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  1. From what's been said earlier it sounds like states side is a whole different story. I've been waiting 12 weeks. Trying youtube for anyone else's story this recent video says states side it's 5 months wait for regular processing and 3 month expedited service. Passport has been through received and processing and has now been approved for over a month. After approval the server has the passport in the printing queue. Over a month of that but one news story a man was saying the status check hasn't been kept up by the service. Lucky you live in Mexico if your times are faster than 3-5 months Then if you live in the states well like Starkist says, sorry Charlie.
  2. A 7 earthquake was inland from Acapulco. Hope nobody got hurt.
  3. It appears what the Lake Chapala Society offers is checking your paperwork is in order with possibly straightening out any questions you have. A receipt is supplied. Your application appears to be hand delivered not mailed into the State Department system. Here's what I found out calling and dropping by the states side passport office at the main post office. Zilch. Nobody answers the door with plenty of redirects to the door they want you to use which is locked. So you can call them for answers. Zilch again with nobody answering the phone. Can't even get to anything. The make an appointment is impossible. What you could possibly run into going to Guadalajara to hand deliver for a nice get out and about is their office might be like mine here. What I ended up doing is using the fill out the form online at the state department website and printing it. Took a few times since I made typos a couple of times and missed a block maybe. Then the ah heck do it again for good measure paying better attention to detail. Problems that could arise while personally trying to deliver the paperwork. Their thinking might be you need an appointment and play the "well all you have to do is call this number". I've related what good that did in the states, zilch. You could try calling the consulate or embassy to see what the deal is for taking it there yourself. With covid it's likely a doorman plays into the picture trying to fend off persons just walking in. So he'll ask if you have an appointment. Good luck. I just registered express mailed everything required with j$187 to expedite and use expedited mailing back to me. That was over 6 weeks ago and the passport still hasn't mailed so considering they say the regular time to allot is 6 weeks and I paid much extra to get away from that length of wait.....well I'd hate to think what the regular wait is. Again yes you are paying extra but it hopefully skips extra problems with getting an appointment and making sure there isn't anything that could get your application rejected. You also get someone else to blame when grumpy
  4. Here's something to understand the status given using the link above. I can guarantee you can get a status of Approved with a date for delivery to your location already a week gone by. That's what I'm looking at now. The final status of Mailed who knows. I signed up for the email notifications and nothing has shown up not even a verification that I signed up. Not that I'm chuckling thinking I understand why people get counterfeit passports Took me around a week to search out the meaning of the different statuses. Have fun and play safely Oh yah. The Tracking Number they refer to I have no clue what good it is because USPS, FedEx and UPS aren't even close to understanding what's up with the tracking number their system gives. I'll see if it changes if the status changes to mailed. For over a week I've tried to find anything related to what's up with the tracking number but eh. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/need-passport/status.html What Your Application Status Means Application Status Description Not Available This update means your application is still in transit to one of our passport agencies and centers. It may take up to 5 to 6 weeks from the day you apply until your application status is “In Process.” During this time, your application is delivered to a mail facility, your payment is processed, and your application is entered into our system. Please check again at least 5 to 6 weeks after the day you applied. In Process Your application is being reviewed at one of our agencies or centers. The length of time your application remains In Process depends on the service you selected and our current processing times. Approved We have finished reviewing your application and will begin printing your completed passport. Mailed We are sending your passport to the address you provided on your application. Check our Online Passport Status System for the tracking number. We will send your supporting documents such as birth certificates and previous passports in a separate mailing.
  5. Yah it's portraying a sick joke. Not as sick of a joke as some hospital stay bills.
  6. if those glass blocks have mortar between them I'd think concrete sealer first. Concrete will allow water through it. Typically to seal a concrete water tank it's Portland cement with water smoothed on the interior to seal it. No sand in the mix. Mortar has sand so will allow water through. I'd think a concrete sealant would handle the concrete seepage then whatever seals gaps formed from heating and cooling cycles. Just in case you don't know concrete sealer isn't Portland cement and water but the Portland cement will seal off concrete pretty good. Maybe after some years the top coat of Portland cement wore off so now it leaks. If you add glass over the entire area remember condensation is going to form sometimes in the space.
  7. Hopefully they recover quick. If major lines coming into the city get damaged those can take a month or more.
  8. Those canned bug sprays are diluted nerve agents. I can do without them.
  9. Never fear. When it warms up and Antarctica has land areas without ice certainly their will be at least a few cool resorts built there and kept warm. I always shake my head when I see persons concerned about the polar ice cap melting take an ice breaker plowing through the ice fields breaking the ice. That a good way to get ice to melt breaking the big chunks into smaller pieces. They'll also mega watts of radar through the ice to measure the ice. It's not pure water so that microwaving is warming the ice. Pretty effective way to turn around and say the ice is melting after years of heating it up. I'll stick to warmer weather. Had enough painful cold.
  10. There's different types of little black ants. Here we get carpenter ants that go after termites. If you see like a mud tunnel built on a wall outside or near the electric it might be where termites have a path. Then there's the what the heck when I saw how some electrical wire insulation is liked by ants. That's not good especially since it could lead to a short. Boric acid is a fine powder at least if you crunch it up if it has chunked up. Plastic bottle of it I have has a pointed spout you can air blast a mist of it on surfaces. I'd also try that in the fixture. All the ants have to do is walk through it back to the nest.
  11. Seems they are getting it right this time an people are headed to Texas and parts unknown. The levees all it takes is one weak spot out of the miles. Surge is supposed to be high.with a Category 4 strength. Couple years back a cam with audio that was on a hotel on the east coast of Mexico during a hurricane you could hear a family gathering watching the storm as the building swayed. Every time gusts swayed the building the girls would scream like they were on a roller coaster. It was funny hearing. Nuevo Vallarta Beach It's getting windy. https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/mexico/nayarit/nuevo-vallarta-beach.html
  12. With the way human development strips the land installing roads and building the only true fix is either get rid of development or start erupting volcanoes. Although I hear you can get a deal from industrialists for trillions to throw chemicals in the air to block the sun. Always nice to get a cure from the cause paying both ways.
  13. It's interesting funny to see how the term weather has been change to climate change. Used to be common to blame the weatherman for being wrong. Now when the weatherman is blaming everybody for what they do it's oh yah we are wrong Seems everyone has short memories for days of old and the extreme fluctuations of the weather sometimes. But it's generations of kids growing up that didn't play outside or work outside all the time to develop a memory of you just don't get things your way with the weather all the time. Must be a TV weatherman conspiracy to deflect blame
  14. That place just doesn't have luck. Was telling a friend last night don't move to New Orleans. Starting to think land locked boat houses might be a thing of the future for them
  15. As long as everyone in effected areas can plan and move out of danger it's a great thing to have the rains of storms. The winds will make some damages of loose things and plants but the water is a very needed part of life for not only humans. On the human side in the USA the water shortage is having a bad effect. I'll bet there are countless persons in the USA watching and aching for the rain clouds to reach them. Must be miserable.
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