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  1. Drugs are old fashioned and out of style and everyone quit. If you want to get dizzy like a wild high try believing some politicians and the news I think if you eat the roaches it prevents catching the virus But don't smoke them.
  2. Saw some guys all sick wasted after eating some flower checking plants in the jungle. I don't advise that. They were sprawled out holding stomaches looking more sick than wasted. If the what is for destructive temperature and butter, the usual making pot butter to cook with is take the stuff in butter up to a certain temperature that activates the get wasted ingredients that get imparted into the butter then the pot is strained out leaving butter usable for cooking. Evidently the OSU guy is saying a certain temperature destroys what prevents covid. Hence when some of the people that make edible pot find out the temperature limits of what helps they are bound to play cook with it putting it in food and candy.
  3. Hash and buds eaters will be happy to hear that. Some labs are bound to recheck his info making a destructive temperature available. Then the cooks making butter will be going just below that temp. Covid cure on toast.
  4. This might get some governments to start legalizing quickly like for instance Mexico possibly. Might make a few laughs for more than one reason at hospitals. I'm sure it will increase beer sales to cruise ship passengers. I can see a few guys in court busted for smoking pot in public using the defense that "they feared for their life". This explains why Oregon has low infections compared to other states hehehe. Figures by the end of the week nobody is going to be catching covid.
  5. Good luck especially if it's to cancel service. In the 90's I was trying to cancel ATT internet service and repeatedly for months was put on hold for hours. Figures they used caller ID for their computer answering the phone. I ended up having to cancel the credit card to get rid of them. Good luck.
  6. Saw an interview done by a girl named Sophie with a Russian that studied the original SARS-CoV-1 and had seen the curreent covid. The original covid SARS-1-CoV morphs/vectors more radically when exposed to antibodies. The virus can infect and does infect some antibodies where it gets even more radical changes. He said SARS is a very dangerous virus. On the changes the virus does with itself when multiplying by taking over a cells genetics and killing the cell and spitting out new virus it's a roll of the dice for a virus change being a worse or less deadly. I'm sure you know the odds shooting 50 50 one way or the other. Part of the interview that got me was the guys experience and the way he acted. He seemed like he was interested in staying well clear of any form of the virus. I don't think most persons understand a lot of cells get infected and every one of the cells the virus uses dies so the body has to work hard to repair. That's why so many persons take a long time to recover. Seeing the virus can reinfect persons it doesn't seem like catching it does anybody any good especially any following infections seeing it likes low circulation areas, which is why older and sick persons are more damaged and younger do better. My opinion is stay clear of it
  7. You could try the orphanage to see if any of the kids are art oriented. The other schools might also like that project. Saves them money with you paying.
  8. Yep. going after algae every year or when rains cause it to build they'll just trash the brick. I'm currently using a short handled car tire scrubber. Doesn't damage anything. Just rinse when you think it should of had effect so you can see if any stuff is still sticking. Worth taking a break to let the chlorine do its thing since a little remaining stuff will of disappeared from residual chlorine by time you finish watching the world go by for 10 minutes or so. The brush busts the surface of the black algae so clorox can get in then and finish it off.
  9. Yep http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/regional/57684-fines-for-emissions-test-incompliance-put-on-hold
  10. That type of acid eats some sorts of plastic and definitely concrete and plaster. It's good for taking mineralization off pool plaster when drained but you have to ph up the wash off with a baking soda type of stuff so it doesn't eat drainpipes downstream of the wash off and that's even in diluted form as a washed off solution. Muriatic acid is a diluted hydrochloric acid. Although it will eat the brick and concrete and mortar taking the mold or algae with it. I'd go liquid pool chlorine that's much stronger that store bleach you'd normally consider chlorine but it just isn't as strong as the pool chlorine in gallon jugs. Stuff is strong. I noticed pressure washing getting up cllose with the nozzle tears up concrete hehehe oops then it can even drive the black stuff deeper into concrete pores. Hard to win sometimes.
  11. You might try taking a picture and showing it to a gardening specialist, nursery or pool specialist. There is black algae that grows on areas that get wet even with sunshine during the day and it keeps building up. A garden supply store or pool maintenance store with a lot of fancy stuff could have stuff like you are looking for. A concrete pouring businesses is another place to ask.
  12. I use a diluted bleach in either a garden sprayer or hand held spray bottle. When going after what grew during a rainy period a brushing of the area to help bust the surface of the mold helps the bleach do it's thing. Sometimes leaving the bleach on after it appears dry gets even better results making the mold disappear. It grows over a period of time so treatments sometimes aren't a rush job so taking days of lazily working it. If you want it gone in one work period a brush and bleach diluted or not is the way I go. One thing about concrete is it seems bleach can have an effect on it so rinsing helps prevent deteriorating the concrete. The bleach doesn't do the grass and worms in the soil any good so best to go light and wait till the bleach has done its thing.
  13. Even though approved construction might be a ways away from what's going on it might be supporting construction to help prevent runoff from wiping others houses out when runoff gets heavy during rains. California is an example of throwing housing or other major building up setting up large areas that don't absorb but increase runoff then flood places downstream. Even though the construction might setup later residential of commercial it might be good. At least check to make sure water runoff has been considered. If construction increased only after the rains it's a clue as to either runoff was considered during construction and good or bad later.
  14. Saw this and chuckled. Good way to stir the mind when you hear something rustling nearby then wonder if it's a loose tiger. http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/regional/57473-loose-tiger-stuns-motorists
  15. Seen news where it's worse than just fraud with the deceased not being properly handled.
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