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  1. The answer to the original question is; Yes, Walmart carries coffee pods.
  2. Savta in Ajijic has a great sourdough.
  3. Went this morning. Was very fast but results not expected until tomorrow since it is a Sunday. Something to keep in mind if you have travel plans.
  4. Yes, but the test must be no older than 72 hours to board a flight. If they already have theirs it will be expired by the time the fly out “next week”.
  5. From what I can see, not at all.
  6. Someone posted the links above and you can download the brochure.
  7. Wednesday market is still going. Saturday should be wet thanks to Nora moving along the coast.
  8. When they are actually open. Several people I know went and is was closed due to running out of supplies. This was on multiple days.
  9. Hopefully they get it up soon. Gotta go to the states on the 7th. Can’t beat that price.
  10. New storm predicted to develop south of us and head up along the coast. As long as it does not turn west, we should get some good rains out of it.
  11. Yea, the thunder and lightning were pretty impressive around 3am.
  12. “Also pretty sure some additions to the malecons in the area were built in spite of federal encroachments. I'm thinking of the "restaurant" on the Ajijic pier, the bridge and Jesus statue in Chapala, and almost all of the Joco malecon. So if municipalities allow those things why should they get too worked up over some rich guywanting to do the same if there is bribe money to be made?” Those are public use projects and open to all.
  13. Latest has her going pretty far south of us.
  14. It is not moving up the east coast. It is cutting across the country. Might pass close enough to give us a bit of rain.
  15. It can be quite high. My car is plated in CDMX, forgot on year and the fine was about $500 usd. Not sure about Jalisco.
  16. Very rare to get an Uber lakeside. The most luck I have had is in Chapala Central but even there it can be spotty. Being there by 9am by bus will be impossible. Taxi or driver will be your bet with a driver usually being the least expensive.
  17. The information is posted and available. If you don’t wish to belong to forum used to publish the information then it’s your responsibility to seek it out by other means. Nobody is required to cater to your specific desires.
  18. I just did the quick test. There were some Canadians there getting the PCR but those I talked to were there a day or two earlier than their flights to give them time to get the results back.
  19. And if you do the airport, get there very early. It took me 4 1/2 last Sunday to get mine. Fortunately, my flight was delayed or I would have missed it.
  20. Lots of rain means more natural food sources so less dependency on feeders. Many are also nesting now so spend a lot of time hunting tiny insects to feed nestlings.
  21. The screams are horrible when I’m pulling out those weedy tomato plants that infest my back garden.
  22. And not only is that crap environmentally awful, it has been shown to cause cancer. It is banned in most of the world.
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