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  1. Ditto with Centro. I received over a dozen warning emails yesterday from my inverter/battery backup system….
  2. My wife and I have been going there once a week for over a year now. Never disappointed. They always have good specials. My go to is PLATILLOS CAMARÓN a la diabla (hot!) with mashed papas and salad.
  3. I contracted with STI. Excellent experience.
  4. Hola Chop, From your threads it seems you have a technical inclination. If you have that itch to set it up yourself, a reasonable budget and willing to have some ethernet cabling done I would recommend: 1. UniFi Dream Machine pro SE (https://ui.com/consoles) Note, the SE version is just coming out, essentially same as Unifi Dream Machine pro. 2. Depending on your coverage needs, several UniFi Access Points (https://ui.com/wi-fi/) that would be wired to the Dream Machine. Properly installed you'll get mesh coverage through your entire casa. With this setup, if inclined, you can have two internet providers (e.g. iLox and Telmex) hooked up, add a NAS (network addressable storage) for video and photo storage and surveillance cameras. Good luck, Don
  5. Ferret, AndyPanda, Thanks for the replies. Despite cut and paste (to avoid a miskey) I obviously entered the wrong number in WhatsApp. Beto has contacted me via WhatsApp...
  6. Thanks. Fyi, Beto isn't registered in WhatsApp with +52333170741 nor 52333170741.
  7. Thanks! I connected with Omar, he'll be able to help me.
  8. Fyi, 333-170-7410 is not registered with WhatsApp. But, I did connect with Beto via SMS. He does not Power Coat or "Powder Paint" as he put it.
  9. RVGRINGO, your point is well taken. I don't expect to find everything locally and agree that services rendered in Ajijic usually cost more than elsewhere. Even though we've lived here for 10 months we have a lot to learn just what's available in the village. This thread is just a starting point.
  10. How did this work out? I have some metal items that I'd like to powder coat. Where's the Ironworks Shop in Ajijic? Thanks, Don
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