage to see if any of the kids are art oriented. The other schools might also like that project. Saves them money with you paying.
  25. Yep. going after algae every year or when rains cause it to build they'll just trash the brick. I'm currently using a short handled car tire scrubber. Doesn't damage anything. Just rinse when you think it should of had effect so you can see if any stuff is still sticking. Worth taking a break to let the chlorine do its thing since a little remaining stuff will of disappeared from residual chlorine by time you finish watching the world go by for 10 minutes or so. The brush busts the surface of the black algae so clorox can get in then and finish it off.
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