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  1. Hi Dab, If you are really interested in the Head Gravity Lite Racket please let me know and I will include the following: I will provide you the racket strung with a great cord named Solinco Confidential that is used a lot on the ATP tour, typically strung at around 52lbs. Please let me know so that I can make arrangements to have it strung. Thank you Dab and please let me know so that I can tell them.
  2. Here is the map link of where the rackets are, just go to the tennis courts and you will find the Tennis Casita https://goo.gl/maps/79YnBHB1yAukBjSU7
  3. Hi Dab, I don't personally string rackets but where the rackets currently located in the Tennis Casita in the Parque La Cristiana in Chapala by the tennis courts. The rackets are there for you to see and for $200 pesos more they can string it for you there inside the Tennis casita, you can also pay there as well or you can pay me however you feel more comfortable but I made an arrangement with the administrator to be able to have my rackets there so they can be more visible and accessible. If you have any further questions please text me at USA 915-255-5833 or MEX 333-809-9011. Thank you Dab
  4. **Quick update** for your convenience I have made arrangements with the Tennis administrator at the tennis courts located in the Parque la Cristiana in Chapala so you can view my rackets in the Tennis Casita in the Parque La Cristiana tennis courts. You can pay there as well or you can pay me however you prefer. Thank you Amigos Here is the map link just in case: https://goo.gl/maps/79YnBHB1yAukBjSU7 Hi Fellow Lakeside Amigos, This is your friendly neighborhood racket guru bringing you the latest rackets in the market here in Ajijic, San Antonio, Riberas and Chapala. The following racket specials are for you to take advantage of these great prices and start playing at the courts ASAP. I will include pictures and details of the grip size, specs, weight, pricing, etc. As always, if you have any questions please text or call Chito at: USA: 915-255-5833 MEX: 333-809-9011 FYI Gravity Lite is brand new and the rest are in like new condition: Will include a new over grip and dampener for the Yonex Vcore 98L
  5. I have 2 good like new condition tennis racquets: This is my post if you are interested PM me. Thank you and good luck on your search
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