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  1. He requested a PM. He also stated, Tijuana, THEN cross the bridge. There he can get a choice of shots. Three of which are currently regarded as better than AZ. Sorry for adding to the public part Eric. There are a few threads already about booking in the USA. Good luck.
  2. You seem to have missed the Glass houses and throwing stones concept. Nice PM you sent me saying Kiss My a@&
  3. Says the scooter guy,...........🤒
  4. Mod 2, Why do you feel it is right to add the last word before closing off comments to others, when you could just close the topic?
  5. In the same sentence you have said that it is very possible, and then it is not likely but possible,........?
  6. Either someone farted, or I smell a political post.
  7. I didn't intend it as a person attack on Your choice. I stated that I'd hate to drive all the way there and get turned back. I am glad it worked out so well for You.
  8. I'd hate to drive to the border only to get turned away. Not worth the gamble when cheap flights are an option. We need more shots available here!
  9. Another example of the 3pete? haha
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