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  1. Can anyone recommend an iPhone repair shop in the Ajijic/Lake Chapala area. I am having trouble with my charging port and need to get it replaced. Thanks
  2. Ishop vs. Estafeta for shipping packages/vitamins from USA to Ajijic Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I am looking to have some packages/vitamins sent from the USA to Ajijic. Based on info I came across on this forum, my understanding is that it can be very difficult to clear Mexican customs when shipping vitamins by mail. It looks like Ishop & Estafeta can provide this Mexico import clearance (especially for vitamins). I would appreciate any info that anyone has in dealing with either of these companies, especially for importing vitamins. Is there a maximum value of vitamins that can be imported? What are the duties & taxes and company brokerage fees? Does anyone know of another company that provides this service? Thanks, David
  3. ~6 month rental request Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I am originally from Vancouver, Canada and am planning on being in the Ajijic/Lake Chapala area in early June. I plan on staying ~6 months. I am looking for a monthly rental (1 or 2 bedroom with 1 bath or private room with private bath) centrally located in Ajijic/Lake Chapala in the $500-$800 price range with a good internet connection. I will not have a vehicle so I would like to be able to walk to grocery store and other shops if possible. I am a remote worker so I need a good internet connection. I have read that some local areas now have fiber optic internet connections. Are any monthly rentals available with fiber optic internet connections? If not, how is the internet connection in other areas? I am also looking for a short term (1 week?) place to stay while I look for a monthly rental place. Can anyone recommend a short term place to stay? Please send me a PM if you have any info. Thanks, David
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