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  1. Thanks for the Soriana recommendation. We had our test today and all good. The hardest part was finding where to go for the test after paying. It’s just a white trailer at the end of the parking lot - what threw me off is the trailer says Information on the outside, nothing else lol. In the end I figured it out. Had our results in about an hour. Thanks again. Btw, love Chapala and Ajijic. What lovely, charming towns. I certainly think we shall be back soon. Tomorrow off to Guadalajara for 2 nights then back to AZ.
  2. Will need to get the antigen test for return to US from my upcoming visit. Can someone provide more information on Soriano, when I google it appears to be a grocery store? I’m a bit confused. Thanks.
  3. That’s the information I’ve received from labs/hospitals administering the tests.
  4. Thank you all for the responses. And the humor much appreciated 😆. Looking forward to seeing this part of the country.
  5. Hi coming in April, wondering if the area is open or is all still closed. I was in Holbox and Mujeres in November and all was open. Restaurants, etc., social distancing of course but open. Silly me, I assumed the same for this area an Guadalajara but hearing different now. Thanks!
  6. HI, yes we depart for Arizona on April 26. So actually I can have my test on the 23rd... my counting was off!
  7. Thank you for the information. I will call these facilities and check on their hours. Assuming they are all near Ajijiic? Thanks again!
  8. Hello- please forgive my ignorance but I am visiting the area for the 1st time. Staying in Ajijiic at a B&B from April 22-24 then a couple of days in Guadalajara prior to our departure back to Arizona. I’m seeking a clinic/hospital in which we can get our covid antigen test while in the area. I have emailed Chapala San Antonio Hospital but seems there is an issue with the site. I’d rather get this done on April 24 and locally. The idea of trying to navigate a location in Guadalajara is a bit overwhelming. what facilities might I contact that would be near Ajijiic? Again please forgive the question but I don’t know the area and feeling a bit confused. Thanks in advance for your help.
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