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  1. Armchair specialist?? Are a medical Specialist?? Braying?? I suspect some people have little else to do but surf the net and try and stir up controversy Unfortunately I live this horror every day I am not retired in Chapala or where ever you are. I am a "Front line " Doc exposed daily Alberta ICUs are packed, patients airlifted because local ICUs are filled with Corvid patients, cardiac surgeries cancelled. And this gal is upset,? Perhaps she could be part of the solution, not the problem. I know your realize that and you still bray on. Try something else to pass your idle time Good luck to you
  2. Not EXPERIMENTAL Almost 400 millions shots delivered in the USA alone. Get a life, don't take someone else's Your healthcare is free, don't waste funds. Our ICUs are overloaded with the unvaccinated., who think like you Nice touch at the end..... crying OMG pathetic
  3. Hello All My first ever post, I have been monitoring for years. My question is regarding getting a PCR test for my return trip to Canada. The Canadian rules are changing but even being fully vaccinated for months I currently have weekly PCR tests but I still need a negative PCR from Mexico or I will we locked up for 14 days. Tough on my patients, not to mention myself. I assume the test is available in Ajijic the government restriction is that the test results be in ENGLISH or FRENCH. Does anyone have any sage input??. Regards KJM
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