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  1. I am looking for a Schwinn Aerodyne Bike in excellent condition. Also need 20-25 lb dumbbells. JesseMichaelMorris@icloud.com
  2. Thanks to everyone for your very helpful information. Muchas gracias.
  3. Does anyone know which US states allow expats to receive COVID-19 vaccinations?
  4. Why would the driver of the car flee if he/she was hit from behind?
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation for a pet sitter? Thanks.
  6. I am not Israeli, and not sure if there are any here in our area. You can checkout our synagogue website for more info...Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation. Hope this helps. Shalom
  7. Is this bike a full body workout that not only pedals legs, but pumps arms, similar to a Schwin airdyne. If so, can you send a pic. Gracias.
  8. I am interested to purchase a SCHWINN AIRDYNE exercise bike in good condition. JesseMichaelMorris@icloud.com
  9. Thank you. Further confirmation.
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