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  1. Hopefully you have quoted the right person this time. If not the Great White Knight will come out and show its stuff, with all of his grasp. I am a Woman who graduated from Collage in the South when that in itself was quite the task. I then worked in a Northern State. This name calling gains none of us. Unless any of you has the credentials to call out Johns Hopkins, and say it is false science,......Just stop your pompous finger pointing. Yes both sides have made mistakes. Science does count! Those who have said that the most on this board, seem to be the least open minded. Johns Hopkins professor blasts his college and media for downplaying study on COVID lockdowns | Daily Mail Online Another view on todays facts: Lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2 per cent, Johns Hopkins study finds (msn.com)
  2. Why did it take you so many posts to come to that conclusion?
  3. Once again, She was attributing the quote to the WRONG person.
  4. Did you also fail to notice she was quoting the wrong person? Or are you name-calling AlanMexicali who actually made the original statement?
  5. Who would you get to explain it to you?
  6. That was actually from me quoting AlanMexicali. So you must now be also disagreeing with him?
  7. Examples of unconfirmed conclusions and misleading dialogue and there are more. The whole article is written in an easy to recongnize the anti-vax Vaxhole preaching to the anti-vax Vaxhole (Koolaid) believers and easy for me to see that it is pure nonsense. Fixed it for you! Now we are both doing nothing but name calling.
  8. Please point to one this they said in the article that was false.
  9. Media Lies & the Sacred Rites of the Vaccine Cult – OffGuardian (off-guardian.org)
  10. They are now also offering PCR tests for 1200 Pesos for those that need that type.
  11. My husband purchased a world map and then gave me a dart and said, "Throw this and wherever it lands—that's where I'm taking you when this pandemic ends." Turns out, we're spending two weeks behind the fridge.
  12. As a fully vaccinated person, I would never resent people who chose to get vaccinated and then require a hospital bed due to blood clots, or Myocarditis.
  13. You are embarrassing to the rest of us. Mudgirl makes a good point, plus the Aussies have a higher quality of living as well. Hopefully you can understand this: Best Countries to Live in the World | U.S. News Best Countries (usnews.com)
  14. Yet another time where you bash everyone, and try to make it all about you. Grow up! It may have been a successful strategy for you in the fifth grade, but move forward.
  15. I can not find a meme that asks how it is a different variant if they cannot test for a difference? I do not feel they would call it another Variant for fun. If you get COVID-19, will you know it's the Delta variant? Here's why you likely won't (msn.com) "We don't always know [the variant] when we do the regular tests," Winter said. "We do that in epidemiological studies ... "
  16. Thank you for the credible sources. Who gets their information from a cartoon, and says to question the source of other news?
  17. He requested a PM. He also stated, Tijuana, THEN cross the bridge. There he can get a choice of shots. Three of which are currently regarded as better than AZ. Sorry for adding to the public part Eric. There are a few threads already about booking in the USA. Good luck.
  18. You seem to have missed the Glass houses and throwing stones concept. Nice PM you sent me saying Kiss My a@&
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